Of Stargate to TWBrit

36796209TWBrit was once called “LEGENDARY”…. (for reasons only known to a few) I’m not lying!!

So…. What would the star of the Sci-Fi horror movie the “Cube” say?
The same guy who almost stole the show Stargate SG1 and who became the greatest genius of the human race while totally stealing the show as Dr Rodney McKay in Stargate Atlantis – to be bettered by only his sister Kate.

The writer, director and star of “A Dog’s Breakfast”, also appearing in “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” and soon to be released “Debug”a-dogs-breakfast.26134



Just what did David Hewlett briefly let slip as a description of TWBrit?

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Where is the TV you’ve been waiting for?

As many know, back in the early to mid 2000’s I worked on the development of 4G. Back then the basic requirement was for a 20Mb download and 20Mb upload to any base unit or moreover – a handheld device. We increased this to 25Mb and at a time when there was a lull in the computer industry, we were working on some pretty cool and what was often called “over the edge” technology. Since then the benchmark has gone literally through the roof.

But the problems regarding bandwidth, power, mobile, fixed line accounts and billing aside – the real problem was that there wasn’t an end user device that could handle this in the mobile field. This gave birth to the requirement of advanced PC levels of power in a handheld device which (and this is still an issue) wouldn’t melt the head of the user. But more over, this system for the most part wouldn’t require video compression, that’s right – complete real-time video! In this, I looked to the future and realised very quickly that this would probably be the end of terrestrial/cable/satellite TV.  The future of TV would be simply Web-based and cut the massive costs of powering and building the millions of transmitters that exist today.

A few years later I was observing a discussion on Joseph Mallozzi’s blog; who was then the executive producer of the MGM Stargate Atlantis franchise about the stunning number of DVD sales worldwide for their show, yet cable and channel subscriptions appeared low. In a conversation I mentioned that most people I knew around the world who watched the show – watched it the following day on the web and that it was highly likely that it was these people buying the DVD’s. As it turned out, MGM sold the show badly around the world to expensive pay channels or in some cases – highly obscure channels. This, coupled with highly inaccurate method of gathering viewing figures proved that the industry as a whole is not in step in any way with the technology to hand and were grossly over concerned with “Piracy/copyright” than acknowledging that this system (because of the show’s popularity) was actually making them more money… The bottom line is people want to watch shows when THEY want to watch them and if a company can’t see the alternative method of generating revenue then there is a real problem with that company.

But you must also remember that Piracy is not theft! Theft is when something tangible is “taken” from you, but copyright infringement is the actual problem. Also what about all of us who come across things on the web (think YouTube as an example) and end up watching things you didn’t search for? For most they wouldn’t have gone out of their way to buy, pay for or even consider watching or listening ordinarily – and here lays many problems and issues of which there are too many to list here, but the promotional attributes are limitless. Yet this again shows a complete initial lack of awareness by the mainstream entertainment industry of the technology they’re prepared to use for profit in a totally unsecure manner. In effect, a rod for their own back. In turn, while they cry foul, a few years ago these modern formats allowing them to make billions more in profits simply didn’t exist.

At the same time true innovators of web media and web shows like Andrew Baron owner and creator of Rocketboom and frankly an authority on the subject, has understood the direction of web TV for a very long time. There are several web based shows; Robert Llewellyn’s “Carpool” and “Fully Charged” and a great many more now exist – so where is mainstream web TV? Strange things happen, take for instance Amanda Tapping’s “Sanctuary”. This show was always designed to be web based. They used little more than green/blue screens in order to put any and every location background they liked to the show. The initial run of “Webisodes” was put together at minimal cost and used many of Amanda’s close acting and directing friends to see if it would be popular. It was, and strange as it might be – the show got picked up for mainstream TV. So the power of TV designed for the web is powerful enough to make the TV Studios sit up and appropriately beg.

The problems are several fold but it basically comes down to the TV companies and cash… I can go to the BBC’s iPlayer to watch their shows, CBS website (if I’m in the States) and watch their shows – along with Fox and everyone else’s websites. But you have to bounce from site to site all the time and then wonder if the “Geolock” will prevent you from watching what you want – this really does have to stop… it’s not good for business, it thwarts overall growth and is a shockingly bad business model!

