Some days….

Yer know the ones…. The ones you kinda wish you had something sharp to stick in your eye, or lived on the 42nd floor for ;)
Well, for the most part I’m not like this much at all, albeit Gabby appears to live in that zone.
Yesterdays comments in my post about the weekend certainly had me looking for sharp objects that’s for sure. WKD even emailed me offiering (just like JK) to send me pictures of favourite shoes… and there I was thinking that WKD was my possible saviour from such things – and Fenny hasn’t even started yet!!  As such the next post will be all about JK or JennyK as she tags her comments. So, do look forward to it – I know I am!
However, I have decided that you guys should choose the icon or cartoon I should use for JK – feel free to email…  :)

Also, Top Gear this last week did another car test for Mr Needham of Belfast – viewers will remember the car review that Top Gear did for him last time after Mr Needham complained bitterly that all they ever do is thrash the latest super car around an old airfield.
In response, Clarkson raced through a shopping mall and then launched the car from a Royal Marine landing craft into the sea during an amphibious assault.
In this weeks episode… well if you’ve not seen it, then if you’re in the UK – hit iPlayer and give it a look.
I would have posted the original here – but yet again the BBC have removed it from their own YouTube page – Some one at the BBC is right up there for getting a good firing!!!

Virgin Galactic finally launched there all new death trap this week… I shouldn’t be too rough on Mr Branson because as far as I’m aware, there has been no input at all in this thing from Airbus…. So if that holds true, then soon (18 months time)we’ll be able to skim the outer atmosphere of this dinky little planet!

Fellow blog reader DarkheartD emailed me this week from somewhere in Africa with a suggestion for a TWB calendar, to be filled with the ladies whom read this blog…. For the love of all things holy – No!!
The reason is simple, because judging by the senses of humour with this lot – the finished item would probably come with both a health warning and age certification!!
The other concern is that this could have been a two sided idea as I thing DarkheartD hasn’t seen any women for a while…

Gabby has started the road to rock stardom, or should I say banjo head-banging. Just made and sent her a video over showing basic warm up exercise and part of the tune I was trying to record into a ringtone.
What I probably should have sent her was some superglue! LOL

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Top Gear and Bugatti

Top Gear have just returned from the a private and top secret meeting at the Bugatti factory, where (amongst other things) they were shown the all new Bugatti wilderbeast – The Bugatti Galibier.

Actual specs are not available, but the one thing they do know is that it will be powered by the same engine that mallets the Veyron to 252 mph.

Personally (while not in the market for a super car), I can’t make my mind up about the looks…


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Top Gear again


I was watching Top Gear last night and noticed something that had me laughing over and over. You4 see the three well known and ever popular idiots of Clarkson, May and the Hamster were in Fr**ce and about to Ice Rally some old cars . So they had decided to put some decals on the cars so they looked more like racing cars.

So while the writing down the side of the car said one thin3g, opening the door on the car would reveal a totally different slogan – and while many may find it inappropriate 99– it just had me laughing.

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Top Gear to really reveal The Stig?

jeremy-clarkson copytop-gear-logo

According to UK press and indeed, Jeremy Clarkson’s own article, tonight’s  all new season’s first episode of the BBC’s Top Gear will reveal the identity of The Stig.
Well my thought on this is – which one?
There are several Stigs from what I can tell, and all of them vary in height and weight. For qTG-Africa-Stig1uite some time I believed the original white Stig was former Formula One driver Johnny Herbert – I was convinced in fact. Yet through later appearances and shows I wasn’t so sure. As far as I am aware, Johnny Herbert still lives in Monaco and it would cost quite a bit of money tSTcco fly him up all the time. That said, Top Gear is the BBC’s most popular international export and creates a great deal of revenue for the BBC.

Then there are all of the Stig’s cousins… Stig’s African, American, Communist and Trucker cousins in fact…

However, I have yet to watch the show and so some time later today, I’m sure there will be an update to the post.




Schumacher?!   –  Not a chance!

The Stig

Because they tested the Farrari FXX on the track, and there is no way in hell that Farrari would let anyone else drive it!

