Privacy…. Because this is now going too far!


In the UK we have CCTV cameras just about everywhere. Further to this, years ago we were told that they would never be used as a ‘Big Brother’ tool. But now it’s going far too far.
The reality is this, there are no greater number of prosecutions of serious criminal or violent crimes, there is no real effect against terror at all. But what it is doing is violating our private lives!
Recently the Greater Manchester Police showed off a new camera car, it  was a ‘Smart car’ that is just parked at the side of the road during rush hour. In turn, it has a telescopic mast with a very small camera that videos what you’re doing inside your car during your commute. They then take this back to the station and watch the video for you doing things that they feel you shouldn’t be doing – as the officer said ‘like fixing or playing with your hair’. ThCCTV1ey then issue you a fixed penalty!

Driving trucks is now the most legally scrutinized occupation in the UK, not only is there so much law around it all, but both the police and transport authorities don’t actually know or understand the rules themselves – heck, no one does! VOSA (the authority with goods vehicles) are very welknown for simply making the rules up as they go along and often even threaten companies with prosecutions when no single law exists to back them up!!
As such, if you get stopped – you will be caught for something! Police speed checks are not done by radar camera so much these days, a pressure line or pad in the road surface gives detail of your speed to Police quite some distance away. There are even ‘in road’ weight systems connected to a national control centre watching out for truck weighCCTV_x_6_bts etc.

Like wise there are the infamous and money grabbing ‘Mobile Safety Vans’ – in other words, mobile speed camera vans that are not there to improve safety, but to be hidden in a manner that will guarantee a conviction for speeding even if only the odd mile an hour over the speed limit.
I say money grabbinsafety-camera-vang because they are rarely placed (if ever) where they may in fact improve the safety of a dangerous stretch of road – they just increase revenue. They are certainly NOT marked up as they’re supposed to be,  like the one in this picture!

But the reality of all this CCTV and/or camera for everything this is simply like having someone sitting down next to cctv2you and just staring at everything you do. If that isn’t enough to make paranoid – then I don’t know what is… But that is the Great Britain of today.

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So it’s finally happening in July – every bit of privacy you had in the UK will be gone.

Yep, it’s true.

There are already more than 300 agencies in the UK that can enter your home without a warrant and if thats not the final straw… Every phone call, text message, email, and web browsing of any type you make in the UK will be backed up and saved one year from next month.

You might think; ‘hey, if you’ve done nothing  wrong, whats the problem?’. Well my friends I’ll tell you.

This information is not going to be held privately – it’s going to be available to 652 public bodies. They don’t need a court order or warrant and frankly –  with the government’s ability to keep data so very safe, I’ll be making a lot less phone calls and texts next month…

Here’s the BBC ARTICLE – please note, they don’t even mention the IT side at all

My answer to this is B****CKS!

If this is what this so called ‘war on terror’ has brought us – you can keep it – I’d rather be blown up!!


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