The future of Global TV will rest in the palm of the people, company or person who can achieve what is seemingly impossible; to sit down and work out, negotiate and then generate one of a handful of sites that does it all. A site that will have to decide to pay for itself via advertising, pay per view or all possible methods together. A site where you can watch what you want, when you want. But the reality is that copyright and other royalties are the very things that stand in the way of this happening.

Web TV in the format of YouTube and commercial business sites is an entertainment and subculture all of its own already and has been for years. If you want to know if a product is good rather than get mugged by TV shopping channels – go and see what people who already own the product say about them on YouTube. You’ll soon learn the truth and probably save money – especially if you need to repair something! Lets say you need to fix your laptop, replace the broken screen on your smart phone, anything practical you don’t know how to do – someone somewhere has made a video of how to do it. And what about skill learning? Want to learn Photoshop? go to the simply vast library of videos on the Adobe website to learn just what you need too. The list is endless.

But what of the technology for the home? What are the overall bandwidth and usage requirements which, in reality, have to be limitless. Thankfully newer home entertainment, LCD/LED TV’s all come with web connectivity now. But there are other issues on a global scale which need to be sorted out like; age of the viewer and/or in some more religious cultures; censorship or more edited programmes and movies. But as a technical issue most people will be aware that terrestrial TV (certainly here in the UK) is swapping over from Analogue to Digital. This raised many questions from viewers to why they should go out and buy a set-top-box to place on their old TV to see this new digital medium. Well the answer is quite simple; For a lot of people who may not know, analogue and digital signals are both very different and even look different. A digital signal is basically a signal of “On and Offs” which is basically binary and would look something like this:

Analogue signals are far more complicated and looks sort of like this:

The difference  for the most part is that the digital signal is predictable and can therefore can be repaired by your TV, computer or set-top box with either an On or Off and an Analogue signal simply can’t – because there is no reference to what was damaged. Here are the same two images with sections deleted; you can easily work out the digital repair – but not the analogue.

VS Analogue

So the digital is better, but more importantly – it also means it can be sent across the web with complete and total ease.

The future is Web based, but what about the redundancy of normal TV? Will it just become a persistent “Day Time” schedule mixed with News and Current Affairs? Probably! Or will we use the infrastructure that transmits it as the base for 4, 5 or 6G bandwidths? TV IS destined for the web, it’s been there for years – just no one has organised it yet, can you imagine the accuracy of the viewing figures? I strongly doubt Firefly would have been cancelled that’s for sure. In fact one of the reasons the original Stargate franchise was cancelled was simply that they make the same money in advertising revenue from re-runs as they did from a new show/season. Thus what was the point after 10 seasons in spending the money to make more?

It’s a massive subject that needs to be sorted out, the pitfalls and mountains to climb are obvious – but the moment one person lays the road ahead out clearly – all others will follow. So, stop messing about with strange apps, and let’s get on and get this minefield navigated so we can stop the witch hunting across the Web and get to a place where we can all watch and listen to the media we want, when we want it – in a way that everyone is happy with.

As many of you may know, I don’t own a TV and haven’t done since 1998, all my entertainment, news and 99% of my communications comes through the internet medium. If I stay in a hotel I do switch the TV on, but tend to select a 24hr news channel like the BBC, Sky, Al Jazeera or CNN. Irrespective of how scattered the entertainment on the Web is, there is an abundance of it, it just needs work. Until then, you can watch “The” daily internet culture show at www.rocketboom.com and for the Car Pool interview chat show and “fully charged” the complete inside real information on the future of electric cars – go to  www.llewtube.com.  And so much more…



If you like Battlestar Galactica  then you’ll find this show a comfortable replacement – if you like the Stargate franchise and wasn’t keen on Battlestar – then you’ll be wanting to miss this!
There was even distant hints of the odd Brown-Coat incident. But sadly this show takes more of the Battlestar feel liquified with outer fringes of SG and so far (too me anyway) Fails.
The acting is held together by a slightly belittled Robert Carlyle whose acting standard is as superb as ever.

