Top Gear to really reveal The Stig?

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According to UK press and indeed, Jeremy Clarkson’s own article, tonight’s  all new season’s first episode of the BBC’s Top Gear will reveal the identity of The Stig.
Well my thought on this is – which one?
There are several Stigs from what I can tell, and all of them vary in height and weight. For qTG-Africa-Stig1uite some time I believed the original white Stig was former Formula One driver Johnny Herbert – I was convinced in fact. Yet through later appearances and shows I wasn’t so sure. As far as I am aware, Johnny Herbert still lives in Monaco and it would cost quite a bit of money tSTcco fly him up all the time. That said, Top Gear is the BBC’s most popular international export and creates a great deal of revenue for the BBC.

Then there are all of the Stig’s cousins… Stig’s African, American, Communist and Trucker cousins in fact…

However, I have yet to watch the show and so some time later today, I’m sure there will be an update to the post.




Schumacher?!   –  Not a chance!

The Stig

Because they tested the Farrari FXX on the track, and there is no way in hell that Farrari would let anyone else drive it!

No, the Stig is not Mr Schumacher…




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