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Well, Christmas is over, and I’m aware that various celebrations of other faiths are near and so hope every had and will have a great time. But of course – it’s a new year…
So what is new?
youtube_logoTWBrit Vids are now in production!! And needless to say, no matter how dire and/or mentally benign they are, please subscribe, share, comment and hit the odd Ad so we can get better at making them.warming up
That said, I have spent months tinkering and learning Video Copilot’s Element 3D plugin for Adobe After Effects along with practising Chroma key. Here’s Video Copilot’s demo reel – a bit better than my own level of know how ;)

Further work that started out as a demonstration and is a work in progress is Britcentric.comBrit Centric
We’re not sure as yet what this will be. At the moment there are just a few pics and some artwork “roughs” I’ve done on there, but feel free to have a look and I seriously wouldn’t buy from the shop just yet ;)
If you feel you have an idea that could improve it, let us know :)
Travel plans outside of the UK will be held off until late summer, probably September onwards with probable trips to Australia and of course the USA. Some parts of Europe will be included, but it will depend typically on funding etc.

We’re due to start placing music on cdbaby in the coming weeks and months, this was only done to copyright the music produced for our videos, but if people like them, well, I’d think you’d be crazy, but you’ll be welcome to buy it.

Also, this blog’s Online Editor known to many as Gabsatrucker may also be producing videos too, and why not – she has to shoot mine after all lol.
So with that, and a probable house move as well this year, I’d like to sincerely wish all our readers, followers and subscribers the very best possible 2015 and I hope and pray every single one of you stay with us to see 2016 in together.

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UK, Great Britain? by C G P Grey

Many wonder, many think they know – this is as close an explanation I’ve seen. Not 100 %, but close enough

Stuff, some odd, some kewl…

Ok, over in the USA presently is this blogs buddy, cohort, founder of The <goto> Foundation, lady saving Bletchley Park and rocking friend of both myself and this other blogs torment ;)  (Gabsatrucker) – Dr Sue Black….

Sue has been on a whirlwind tech tour of Brazil, Mexico and is presently on the Orange Blog Bus travelling and tweeting her way from San Francisco to who knows where. While I’d be the first to rib her and say wherever she goes she’s no more than a stones throw from a beach or pool, I have to give credit to her perpetual long distance travels and all the hassle that they bring – recently; appalling food poisoning!

But with visits to just about every company in Silicon Valley and the entire San Francisco Bay area under her belt, I can’t help but think she’s found her true home and calling.

In other news

There is a load of frankly crap going on in the UK news about a senior minister giving a Police officer grief – which he in turn realised the error of his ways and apologised.. however! This has not stopped the police federation and other political parties demanding the resignation of the minister.

Well my point of view is (bearing in mind the police officers read this blog and are my friends) that he’s apologised – so if the day ever comes when you don’t get an attitude or even passive threat from a cop – then fine, have him resign… but until then “pot & kettle” (pun intended) . It’s certainly not something I accuse all officers of, but in certain forces it happens a lot.

Which brings me to more Policing news…

We often see videos on the news or You Tube of officers stepping over the mark… But what about a cop with an exemplary record and not one complaint?  Well look no further than a CBS News report in to L.A. Sheriff’s Deputy Elton Simmons… Over 20 years in the job and over 25,000 traffic stops – not one single complaint! This… is how policing should be, but… alas there are different types of policing by the nature of crime itself, but this guy is a great place to start. Click the pic to go to CBS News and watch the vid.


I was pottering about the Land Rover Dallas website (because the Little Rock one isn’t very good) while searching for a vehicle for 3 months use and noticed their website page header. To be honest the company is also based in Austin and Frisco but nevertheless it made me smile and some way I concur… see what you think.

Scotland…. say what?

Yer know… I love Scotland; the Highlands are the last great wilderness in Europe apparently. The history of the place is nothing short of staggering! There are more castles and fortified houses than you’ll find anywhere and the people? The people are awesome.  One of my oldest friends is Scottish and I understand fully why he and his family are proud of their heritage.