The musical score often becomes too much and is highly reminiscent of Battlestar as too the battle scenes and camera movements.

The story is ‘standalone’ with familiar faces helping with it’s introduction. Set design and effects are of the highest possible SG standard, but with all the close in camera work on the main characters – it’s lost to making the place feel small. I say small because they’re supposed to be on a huge ship.

The conclusion to this opening story is next week and I will reserve full opinion until then. But the way I feel right now – I’d be stunned if they got more than a second season out of it and I would hate to say that you’re watching the death of a franchise. Is it for the  younger audience? definitely NOT!
Stargate – it is not!

Words to sum it up; Dark, Dreary, Battlestar, unimpressive, sad

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SGU….is coming

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There’s good entertainment on the horizon


So next year sees the return and remake of the amazing TV Series ‘V’ with non other than Morena Baccarin as the sexy alien leader.  It’s good to see Morena doing so well after originally shooting to global fame through Joss Whedon’s Firefly. I’m just hoping the aliens dress just as sexy as they did LOL (such a guy!). Of course there’s no news on a second Firefly movie as yet, but the Brown Firefly castCoats among us I’m sure live in hope. That series brought several people to the fore. As Joss has always had an awesome eye for future talent. He brought us the likes of Sarah Michelle Gellar, Alyson Hannigan and Angel star and name sake David Boreanaz. This before we even start on such wonderful people as Summer Glau and the ever sharp witted Jewel Staite. All of whom have gone on to bigger and better things.
Smallville is still running and on its way back to our screens, a show that is oddly amazing with a small group of awesome females in it.
This brings me to another subjectws-cover

The Women of Sci-Fi Calendar…

Now, it’s beeShanks & Doign a while since actors and best buddies Chris Judge and Michael Shanks convinced Michael’s wife, actress Lexa Doig to partake of a great idea… So back in 2007, The Women of Sci-Fi Calendar was born. But what of it now?! Well the ladies of Smallville, Stargate, Atlantis and the brilliant Andromeda were in it – yet, internet searches reveal little these days.life

My favourite programme of late ‘Life’ is sure to return and an all new Stargate show ‘Stargate Universe’ is due to air later this year – which Joseph Mallozzi seems forever excited about… But let’s not forget the next Stargate movies that will start SGUproduction at some point in the next few months.

Iron Man two has been in production for a while and my guess is that it will be as least as good as the last one.
I haven’t heard anything about the show ‘The Mentalist’, but then, I’ve not really looked. I like the show, but there is something missing, maybe a little more personal interaction is needed, or the Jane character needs to have little more lavish life style – something, anything more than what there is. The show is brilliant because you feel you’ve only been sitting down 5 mins by the time the show ends.Torri Higginson

NCIS… I’m not sure what to make of it, it’s been great, funny and generally entertaining – but there are aspects that need addressing with the characters and, well, I don’t know – KHewlettagain, it’s either lost something or it’s always been missing – if nothing else it’s getting a little tired. I was really hoping that Torri Higginson was going to become part of the permanent cast. Torri is one of a handful of actresses I think have yet to given an effective vehicle to show off their best and true individual brilliance, Lexa Doig, Kate Hewlett are two more – but I guess it also comes down to getting the right part. But one actress I’m shocked that we don’t see much of is Laura Bertram.



Death by Failures

Two Royal Navy Submariners  (pron. sub – marry – in – ers) who died in an explosion onboard hms-t-001HMS Tireless in 2007 were caused by systematic failures a Coroner has ruled – what ever that means. The incident that happened under hundreds of feet of arctic ice where the Sub was on excercise.

The Royal Navy Board of Inquiry had concluded that the explosion which caused the death of Leading Operator Mechanic Paul McCann and Operator Mechanic Anthony Huntrod, was caused by a faulty self-contained oxygen generator (SCOG) which was part of the backup generator apaulandanthonynd was lit during a routine drill.

The deaths occured during the Arctic filming of Stargate Continuum – for which the film was dedicated to Leading Operator Mechanic Paul McCann (32) and Operator Mechanic Anthony Huntrod (20)





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So the SG Franchise is back, and what a start!

