The TWBrit: UK Immigration – a Plan

Firstly I believe in the opting out of EU proposals is excellent. And some of the rules we have are archaic and none helpful to the UK national interest. As such, I believe there are some amendments to the rules that should be considered.

1. Via reciprocal arrangement, countries where movement of persons beneficial to UK trade should be relaxed considerably (for their native citizens initially).
2. That English-speaking nations should also fare better in this regards.
3. For nations that are both English-speaking and are of beneficial interest to the UK in trade etc, flight taxes should be lowered or removed to allow greater opportunity and freedom for trade and tourism. Less tax mean more revenue!!
4. Any person in the above category (in consultation and duplicate agreement with another nations, like USA, Canada, Australia and so on) should be allowed to move freely, and be allowed to stay and earn (paying taxes locally) under international visa/license for the countries participating.
5. This in no way negates security, all persons must be initially native citizens of a member nation.
6. In regards to the issues of paying for services like NHS etc, any person staying in the UK who is not paying taxes directly to the UK govt (basically earning here) must provide proof of medical insurance etc at border control points.
7. If we claim a “Special Relationship” with certain nations, it’s about time we showed it, and they in turn to us as well.

As part of our own immigration issues. The UK should not and does not bear any responsibility to any nation beyond the commonwealth and her protectorates. However, the UK has forged very close relationships with nations without making any part of the natural passage between nations any easier at all.
This must now stop, and while security for this nation and participating nations is always of the highest priority – we (at such a time of world trade issues) must free and ease the passage between vital nations to the best of our ability.

The opening of borders in a blanket fashion with the EU has caused massive problems, surely it would be far better to open our borders with nations we want and need to do trade with and for the most part speak the native language.
The UK has always helped citizens of repressive nations, yet is it not time for other countries to take a greater if not equal role in that respect?

These are straight forward ideas, they’re not racist, nor are they irresponsible – they simply open a path for a greater future for this nation and that of nations who are better at adapting to our culture and those interested in trade.

Now, we can faff about with this, or approach it with and can do will do attitude… and make for a far better, safer and economically more viable world – it’s up to you


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