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wordpress-logo1Well, contrary to popular belief, while I have been in agony all week – it has not stopped me trying to function. Indeed, I’ve cleaned my place from top to bottom, learned to play a cool version (i.e. my own) of Moonchild by Rory Gallagher. I’ve blogged, commented all over the blogasphere and spoken to family and friends.

Heard from Nic this week, and Ali in Dubai, Abdullah in Riyadh and David in South Dakota – even had a laugh with the ex-wife and spoken to people about working on the Masdar City project in Abu Dhabi. Pondered if Hutchinson’s (Orange) 3G is any good.

Learnt that the LittlevolvotruckTruckers issues with her Volvo might have finally been sorted out, that I actually have too many clothes and not enough shoes. Ruth in Ausse is going to Singapore, Jade Goody is gonna croak (kinda sad that), my sister might be making a huge career move and that the new tv show ‘Stargate banditUniverse’ (aka Stargate 90210) starring Robert Carlyle went into to production the day before yesterday at Bridge Studios in Vancouver – courtesy of the ever interesting Joe Mallozzi. Oh and last but not least, Alfred Hitchcocks favourite all time movie was Smokey and the Bandit 1 and 2 – go figure.


It could be worse, I could know someone who likes NKOB…. Oh crap, I think I just might – noooo!!




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