While this Firday is a major day worldwide for fans of the franchise, you can already download the ‘straight to DVD’ SG Continuum and Episode one of the new series of SG Atlantis.

In Atlantis we see the wrapping up of the last season with an epic rescue and plenty of fireworks, concluding with Sam Carter being removed from command. Ironically as shes leaving Atlantis she talks about going to the event that sparks of the Continuum movie – nice touch.

The all new movie ‘Continuum’ is a complete work of art and frankly it’s amazing that they made it for under $10m – maybe something that the powers that be should take note of. It’s also the first time a real nuclear submarine is used in a movie and certainly the first movie shot on a Artic ice flow with the sub coming up through the ice next to the movies cast.

The cast and crew filmed this whole segment somewhere up at the North Pole, which in itself it pretty darn amazing.

All in all the whole thing is highly entertaining and worth the watch even if you’re not into SciFi.

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Stargate franchise has a man down

(from syfi portal)

Don S. Davis, best known to genre fans as Maj. Gen. George Hammond in the Stargate television and film franchise, died on Sunday. He was 65.

Davis was a co-star during the first seven years of “Stargate SG-1.” As a result of a medical condition, he cut back to making guest appearances on “SG-1” until the show rapped at the end of its 10th season.

He also brought Gen. Hammond to several episodes of “Stargate: Atlantis.”

His final franchise appearance will be in the upcoming direct-to-DVD film, “Stargate: Continuum,” scheduled for release on July 29.

He appeared in numerous films, including “Far Cry,” “Woodshop” and “Vipers,” all of which are in post-production.

He guest-starred on several television shows, such as “Supernatural,” “The Dead Zone” and “Flash Gordon.”

Davis met fellow Stargate star Richard Dean Anderson during work on “MacGyver” when Davis served as a stunt double for Dana Elcar.

He was born in Aurora, Mo., in 1942, and served in the U.S. Army. An accomplished artist as well as actor, Davis married Ruby Fleming-Davis in 2003. They were residents of British Columbia.

His family released a statement that said “so many of you have been touched by not only the work and art of Don S. Davis, but by the man himself, who always took the time to be with you at the appearances he loved, that it is with a tremendous sense of loss I must share with you that Don passed away from a massive heart attack on Sunday morning, June 29.

“On behalf of his family and wife, Ruby, we thank you for your prayers and condolences. A family memorial where Don’s ashes will be scattered in the ocean will take place in a few weeks, and should you wish to, please make a donation to the American Heart Association in Don’s memory.”

“Stargate: Atlantis” executive producer Joseph Mallozzi told reporters during a conference call July 1 that Davis would certainly be missed.

“He had a bigger heart and was even nicer than the Hammond character that he played,” Mallozzi said. Fans “would approach him in the sense that they were approaching Gen. Hammond. but once they got to know him, they got to know Don Davis, a very warm-hearted, incredibly self-deprecating man, who sadly will be incredibly missed by not just the fans, but anyone who worked with him.”

Donate for Don at the American Heart Association


The Hewlett’s are back


S40?!o the SGA series 5 start date is set for July 11 and the same wonderful bunch will be back doing the stuff they do – and, with a few newbies.

I was reading Dave Hewlett’s Blog over at dgeek and apparently we can look forward to his ‘work prolific’ sister Kate in the show again this season.

David is apparently suffering the effects of his 40th Birthday and as I know these effects well, some sympathy could have gone his way if we didn’t think he was actually older (lol sorry, I couldn’t resist).


Kate’s life seams to be a blur by all accounts and now has a spot on this years Toronto Fringe Festival in July. She also has a fascinating blog; Loft in Translation which makes for the very interesting reading for the life of a workaholic.


 Personally I don’t know how people can cope with these two siblings – it’s exhuating just to read about them lol


The Hewlett Wrecking Crew are coming over to Blighty in June to publically take chunks out of each in the normal way that only family can and answer questions / meet and greet with fans, so do check the respective websites for further informaton.


This video is quite old and is typical Amanda Tapping vs David Hewlett banter – but can anyone please explain how the hell he and can talk so quickly – from a guy who gets complaints of perpetual mumbling (that’s me by the way), this is horrific stuff.





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