Recently I took Gabsatrucker up there and showed her the basic sites; Glasgow, Loch Lomond, Fort William, Loch Ness, Inverness and Edinburgh, and while I’d have loved to taken her further north, sadly time simply didn’t allow.

Scotland is of course a major part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and through a thing called “devolution” Scotland now has its own parliament and has a fair amount of control over its own affairs, not everything because together we are one nation – not separate entities.

This has been both good and bad, Scotland is a credit to the UK as a whole, its history and traditions kept alive through tourism and investment from the greater nation, but there has always been a strong nationalist movement in Scotland who have wanted independence from the UK.

This is based mainly within its proud history, but the reality of life today is often quite different. Nevertheless, some of the “Freedom” chants are not always a brandishing of a historic nation – today some are just downright rude and out of order.

It’s funny I guess, the first time I noticed a difference apart from the culture, landscape and accent was as a child. We were on holiday up there when my mother noticed some of the “keep the place tidy“ type signs. You see in England and Wales they say “Keep Britain Tidy” but these signs simply stated “Keep Scotland Tidy”. It was as though they were all but saying “and F*ck the rest” – and I noted that at 8yrs of age.

Nevertheless there is now a real call to vote for independence… But this seriously doesn’t make sense. Scotland has a greater identity because it’s part of the UK than without, but you don’t have to go far to hear some interesting claims from our Scottish brethren. Things like “England takes all the money from Scottish oil” or “We pay all our taxes to England and what does Scotland get?” This infers that Scotland is being robbed by England and in turn shakes the historic references of England stole Scotland from the Scottish – which they didn’t – they actually signed it over to the then King.

So, while I have posted something similar previously on Facebook – I’ll point out the benefits of Scotland being in the UK and it not… and yes we’ll mention some money too – then I will tell you what I personally feel.

If Scotland leaves there will probably be a lot of unemployment and discomfort for a good few years.

As of 2007 the population of Scotland was 5,494,801 (call it 5.5m) and of these, only 2,475,386 (2.5m) are of working age – take away between 8 and 11% unemployment and of the remaining 2.2m only 80% of them are working at any given time. This leaves 1.76m people working and that is a major problem with income versus what has to be paid for. Best case we’re looking at 2.2m people working, supporting Health, Defence, Social Services, Govt/local authorities and Police/Fire. Now consider the upkeep alone of thousands of miles of roads, street lighting, snow clearing and then the pockets and mouths of the other 3.3m people…

What about the upkeep of the national heritage, all those castles and the history…

So contrary to popular belief, England DOES NOT keep all the tax…  Spending £12 billion alone on Scotland’s NHS and in 2010 Scotland’s public spending was £78 billion pounds, not bad for a country that only raises around £35 billion in taxes etc.

So when people say England keeps all the tax, well, I’d say evidently they don’t… more the case they collect it and share it out across the UK as a whole… And remember, people in Northern Ireland get a bigger cut per capita than most people in the UK.

Then there is the loss of the military, if Scotland goes it alone, it won’t have an airforce, army or navy – it simply won’t be able to afford one. This of course means the disbanding of some of the oldest and proudest regiments in the world – one of the things that make Scotland just as proud a nation today as at any time in its history.

All joking aside, this issue is about the here and now, a 21st Century Scotland… Yet no matter which way around you look at the figures, they just don’t add up… You see these days  people like their creature comforts, but when they see there isn’t the money for Hospitals, Defence and most other things – life would get very tough considering the sheer scale of the short fall.

However; the energy industry is an area that can be capitalized on – but in doing it, it would bastardise every acre of stunning beauty that is Scotland’s natural trademark to do so.

Financial services is another area already developing, but if you were to throw in a Free Trade Zone – then there could be a very big future. That said a free trade zone would put Scotland outside Europe.

