London, Oxford (well, Witney) and the TWBrit CofC

Image(222)I piled off to London yesterday morning looking forward to a busy day of meeting new people and old friends , meeting with a garment printers for promotional stuff for this blog and having a general potter about doing my own thing…

Invites were made to various people and for the most part, the people I wanted to meet were unavailable and the rest of the day was more a question of business, need and total indulgence.

In a little over 2hrs the TWBrit Car of Character (CofC) delivered me to Ealing and after paying only £1 per hour for parking , I was very pleased to find the car park was in very close proximity to Ealing Broadway tube station.Image(219)

Making reasonable time to Green Park, I strolled through the park to The Mall. A quick picture of part of Buckingham Crib and on to the ICA and the Tuttle Club.

The Tuttle Club; To be honest, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. The Café area is quite small and was quite busy. Getting a well needed coffee I spoke to a couple of guys, this ended really in a serious conversation about the merits and piImage(233)tfalls of the new Stargate Universe which ended in ‘none’ and ‘many’ respectively. After they moved away, I really didn’t know what to do or who to talk to as everyone was heavily engrossed in conversations and pawing their laptops. After a few minutes  I simply finished my coffee and left.
I don’t know what conclusions I have of Tuttle,  The people I met were nice enough, but I can’t say it was the most welcoming environment or anything really. But at the same Image(226)time, I’m not so sure what contribution I could have made, so I don’t think I shall be returning.Image(224)

Coming back out into the Mall, I strolled across to Horse Guards Parade where the Blues and Royals seemed to be facing off as ever and then walked through to WhImage(230)itehall, I stopped and took a pic of the memorial to the women of WW2 and Downing street before making to Parliament.

As time progressed, it was back on the underground and off to Image(238)my London home from home and a complete shock – Denmark Street aka Tin Pan Alley.
Getting off the tube at Tottenham Court  Road, I really wasn’t prepared to see so many shops Image(242)completely closed down and to be honest – the ones that had remained open seemed to have the some seriously over priced guitars!! One shop (Rose Morris) actually had the Taylor acoustic guitar I most covert – but instead of it being price at £3500 – it was priced at £4319! I was not impressed!!
Then it wImage(240)as time to step into the 12 bar café were I was due to meet my old buddy Mark Bickmore aka Sonic. The thing was, the 12 bar café had changed and to be brutally honest – it is for the worse. When Mark turned up, we simply legged it to a Starbucks instead.
After a bite to eat and copious consumption of what Starbucks attempts to call coffee, we went back to try to find a guitar I even wanted to have a play of – yet sadly, there were none!Image(239)
One guitar I truly wanted to play was the new-ish Taylor Solidbody, yet no one had one. Rose Morris said they had two, but had so much trouble selling them that they had to reduce the price to the point they made no money by the time they did sell – as such they’re not looking to restock them.
In fairness to Taylor, the guys praised the playability of them – even stating that they hadn’t known anything like them, especially with regards to the strings relation to the fret board.
Mark and I spent a while catching up, then it was back the work of the day, Mark returning to work and myself to the East End to meet with Indigo printing.
After the meeting I did a few other things before finally returning to Ealing Broadway and setting off towards Oxford to visit both my mother and sister.

Sadly a long day that bore no fruit at all. What did go well was the TWBrit  CofC which preformed admirably – so much so, it actually impressed me… If the question was ‘Did I enjoy myself?’ then the answer would be a resounding YES!!


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