No, the Stig is not Mr Schumacher…




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Finally…. Top Gear and the BBC get there finger out!

A few months ago I wrote an article raving about how Top Gear had probably done the best car test ever, more to the point, it was down to a viewer complaint that they no longer did serious car reviews. It was brilliant, it was funny and ulitimately – it was Top Gear.

I then posted a YouTube video of it – that was immediately killed for copyright infringements. So I went on to blog about how stupid the BBC was to do this – as a) they were effectively advertising a car, b) advertising the show, and c) we the people pay for the BBC….

Anyway, finally Top Gear and the BBC have released the video on YouTube and all I can say is – click Play, click on the HQ button, click to expand to fullscreen, watch it all and enjoy.



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It’s been an unusual week so far, a week were I’ve wondered about the ability to plan and respond by the people I’ve been working for. That said one of them is excellent at that. Needless to say, I have been working long and hard. So much so, I slept for 14 hours straight yesterday and I don’t think I’ve ever done that in my lfe.goldcrown
Then today, I was making a coffee when I felt something loose in my mouth – then two gold crowns popped out. This did not impress me in anyway what so ever! Especially when the person charged with the care of my mouth FAILED in there obligations completely at every level.
But hey, life is for the living (hmmmm).
Of course, there has been really no time at all to blog properly and while I’ve been thinking of thousands of things to blog about – I’ve pretty much only responded to the issues of the day like the swine flu.

But at least I have income again and with the bank holiday looming, I’m sure I’ll be working most of it, while trying to avoid the millgurkha_action-copyionsjoanne-funny of caravans the people of this nation insist on owning.

Better news this week has been that Joanne Colan is doing cool stuff, The Gurkha ruling was out voted by MP’s – this is a good and healthy way to go as it stops the ‘Punch a Minister’ trait developing – funny really, everyone I know supports there request to be allowed to live in the UK.   Oh, and the Brits have finally pulled out of Iraq – about time!!

My wreck of a car passed it’s MOT – this imot-copys astounding… I get why people ask me why I don’t drive newer cars, but I once had a job of driving a lot of new ones and smell drotop-gear-logove me nuts lol (or is it because I’m just too cheap).

Harriot Harmen has ordered the BBC to make sure that all shows have a reasonable mix of sexes presenting them…. Top Gear?! Not gonna happen!!! unless Sabine is called in.

Oh and it’s May 1st – a long weekend awaits many of you. Do please enjoy yourselves.



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The Nürburgring and Top Gears Respect for Sabine Schmitz

top-gear-logoYou don’t have to watch the UK’s Top Gear motoring show for long to realise that beyond the all too typical male bravado, there is one person whom stands head and shoulders above the prideful presenters tgteamsmlof Clarkson, May and the Hamster. This person is their nemesis, more highly skilled than all of them put together and frankly they love and respect her. That person is Sabine Schmitz. The fastest drcropsaiver of the torturous Nürburgring in Germany.

And this is why; Sabine not only out drives just about everyone, she set the lap record at Nürburgring at the age of 19 at 8 minutes 16 seconds in a Ford Sierra Cosworth. In October 2008 she set a new lap record for a non-turbocharged car at 7 minutes 07 seconds in a Porsche 997 RSR (Frikadelli Racing Team).


Nürburgring History and F1:

gp-track-copyNürburgring is not the little track you may have seen and possibly will see later this year in Formula 1 – no, it’s huge!!  It’s 13 miles long, it’s a mountain race track and has 147 corners!

With steep inclines, descents and hairpin bends, it is not only a formidable test on the skill and stamina of any driver irrespective of skill level – but the car itself. Simply put, if the car is not in 100% top shape, it will not survive this assault.

Back in the 12th century Count Ulrich probably never imagined that one day, anurbergring-copy1t the foot of his time-honoured Nürburg, the queen of racing courses would attract people from all over the world. After the Ring opened on 18th June 1927 it soon became clear what a great economic force this early form of the leisure industry was going to become in the entire region. Restaurants with guest rooms turned into hotels, meadows into car parks and the races were a blessing for what was one of the poorest regions in Germany. The story of the Nürburgring goes back eight decades – a period in which it has produced many stories, has thrilled many generations of racing drivers and fans and has become the economic powerhouse of the Eifel region.