Ok, My feelings on the subject:

Scotland just rocks!! And yes there is and will always hopefully be an age old rivalry between England and Scotland. The Scottish have done incredible things for the UK throughout its history and certainly while many think of Irish hard work building in the Empire, it was the Scottish who did most of the exploring and managing.

David Livingstone was one of the greatest explorers in the world, he found most of Africa, the best governors of Australia were Scottish and today there are huge Scottish communities in every English speaking nation on earth.  Infact of all the UK nationalities, none move away from their home country like the Scottish.

In 300 years no one has prevented Scotland becoming its own economic goldmine and centre of global entrepreneurship… Yet today we live in different times, the internet age – a global nationality in cyberspace. Even the CBS Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson enjoys poking fun at England which is fine and fun, but then you find he soon left Scotland and lived in London, then moved to the US saying that his entire previous life was a failure… This is common and yet so many things were invented in Scotland;

The Telephone,

The TV and Colour TV,

The Refrigerator

The Kaleidoscope

The Flushing Toilet

The first automated can-filing machine

Cotton-reel thread

The Ghillie suit

Pioneering the use of surgical and general anaesthesia

Identifying the mosquito as the carrier of malaria


The Bicycle

The MRI body scanner

The seismometer

The ultrasound scanner

Criminal fingerprinting



and of course “Swish F*ck-it” (sorry, I meant Golf…)

There are just so many more things, and an irony? The Bank of England was designed by a Scotsman as well and there are just far too many things to list here that Scotland has achieved. But the question remains, why isn’t Scotland a wealthy nation? No one put handcuffs on these inventions, they’re not stolen by England – they’re used by the entire world…

So Scotland has fewer than 2 million people working and over 5.5 million people, and yet at a recent stay in a hotel in Scotland – every single member of staff was eastern European, not a Scottish accent between them. I don’t want Scotland to leave the UK, I too am proud, very proud of Scotland – and yet I’m English…


Some attitudes are just too snarky, often said beyond humour and certainly recent comments by  tennis player Andy Murray soon lost him a massive amount of support across the UK in his Wimbledon final… Is this the way we want it to go? Really?

Scotland would have to do a great deal if it left the UK and wished to join the EU, until it did, border controls would have to exist, all the British Military real estate and jobs would be gone over night making tens of thousands unemployed.  The Scottish SNP leader has been touting this real estate to the US DoD but forgets that the US is reducing its UK presence considerably. They’ve already shut down their operations in Scotland for the most part and closed several major bases in England too.

Then there is the sheer cost of administration – all those UK passports held by Scots that would be instantly void and a Scottish one would need developing to replace them. What money does Scotland have for foreign embassies? What back up support can Scots be able to rely on while living and travelling overseas with a home country that spends £78 billion yet only generates £35 billion in taxes? I’d argue none… in fact I’d argue that beyond the romantic notion of an incredible history and days of old – anyone wanting to put Scotland through this is no Scottish patriot, in fact they gotta hate the place to even conceive of putting a nation through it. Heck the base rate of tax would have to be 60% over night…

To my Scottish friends… don’t accept the people with venom in their whinges, yes historic and rival piss-taking is ok, but know that England isn’t England without a bit of grief from Scotland. But likewise – don’t let the people who would foolishly destroy your country – do so.

Also remember; if Scotland goes it alone, you’d be saving England over £43 billion a year… and that constitutes a third of the UK deficit…  add to this the cost of the Scottish Military and that’s staggering. Yet Scotland will be strapped for cash.

Go if you wanna, we don’t want you to, but if you go – you can’t come back :-(

Does Argentine sabre rattling know no bounds?

(click on any image to enlarge)

The other day, some Argentinean guy stands up in front of the UN and accuses the UK of deploying a nuclear armed Vanguard class (think Ohio class if in the States) to Falklands Islands and in doing so breaking Treaty of Tlatelolco!!

So time for a few facts and a little commonsense me thinks!!

