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You remember when Dell brought out the ‘Mini9’ a year or so ago? It’s input price in the UK was around £299. Then recently a Twitter friend bought one on a deal in the US for $99!!  This was the first next-gen mass produced solid-state hard drive laptop and they’re selling very fast indeed.

xps1Now Dell already owned the top spot for the most powerful laptops with the XPS range and more to the point, they held that title for a few years.  Recently they started adding some amazingly ‘artful’ monitors and desktops like the XPSone. It was obvious by this xpsonetime that dell were looking far ahead to future of home interaction and designing products to fit aesthetically into the modern

Now they have gone further and have introduce ‘Adamo by Dell’. This is the beginning of the stylish upper end Laptops build from a single machined and milled block of solid aluminum, 128 gig solid state hard drives and new monitor technology to allow for 5hours of battery life in a sleek new stylish shell. So here is a vid of them explaining Adamo and here is the LINK to the site… those wishing not to spend in excess of $2000 need not apply.



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