Fr**ce and the Fr**ch…

froggy flagPeople think I totally dislike all Fr**ch people, well this is just not so…
Fr**ce is an awesome country and for the most part the people are great.
My regiments history is firmly tied to Fr**ce, as too is this nations.
So, if you’re Fr**ch, no, I don’t hate you…. Though it must be said that I don’t like your Mr Sarkosy very much. I don’t dislike him as much as I dislike our Mr Blair, but then the world is a funny place.
I even once nearly bought a property in Fr**ce.
Either way, I personally don’t use your quality technology, so I have no complaints there. I eat British cheese, so again I can’t complain about those things either. You live on the other side of the English Channel, so that is a result, and you buy our Organic Milk in vast quantities.
But what I will absolutely praise you guys on, is this. You have an awesome country of living history, really! I can literally walk from one end to the other on a historical walk of modern history – something I actually have an interest in.


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I’m doing it :-(

decoratingSo the paint brushes are finally out and I’m painting ARRRGH!!

On top of this, hole diggingsome plaster has come off in the bathroom and the Gas board have turned up to replace the main feed to the property – so life has just got noisy and hectic. That said, I have finally met my new neighbour who seems alright.


Tonight I’m partaking of the Ale. Yes indeed, Dave who owns the Chip shop over the road is coming over at around 7:30pm and we’re off on a pub crawl around Honiton (if such a thing is possible)

Other stuff…EU elec results

The UK and most of Europe voted for new parliamentary persons the other day and I didn’t vote – If I had done, I’d have voted for UKip (UK Independence party) who are against our participation in the EU.
Strangely enough the Labour party (the present ruling UK govt.) got hammered!

The D-Day speeches….

What can I say? Canadian speech = Brilliant, US speech = very good, UK speech = not so much

The Fr**ch speech = OMG! WTF was that?… While it is nice for any country to be complimented – I thought Sarky Sarkosy was reaching for the KY!! Really, that was embarrassing! Even Michelle Obama started to look uncomfortable. Obama didn’t even have to try and walk away at the end of the ceremony – he just slid along on Fr**ch slime!!

LeadersYou see, according to all the nations that took part – it was a relative equal effort by all sides. From this there is a mutual respect for pulling off the impossible…. Even Obama said as much. But to the Fr**ch it was USA all the way.
I’d go as far to say, If that was how the Fr**ch truly felt – then why did we even bother.
2 of those nations could have done D-Day all on there own, but no one wanted to. And the worse part of the ceremony? The fact that the other nations that took part weren’t even there!

And just so we’re clear, in the greater war as a whole, it was Russia that got to Berlin first right.

But what I don’t understand (and Americans, please feel free to comment), is why oh why does a nation feel the need to impress another nation? America does not impress the Brits and the Brits don’t impress the USA. We work together from time to time – but there is a lot of sibling rivalry. Then Sarkosy can’t even speak to Obama in English when his nation was liberated by the predominantly English speaking nations of the world.

Mr Sarkosy – guess what you win this week!


And may I add, I really don’t know of anyone more deserving.




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