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Firstly, hurricane Sandy…. Wow!!

Hope most people are ok, I guess NYC will be building some new infrastructure over the coming weeks and months to minimise this kind of thing again. Web buddy and owner of Andrew Baron managed to get out and about and take some pics of the aftermath. Click on the image to go and see

All things “Sandy” aside, it was Halloween and a quick look at this site called TMZ made me realise that at least 90% of the so-called celebs they talk about, I’ve not in fact heard of lol. Most of which didn’t come close to @gabsatrucker’s Halloween cozzy which was based on a pirate wench – less sword, belt and hat. But in all of this, something strange appeared. [***Segue***] I’ve been looking into “E-Cigarettes” and so far I have found that many rave about the “Apollo” brand for being so like the real thing – yet DONT smell, DONT kill you and DONT affect the people around you… But who knew that come all things Halloween you can “Mod” them and make them look Kewl?! This pic is care of @gypsyhooker or better known as Shannon to the good ladies of the US trucking fraternity.

But… I’m about to embark on a trial of these e-cigs and see if they work where on 4 occasions everything else (patches, a punch in the mouth etc) have failed. But while doing my research I have come across some disturbing things.

1. There is no enforced safety standard or Govt. Regulation

2. There is no guidance regarding public places and mass transit.

3. If these things work, then they are in everyone’s interest to allow and to help stop smoking widely

4. The cost of these things are targeted at the price of a pack of cigarettes – whereas most people in the UK at least, hand-roll – so moving to e-cigs is a far more expensive consideration than the cost to remain smoking…

5 What I do disagree with is that they are made to look like real cigarettes! As such there have been instances on flights where one person has seen someone smoking an e-ciggy and just assumed it was ok to smoke – and lit up a real one… So, they should ban the use of Red or Orange LED’s in them and the outer colour should not be white.

Talking of planes though…

Air New Zealand have brought out a new flight safety video… Think Hobbits!! It’s great lol

In other news

As I mention in an earlier post, this blog’s and my buddy Sue Black was raising pledges for a BOOK publication… Well not only did she raise them, she far exceeded them and in doing so she halved the record time it takes to raise them!! Great work Sue and everyone who pledged – rocking, just rocking!!

More news…

Dell, who class themselves not as a manufacturer but as a Solutions provider have been making steps forward into the digital home. Work, office, media, study, play, photography, design, interact; you name it, dell has drawn it all together for the home in a realistic way and far beyond any other company to date. The new Tech Inspiration site is now up and running with tons of know-how, and cool stuff HERE or click the pic.

SXSW 2013 Austin, Texas… Yer know…. as far as music and film goes – SXSW still has it, but the “Interactive” part? I think 2012 was its death knell… You see, the Interactive part was a meeting place of ideas, conceptual minds to share and conceive of next-tech etc. Now it’s basically a highly sponsored group of events to flog the attendee something.

Even Toby Daniels the CEO of Crowdcentric and the Founder and Executive Director of Social Media Week said the format is old and stale. But the worse parts of SXSW are:

The Ticket Prices!! For an event so highly sponsored they’re unreasonable, unrealistic in the present climate and just money grabbing!

Transport!! Austin really needs to address its transport for such major events. Especially from the Airport – which for the most part you can’t fly internationally to from any country other than Mexico… But would desperately benefit from direct flights to London, Tokyo, Vancouver, Toronto, Sydney and Shanghai.

Yet Austin feels it has a place on the world stage – I happen to agree, but it will soon be looked over due to the inability to get people to the city and around it in a reliable and at a reasonable rate… The Taxi’s are just too expensive.

And Finally: Accommodation… Often booked up, too many tickets than hotel rooms available and of course – the premium prices for the accommodation…

The only thing killing SXSW is – SXSW and Austin itself and it pains me to say that. But Austin will learn this the hard way if F1 finds fault with transport and accommodation that is for sure.

Personally, I like Austin!! In fact I believe Austin has a massive opportunity to make itself one of the best City’s in not only the USA, but culturally and in a cosmopolitan sense – one of the finest in the World!! But there is much to do, and little time to waste.

rocket BOOM : twitter


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What is it? – Rocketboom of course


Is it me, or was that a little tooooo fast?



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Halfway through the week


The week half done and I’ve not being doing much other than looking for a new job – something a little more stable than agency work.

So, dilemmas, interest from other sites, putting my foot in it on Kate Hewlett’s blog, being ridiculed tojudge-hammer death by Fenny – oh it’s all been happening. So, lets start at the beginning..

tools-copySaturday morning started with a shock of hilarity that soon had SEC on the phone and checking my actions over. This was followed by firm effective guidance and leaving me with a smile on my face by the end of the day. All that was left was to rant about it – which I think you may have noticed. This I posted on Monday as it was a ‘timing’ thing.rocketboom-vid


The Wondering Brit made it’s way on to a Rocketboom news report – oh the height of this fame…. Actually it was a split second shot of my Facebook athatwrticle, so not such an awesome thing.


On top of this I was mentioned on the ‘That Woman’ blog as well. Something of a journalist in Lorain, Ohio, as British ex-pat, she says she enjoys reading this here blog – what a star :-)


Then I went and put my foot in it on the blog of actress Kate Hewlett, by anonymously saying ‘why do you only blog when you’re trying to promote something?’ I guess I must have been really tired to do sometkatehewletthing like that because she appears to be a lovely person and is very entertaining. However, what I was NOT expecting was for her to pick up on this… nor would I have expekate_scarf_smallcted her or anyone to blog about it – she did! Oh the shame of it!

Being (or trying to be) a good guy (not easy, when I’m a dark and sinister individual – lol), I held my hand up and pleaded guilty and apologised for my actions profusely.

If or not they were accepted, I just don’t know. UPDATE : apology accepted – yay!

So now all I have to do is find a small corner of my place to be almost famous in and I’ll be made, followed by a swift hanging.


I’ve been talking to Big Dog again this week and have been enjoying a good argument or two with him. Also he was showing me videos of this moronic student protest in the food hall of NYU – which frankly begged belief. It left me thinking – there is a reason US cops carry tasers, or more over – guns!! Really, I would have cooked their asses with tasers. LOL




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Forgot : yesterdays Rocketboom




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Todays Rocket BOOM

Presented by Joanne Co’lan


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Facebook ToS Explained Perfectly

Here is the stuff people are wanting to know care of ROCKETBOOM Daily News and

Presented by the highly intelligent and ever funny (and stunning)  Joanne Colan

RocketBoom is a great ‘Web-Culture’ site based in New York. Both Rocketboom and are great sites and part of Sony Pictures.




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