Now the Treaty of Tlatelolco is basically where all nuclear weapon countries agreed not to deploy nuclear weapons within the certain areas – here is the map with the blue area being the nuclear free countries etc.

Argentina is a nation that invaded another country, killed and disappeared its own people, harbours known Nazi’s and who sent its own conscripted young men to die upon the end of a blood letting bayonet, on the freezing hills of an island they claim yet do not know.

One can only hope that this persistent crying “wolf” will soon be seen as it is – otherwise we might need to do as they actually claim and I really don’t think they’d like that.
So absurd is the allegation that while there will be a nuclear “powered” hunter-killer not too far away, a Vanguard Class has no business being there at all and doesn’t need to be..
Because the Vanguard class carries the Trident II (D5) UGM-133A
missile, infact it carries plenty of them and the range of these things has varied reports for obvious reasons, but most agree at them being around 7500 miles.
So lets just say the T2 D5 does have a 7500 mile range… do you really think it even needs to leave port to be a threat to Argentina? Travel at an operational cruise speed of 5 knots or even its main speed of over 25 knots to the South Atlantic?
Hell no, with Buenos Aires being only 6991 miles away it can do its damage from the quay side in its Scottish home port and with a missile that will fly at 18,000 mph. It’s at Faslane, go and Google Earth it…
And here is the kicker – at 5 miles per second, flight time = 23 minutes… with a payload of 8 warheads…
So, the only question is “will they be W76 or W88 warheads or a combination of both?
Well, who knows?.. But if you want the earth to move baby, either of these suckers will do it :-)

If the Hiroshima bomb was the yield of 12 – 18kt, you’d be pleased to know that the W76 warhead is that of 100kts and the W88 warhead is 475kts and thankfully they are limited to 8 warheads per missile by treaty from 12 warheads per missile. Each Vanguard Class has 16 tubes for these unlike the US Ohio Class which of course has 24 tubes.
I’m only guessing they would be a mix of both ground burst and air burst. The real difference is that an air burst weapon, there is no mushroom and therefore no fallout (or little).But this also creates greater blast devastation. A ground burst obviously creates the mushroom, thus sucking all that debris and dust up through it that in turn becomes radioactive and returns to earth as fallout.

Now, I’m not in anyway knowledgeable about naval let alone Submarine warfare… But to me the moving about of Vanguard Class, Ohio Class or any SSBNs is a game of silent secrecy in fact I’d argue only a handful of people at any given time know exactly the location of our patrolling one. So how then does Argentina claim to have information regarding the whereabouts of one of our nearly 500ft long Vanguards??
What I can tell you right now is that 3 of them are in port… the other, well –

who knows :-)
Either way, if these weapons were pointed at Argentina, Argentina would have rise to be worried. If all 16 missiles were W88 headed on a single sub which would mean Argentina is looking down the barrel of 60.8 Megatons of total devastation – and that is a long way from 12 to 18kts of Hiroshima… yet only 23 minutes away (tea breaks allowing). But seeing as there are 3 in port and one out and about, I’ll let you work out that over all math.
Technology eh?…
And to all those complete morons who say “Computers! I wouldn’t know how to switch one on!”  Thankfully someone does ;-)

Or as Stevie Ray Vaughan once said “If the house is a rocking, don’t bother knocking” ;-)

To the people and politicians of Argentina;
What you’re doing is not the way forward –THINK!!! Because you are slowly starting events that have no place in a free world.
There are ways to do things and gain considerable ground on some issues – but what you’re doing is probing our defences by accusation and it stands out a mile. These are hostile acts and no one is going to tell a possible enemy where its own forces are… but your constant accusations are enough to re-address the defences and strengthen them in the very least.

Last time, you didn’t prod the hornets nest, you went and gave it a damn good kick – now you’re probing, are you really sure you want to be doing it this?

