The Road Trip

So, onwards to the present day and yes, it’s obvious from previous posts that I’ve jumped the gun a little. After a saunter down from Roswell and having a fleeting look at Holloman AFB, we headed to Las Cruces to crash for the night. Sadly the actual Trinity Site is only accessible twice a year, but that’s not to say I didn’t get to play with some interesting hardware before we headed south. So at first light we headed back over the mountain range and headed towards the White Sands Missile Range…

Initially we were told that the Museum was shut and only the Missile Park was open, but it was soon obvious that the whole site was open. First stop was the dubious origins of the Space Program and the tech that made modern missiles technology a reality – the Nazi V2 rocket!! Indeed, at the end of the war both British and US military’s took many of the V1 and V2 rockets home to play with, not to mention the scientist teams that built them.

Then it was onto the Trinity equipment… that’s when I noticed strange things happening to the camera screen, as though slightly darkened bars were on it – It’s fair to say that some of this equipment still glows a bit.

Outside in the missile park there was everything from a TOW missile, Patriot and this sucker… Yes, that is me – stood leaning against the bottom of this Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile…

Back on the road and with all the other driving done already, we headed south for Austin – around 700+ miles for the whole day. At El Paso I had no idea that the Mexican border ran along the freeway and the thousands of huts on the right was indeed a Mexican shanty city. But we did take time out to soak up the 80f sunshine outside a Starbucks..

Moving on through some stunning countryside (and Tarantula habitat) we pulled off at a mainly dead town of Fort(shitsville)Stockton for food which was frankly a mistake. Stopping at a Sonic we went to the restrooms which are behind the kitchens and had to navigate past two piles of vomit to enter – only to see the state of the kitchens… we left in favour of a DQ – which was only mildly better.

Passing miles and miles of wind farms which Texas has lots of and are vast!! We finally pulled off the i10 and headed towards Fredericksburg which turned out to be totally stunning and probably the quaintest town I’ve seen yet in the USA. As we rolled into town it was already dark, but nothing prepared us for the Christmas lights and oldie worldly feel of Main Street.

Stopping to grab McD’s coffee we headed out of town… only for @Gabsatrucker (the Driva) to happen upon a speed exceeding the local speed limit of 50mph… As we approached a speed to allow us to cover 2 miles per minute – a car on the opposite side of the road lit up it’s roof and the pursuit started… all 300 yards of it ;-)

The officer was frankly a decent personable guy and asked for the licence and registration and asked where we were coming from and going to etc. This provoked a little natter and moments later he returned, wished us a Happy New Year and left… That’s it.. :-)

With that I relaxed in the full knowledge that @Gabsatrucker is a full blooded, hellraising, lawbreaking, get away with anything – Criminal ;-)

All in all I was in Austin and settled in for 23:50 just in time to watch the New Year in and enjoy the fireworks that erupted in just about every direction you could see…

Next time….. Austin!!

Some commenters do cool stuff……

Ed Note : It can’t have escaped anyones notice when you read this this blog that one or two of the commenters do some cool stuff for a living. From law, trucking, TV work, farming, builders , tech heads or even working in the field of entertainment and comedy… you are or  – we are, an interesting crowd to say the least… One of these is our man on the ground Charlie who after years at my boarding school, years trying to be a soldier – is now a serving Police officer here in the UK and keeping us safe…. Here, is a little about his work…

TWBit asked me to make an entry on the stuff I do.
Sadly this is kinda difficult for me to leave full details for the kinda stuff I get up to.
Our town this last few weeks has seen a murder, a death of a drug user having not died of an overdose but as a result of anthrax!!! It’s sort of complicated but the heroin is contaminated by horse/mule hide in the method it is transported, you can’t kill Anthrax, in turn the Anthrax spores get into the drugs and these are later often inhaled into the lung at some point when the drug is taken – which in turn is the perfect breeding ground for it.   Besides this there has been a whole host of other crime we’ve been dealing with.
Personally, I’ve been watching drug dealing covertly the last few weeks with several warrants executed successfully, one with a one legged user who needed to have all her orifices checked by a female officer.  This is called plugging, usually wraps of drugs are held in kinder eggs which then are pushed deep inside the anatomy to avoid detection.
I have also executed warrants on the homes of paedophiles  recently and seized articles I can’t disclose.
I have today heard of another death of one of our locals killed driving in a car in Cheshire, he had no license but is the brother of the murdered chap mentioned earlier.
The run of the mill stuff I could mention but the list would go on for ages.
Dont think a coppers lot is a happy one , it aint all blues and twos with adrenalin rushes but getting the baddies is a big plus and for that I’ll stay in the job