Part of the track called the ‘Nordschleife’, still in use today was nick named ‘The Green Hell’ by Jackie Stewart. It is widely considered the toughest, most dangerous and most demanding purpose build race track in the world.

Sabine History:

Born to the neues-bild10local hotel and restaurant owning Schmitz family, Sabine and her two elder sisters grew up in the “Hotel am Tiergarten”  in Nürburg within the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

Sabine came to mass public attention driving one of the two BMW M5 Ring Taxi around the 13 mile long race track in an entertaining manner. As she once put it “Anyone can drive fast on an Autobahn, but drifting a car sideways around a bend at 140 is different”.

Conservative estimates say that Sabine has driven around the Nürburgring no less than 20,000 times, and she has become known as both the “Queen of the Nürburgring” and “the fastest taxi driver in the world”.  Her company, Nürburgring – based Sabine Schmitz Motorsport, offers advanced driver training and a “Ring Taxi” service for passengers.img_0016

Her list of achievement is simply staggering by anyone’s account. She has raced for companies, driven all over the world and even put a Main Battle Tank through its paces. Furthermore she is an accomplished helicopter pilot. Ironically, Top Gear once raced an AH64 Apache Longbow, yet none of them could actually fly one – they might want to think about that.

Sabine is known worldwide, her Television career has brought heSabine Schmitz 8r global attention putting her all too familiar smile, style and highly entertaining skill into our homes.

Basically, if you ever wanted to see men put in their place, then not only can this lady do it – but the sheer intimidation of such an amazing race track, simply destroys them. And lets be honest, Clarkson deserves it.

First up, to explain what Sabine is all about The BMW M5 RingTaxi

Ok, you get the idea,  now lets see her with Top Gear (sadly the quality is low on these as the YouTube BBC page is yet to carry them.

Clarkson Diesel Jag Pt1

Clarkson Diesel Jag Pt2

Sabine Top Gear Ford Transit


Nürburgring 2009

This Year will see massive investment into the Nürburgring, in fact they are turning it into an all year round leisure facility with major upgrades and expansion costing around 252 million Euros. The four main areas of investment are in Racing, Adventure, Business and Holiday. They will be working with existing tourism service providers to make, frankly, one awesome site. From Rock concerts to Formula One and the myriad of other functions from driver training to the grueling Nürburgring 24hr race – Nürburgring will be, and IS, a must for anyone interested in motor sport at any level.

For more information regarding activities and events at Nürburgring, go to there website HERE

Sabine – present work + website

frikadelli-racing-teamSabine Schmitz continues to expand her awesome career to date and is still a keen Professional Racing Driver. She presently races for Team Frikadelli Racing and while there is the Sabine Schmitz Motosport Website, Sabine is vespeedbee-beery much involved in a real hands on capacity with her ALL NEW website . At present it is mainly in German Language format, but Sabine tells me the English version is coming very soon.

For further information about Sabine, her work (past and present) and what she’s doing in the future, please do not hesitate going to her websites.



In conclusion; TWBrit, or moreover, I would like to take a moment to thank Ihre Meltem Yildiz at Dederichs Reinecke & Partner who are Nürburgring’s PR Team and special TWBrit gratitude to Sabine Schmitz for information and help with writing this article.


Please hit “like it” “share” “subscribe” an Ad or anything else you can find ;) It’s always appreciated


Last Sunday night’s Top Gear


On last Sunday night’s Top Gear the show had to do a traditional ‘old style’ useful road test of a new car because a ‘Mr. Needham’ wrote and complained that all they do is mess about now – the results were funny. It’s starts as a normal old style test – the just get s better. And why did they do it? Because not only can they still do it – they can do it much better than they ever used to.

If this video gets removed – then I apologise because it’s probably one of the best adverts for a show I know of – such is the short sighted stupidy of the BBC – especially when they’re advertising someone else’s product.



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By popular request – Run Clarkson Run

By popular request – Run Clarkson Run“, posted with vodpod

more about “




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