So the up shot is this… We’ve had this capability for years… nothing you say will change the UK’s ability to do this if it was needed. So seriously… take a moment to have a word with yourselves,  think about it,  and stop accusing us of your Bull Sh*t!! to the rest of the world. For a nation with no effective early warning system against this type of weaponry, if we were to use these – the only thing you’d need to know is that at the very least the entire population of Bueno Aires will reach 10,000 degrees in less than a second!! And yet we remain restrained… UNLIKE you, we don’t want to use these weapons, but with your nations modern history, you’d use them in a heartbeat.

As for the locations of the Astute Class – enjoy ;-)

The Falklands and The Men Who Stand Against Freedom

I have already mentioned previously that the Falkland Islands don’t belong to the United Kingdom of Great Britain…


The same Islanders who have been previously invaded and incarcerated for simply wishing to live peacefully.
Now, while they wish to remain British subjects of HM Queen – they govern and rule themselves…
This is called freedom, they’re a democratic country of their own choosing!

However!! It would appear that headline grabbing entertainers would use this opportunity to denounce freedom, the rights of the people who live there and possibly even make themselves more famous for doing so.

Ok, lets make you even more famous – for being rancid gutless individuals who as fast as they can criticise this nation for things totally untrue, that may claim to speak on behalf of our nation – yet lie in the most profound and cowardice manner known anywhere.
So here is the thing – it is not the fault of our nation that you are uneducated and remorselessly stupid… That you’d hide your self-centred face somewhere in other countries while stabbing a people in the back – and that’s before you even think about talking about the UK and for what?? so you can look good in South America?? and of course make even more money??

Fine, stand against the freedom of a people, stand against anything you like – but DO NOT EVER speak on behalf of me!!

For their contribution to peace, freedom, and human rights
TWBrit happily presents

Sean Penn, Roger Waters and Steven Morrissey

The HUA Award

I wonder if they’ll go and support Syria in slaughtering it’s own people next… hmmm

The Visit of Gabsatrucker…

Yep, it’s true… our colonial friend finally made her way back to the UK…
And somehow I got to be tour guide extraordinaire :-(
She came, she saw and I made sure she didn’t get the t’shirt…
Her last visit was apparently very short lived in the UK so I made sure she’d be seeing a lot in a very short space of time indeed..
First up Bladon (pron. Blay-don) and the grave of Sir Winston Churchill (there will be a theme here) then on to the stunning village of Shilton and even went past the Mini factory…
Next up – Hathersage and the grave of Little John… Yes!! Robin (of Loxley) Hood was a real dude and John Little was his Lieutenant… It is here, between Sheffield and the Hope Valley of the Derbyshire Peak District you’ll find their old stomping ground – or in this case; Gabby’s new one…
Bashed on to Stonehenge, Avebury, missed out the grave of Pocahontas.
Most of the tour guiding was very high speed and I’m guessing a bit of a blurr… so I’ll refer you to her blog to see what she writes about her visit…
I know she got to see a few Twitter friends and it was great to see her…
Was a little sad she didn’t get to see some of the people she’d reserved time to see and in some cases got no reply from tweets or anything… But some people are just like that I guess…

So do go to : http://www.gabsatrucker.com/

Obama and The Falkland’s

I do understand why Argentina claims the Falklands… but it is a completely flawed argument.. Now oil has been found half of South America wants a slice of the action too… But then, on an issue that actually led to a war to protect the rights of freedom of the Falkland Islanders (just prior to the US invading British protectorate of Grenada); for Mr Obama to side with the Argie’s against the UK is pretty much the same if we said give Hawaii to Japan… In fact you did give something to Japan – but it wasn’t Hawaii… it’s been glowing on and off ever since… SEE HERE
Indeed, as history has shown, if the inhabitants truly want independence – then as history proves out, they’d get it. After all, while our ancestors were quick to reach for arms, the war of Independence of the US wasn’t a war won or lost – just stopped and the might of the then empire never brought to bear… and the declaration left to stand as greater benefits were found in trade etc. (in the process of dumping the Fr**ch of course).

