Just so you know… The TWBrit Chistmas list…

There is something here for every pocket and as long as nothing girlie or fish based is offered, TWBrit will happly accept just about anything for Christmas – the reason???

It’s because I’m Cheap!! & yes, this is tongue in cheek

Battenberg Cake

Jim Dunlop Tortex guitar picks (plectrums): Orange .5omm (personlised of course with the TWB logo)

Dentistry: Yes, anything for a ‘GOOD’ (trustworthy) dentist!

Galaxy Chocolate

Accuracy International AW .338

Land Rover 110 CSW + Winch + Tow-Set, built on an XD Chasis

A Knighthood:  for services to Britishness and Commonsense


NEC curved monitor


Theakstons Old Perculier

Training Course vouchers for Learningtree

Boss BR 1600 (but the 1200 will do)

9 piece drum kit

Taylor K22CE

Milka Chocolate – preferably Naps

To do the Reasonably priced car lap – but then, a days training by Sabine Schmitz would be better

LE1700 Tablet PC

A Tesla (yes, you read that right), well a go in one at least 

 A lifetime supply of  Coffee




Carpool is a kinda Vblog where actor Robert Llewellyn from Red Dwarf and Scrapheap Challenge fame, interviews interesting and sometimes famous people while driving kryten_228x309in his car. Most of the time he is simply giving  them a lift across London, or he travels to interesting locations – like a video he just posted talking to Michael Eavis  during the preparations for this years Glastonbury Festival.Scrapheap
The great thing about these interviews is they’re extremely candid, open and for want of a better phrase ‘gonzo’. What I mean to say, is that they’re completely ad-hoc. As such they’re brilliant. Further to this Robert’s amiable personality and humour both disarm and relax the interviewees, making for no awkward moments and make the viewer feel like they’re actually there.
It is extremely entertaining, the actors and comedians are without make up, they openly swear and talk normally – it’s very open and real. As such, I have becoCarpool Stephen Fryme totally addicted and wonder why people who I also follow on the web have not done the same. He does an awesome interview with Stephen Fry as well.
I can fully recommend this site and furthermore he often tests new hybrid cars during them. Links are in in the photos above, in bold text, in the Blogroll and HERE

Oh, and he loves the Tesla, Which I will be writing about in the not too distant future, or more accurately, I’ll be writing about the Tesla S, a large roomy car with a 300 mile range and almost affordable. Here is a picture of it until then.

Tesla S



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