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ello,ello,ello – what’s going on here then?

So, in this spell of ice and snow we’ve been having, a group of Thames Valley Police Officers took 5 minutes out to have a little bit of fun.

Seeing people sledging, the police grab a riot shield and give it a go. And may I add, I need a riot shield for a sledge!!


Some people seeing this on YouTube received an immediate medical dilemma as their heads started shooting up their backsides!!  They started complaining about wastes of tax payers money, equipment being damaged and then the officers involved got a reprimand….

Let me say this absolutely clearly to these complainers;

I think it is great to see the lighter side of the Police for once! These are the people who scrape up our murders, our accidents, protect us when it all goes horribly wrong (we’ll exclude Devon and Cornwall Police in this). They are the people we depend on.

So yes, at a time when they’re out in the freezing weather, when they simply can’t go around chasing bad guys – then for five bloody minutes they damn well deserve to let their hair down and have a laugh.  And as for damaging a riot shield…. pl-ease! these things will take hundreds of bricks thrown at them and do so while on fire – so I think someones butt sliding down snow really isn’t going to hurt.

Today for reason of lack of fun, care, insane ability not to be able to have a laugh, for being damn right un-British and for being everything that is WRONG with this country…

All those people complaining and reprimanding earn the

First HUA award of 20 10

Now Go and Get a LIFE ! ! ! !


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Privacy…. Because this is now going too far!


In the UK we have CCTV cameras just about everywhere. Further to this, years ago we were told that they would never be used as a ‘Big Brother’ tool. But now it’s going far too far.
The reality is this, there are no greater number of prosecutions of serious criminal or violent crimes, there is no real effect against terror at all. But what it is doing is violating our private lives!
Recently the Greater Manchester Police showed off a new camera car, it  was a ‘Smart car’ that is just parked at the side of the road during rush hour. In turn, it has a telescopic mast with a very small camera that videos what you’re doing inside your car during your commute. They then take this back to the station and watch the video for you doing things that they feel you shouldn’t be doing – as the officer said ‘like fixing or playing with your hair’. ThCCTV1ey then issue you a fixed penalty!

Driving trucks is now the most legally scrutinized occupation in the UK, not only is there so much law around it all, but both the police and transport authorities don’t actually know or understand the rules themselves – heck, no one does! VOSA (the authority with goods vehicles) are very welknown for simply making the rules up as they go along and often even threaten companies with prosecutions when no single law exists to back them up!!
As such, if you get stopped – you will be caught for something! Police speed checks are not done by radar camera so much these days, a pressure line or pad in the road surface gives detail of your speed to Police quite some distance away. There are even ‘in road’ weight systems connected to a national control centre watching out for truck weighCCTV_x_6_bts etc.

Like wise there are the infamous and money grabbing ‘Mobile Safety Vans’ – in other words, mobile speed camera vans that are not there to improve safety, but to be hidden in a manner that will guarantee a conviction for speeding even if only the odd mile an hour over the speed limit.
I say money grabbinsafety-camera-vang because they are rarely placed (if ever) where they may in fact improve the safety of a dangerous stretch of road – they just increase revenue. They are certainly NOT marked up as they’re supposed to be,  like the one in this picture!

But the reality of all this CCTV and/or camera for everything this is simply like having someone sitting down next to cctv2you and just staring at everything you do. If that isn’t enough to make paranoid – then I don’t know what is… But that is the Great Britain of today.

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