The Falklands was a war of significance… where Argentine officers shot shivering conscripts in the feet “just in case” they tried to run away.. This was a war where to win British troops carried their equipment and supplies well over 70 miles on foot over mountainous terrain in sub zero temperatures to rescue and save the freedom of the islands inhabitants from the invading Argentine forces. We lost ships – and they did too when we started torpedoing theirs, and the British troops were, for the most part, significantly out numbered
It was also the first war in modern history where both sides used almost identical weaponry on the field of battle.

Anyway, when protection of others come into play and where a threat to sovereignty rears it’s head, British history is absolute – it’s the same to us as when this country declared war on Adolf Hitler!! It may bankrupt us, it may make us ration our food so troops can eat and yes, it’s the same thing that drives the back bone or rigidity that withstood the destruction of our cities in the so called Blitz.
So… When Mr Obama wants to understand who we are, come along and make his speeches – he should understand that we do not gather under a flag in search of unity – yet live our lives in contradiction, we don’t need to indoctrinate ourselves or our children with it every day by forcing them to pledge oaths and seeing half Brit flag on everything…. Or claim that women are equally respected and feel safe in the work place when they’re not and don’t, that the right to work is protected when frankly there are no real rights protecting workers that are effective in any way and then keep the whole lie going with a healthy gloss coating of flag talk… It’s just that “We Are” and some things actually run very deep indeed without any indoctrination what so ever, and to Mr Obama – you’re just about to tread on it!!
No, I’m not insulting an entire nation on the words of one man – but do you see how easy it is and how it comes across?
The people of Argentina have been welcome to visit the graves of fallen loved ones, we have indeed honoured the lost of Argentina. But Argentina have not really come to the table “EVER” with anything less than the wish for total sovereignty over the people of the Islands whom do not wish to be anything but British…

I have nothing against any Argentinian, they have an awesome country and culture, likewise while easy to take the earlier dig at the US, I probably have just as many buddies who are American as I have British…. I’m not having a go at the countries as a whole – but someone may wish to take a closer look at foreign policy.

To Mr Obama – just to be clear :

The Falkland Islands are NOT part of “Great Britain” they belong to the Falkland Islanders themselves!! They raise the flag they wish, in part it our’s (as is yours) so we provide nothing more than defence for them – they are an entity to themselves whom choose by their own freedom and democracy to be subjects of HM Queen Elizabeth II

so basically..


Guess what you win on this subject

If you hear an echo, do not be concerned……. it’s because you’re a tall fella

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I’ve something to say about “Spies R Us”… aka Bletchley Park, home of the Hackers, Crackers and Code Breakers

In 1989 I worked for British Telecom (BT)… the role I was initially recruited for was as an underground heavy cabler… As such we had to learn about various skills and dangers and bits and pieces of how to winch, pull, rod, rope and turn cables over huge distances through underground ducting, across bridges, in lakes, dams, coal mines, remote hill top locations and down your street.
As such there were only a few places in the entire world where you could learn this skill and one of them was British Telecom’s Technical College Bletchley Park…

What happened at Bletchley apart from learning a new set of skills of hauling optical fibre and copper cables up to 4800 pair, meeting trainees from the USA, Canada, Asia etc – was finding a fascination with the place…
There wasn’t anything really there to tell you of its history, but for the most part the ornate gardens, grounds and buildings were all operational and well looked after.

Yesterday I stepped foot back on the grounds of Bletchley Park.. once home Mi:1 (later Mi:8) and the true birth place of GCHQ and what ultimately lead to the start of the NSA…

So… What is Bletchley really?
Yes it’s where the code breakers worked… yes, later the code breakers for the US worked there and then began a much deeper US/UK relationship which has continued to at a similar level ever since.

But the most significant thing is what you’re looking at to read this article!! The Computer.. (I say that because you may be from a country that was not involved in WWII)

This issue knows no patriotism, it, while once a technology of utmost secrecy, is now a technology where you and I, the end users, roam about the ether without a visa, at the speed of light and in the realms of the internet are all most members of a reasonably governmentless new world…
Whether we use the computer for work, shopping or simply for communication, it does not take long to understand its pitfalls, gain friends globally and learn it’s abilities and more importantly its strengths…

Now add this to the following information:

Bletchley Park was the home of the world’s first programmable computer (Colossus).
The work carried out there by the Code Breakers, by intellect and by computer is known to have shortened WWII by a minimum of 2 yrs, most likely 6 yrs.
There is actual reason to assume now that without the work of Bletchley, the war would have ended in a stalemate!!
While initially a British only thing, the information was soon shared with our Allies and very quickly the USA came on board and later expanded the work considerably with over 300 US intelligence staff working at Bletchley Park at one point.

What does that mean in real terms…
Well if WWII lasted 6 yrs at the loss of around 84,000,000 lives – shortening the war by any length of time saved a hell of a lot of lives… So many lives in fact that had it have not done its work, some of you reading this would have simply never existed in the first place!!
So in real terms on a pro-rata basis in saving lives =

2 yrs = 28,000,000
3 yrs = 42,000,000
4 yrs = 56,000,000
5 yrs = 70,000,000
6 yrs = 84,000,000

Staggering isn’t it…. Of course we’ll never actually know….

But what we do know about Bletchley Park and only more recently seem to realize is that while its work on the war effort was one thing, huge infact – the relevance to our lives today is immense…
You see, the old cliché of “The first casualty of war is the truth” is very real… and with every single industrial revolution of modern history – we forget the true roots of it all..
Yes, from the work that has become legend of modern pioneers like Steve Jobs, Paul Allen, Bill Gates and so many others – little homage has been paid to where it all truly started.

And Bletchley Park isn’t the only site to have made a significant break through in history – and these places need preserving also. But what of Bletchley today and more over – what are the multi billion dollar companies doing to preserve this level of modern history?

Bletchley today is open to the public, its assets decimated by BT when it relinquished control of the site with the shameful selling off of assets in the most disgusting example of cut-n-run you’re likely to ever see and something they should be made to do something about or at least be held accountable for.

It is run mainly by volunteers with an affinity with the place, but in order to keep its doors open it has almost reached the point of soul selling – and that isn’t pretty!!
The displays are based on what they can afford and that isn’t much.  Even the gift shop is a sad cry for sell anything if people will buy it!!
To me it is not in anyway a family site, it is historic geekdom… Infact talk to several people who have been, other than the odd item to do with the code breaking and the worlds first programmable computer – the rest can strike boredom even in the most intellectual of minds!  Frankly, while that remark pains me to even hear it – it is nonetheless a point of view given to me… However, talk to someone else and they said their entire family went and loved it to bits… So it really is up to you to make your mind up.

Bletchley Park IS NOT and should not be a WWII theme park, it is and should be only about Code Breaking, its impact, what was achieved there, what was innovated and where the world is today because of computers and how they came into being.

Can it be improved – YES!!! But that’d take cash and a lot of it – and a real road map to what should be there…
It should on the outside look just like it did in the days it was operational… but underneath it should be an advanced learning centre… yes the introduction to the Enigma, yes, learn about the code-breakers and what they did…
But then it needs to turn uber geek and have a tech centre built in a secluded spot whereby the entire history of computing can be shown – but NOT as a set of static displays… unused computer equipment is simply static junk – it all needs to work and have a degree of “hands-on” ability. But when you drive up to the gate, you should see guards dressed and armed as they were back in the day, and the windows should be taped etc. The public should feel as they’ve genuinely walked into another world, the world of the Code Breakers themselves.

It is here where real networking started, where the computer made it’s first leap forward and it’s here where there should be the greatest collection of this industrial revolution!!
Not piles of old junk, not modernising a site to modern health and safety laws – but a real living breathing reproduction of its heyday.

So what has our multi billion dollar “do anything to make a buck” computer, IT, and software companies done to help (other than the odd one like Google)?


Don’t get me wrong here, I back anyone who did it for themselves, I respect their innovation and guts to do all they have achieved… But when is enough money enough??
Yup, all these CEO’s can enjoy their earned lifestyles etc – but to not honour in any way the thing that ultimately made them their money??? It’s a bit like the baby who has just been born jumping up and head butting it’s mother in the face.

Bletchley Park should to all intents and purposes be made a UN World Heritage Site, it has to be restored, protected and also become the ultimate learning resource… the site needs innovation, conceptual design that is hidden away. It needs to be hands on and have enough money to pay its staff.
It needs the greater industry to donate 50% of one day’s bank interest from their fortunes so that this site can be honoured developed and set its history in stone..

No, there are no national and BS patriotic issues here, it needs its greedy fat assed off spring to stand up and be counted, to stand with some level of courage, commitment and more over – the self respect to step up to the plate.

It needs physical help too!! Yes from the companies who have staff who worked or developed modern super computers to be on-site to show the world what they did, how they took and industry forward through their own innovation.
IBM, Apple, Dell, Microsoft, Adobe, Samsung, Texas Instruments – and this list could go on and on…. But Bletchley should be the home of not only the Code Breakers – but the site of a global industry show case and meeting point.
A place of collaboration, innovation and a place the entire world can see where it came from and marvel at the concepts of where it’ll go.

I’m ashamed of the lack of investment, the lack of enterprise and more over the complete and utter lack of organization and imagination of industry into the place, a place I actually like! The people at Bletchley Park, well they’re working hard, but with hands tied behind there backs. As for the overall real vision, cutting the wheat from the chaff and remaining focussed, I don’t know – it’s hard to achieve as much that needs to be done with little more than a shoe string.
I will say that NOTHING makes me more appalled than the gutless  blind eye turned to an industries roots and birthplace  – by the very industry itself and one I’ve worked in most of my life.
So, if the industry has ANY level of self-respect, has ANY balls…. Feel free to apply yourselves, offer 50% of – or better still, a whole days company bank interest, – use this as an opportunity of show casing yourselves…

The hard work and dedication of the team at Bletchley and Dr Sue Black is a testament to how important this work truly is… these people have my respect and their hard work, enthusiasm is, while outstanding,  an immense wake up call of people striving to do something, to work against impossible odds for the benefit of us all.

So… is there anything “we” can do? Yes be there for the weekend of the 21-22 May to show your support…

One final note:

Contrary to the Bletchley Park website  image below…. the cost of an adult visit is NOT 10 pounds – it is 12… and while I have now scrolled about to find the parking fee – there is one and it’s 3 pounds

To be clear about this, this is the first Bletchley Park Google result link… the Site has been updated and you should (until previous cache’s have been cleared) go through the website main portal to gain the latest information in order to prevent confusion and possible frustration:  http://www.bletchleypark.org.uk/. Clicking HERE or on the image below will take you to the present prices page and the most accurate information at the time of writing.


Rocketboom and the Red Tape


I’m not the only person to have noticed that Molly, the new presenter of Rocketboom daily web culture news show has gone AWOL.
Knowing that she returned to the UK (assumed that she initially return for a holiday or something), after a while the dread of the loss of another presenter crept in.
Molly2So, going straight to the horse’s mouth (so to speak), I dropped Andrew Baron a note and asked what was happening. Well, it turns out that Molly is back in the UK awaiting visa’s permits and I guess that all comes under the whole ‘Green Card’ fiasco, before she can return to NYC.

But here’s the thing; so it’s OK for Brits and Yanks to get together and travel around the world blowing other countries to hell and to die together – but when it comes to making an honest buck – NO!  It’s more a case of ‘Welcome to the world of BS, Red Tape and of course Bo**ocks’.

Sometimes, it makes you wonder why we bother… USA0Ukflag
However, even if the powers that be totally screw this up, there is always a work around, a third location or even a swap around every three months – where there’s a will and all that stuff.

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