Just watched a movie

I do enjoy watching something so crazy, so not real, so full of action that some how they seem to makwanted_small_one_sheete it plausible LOL. I just watched ‘Wanted’ with Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman, and was totally riveted. What is it about Angelina Jolie that is not only as sexy as hell but terrifying in a sullen way?!wanted_movie_image_morgan_freeman

The thing about production of these things whether they’re plays, TV shows or full blown movies, is how do they take a basic idea and create such amazing locations, action, sets in a way to make that twinkling of an idea into something to have an audience sat on the edge of there seats. It boggles me completely. Then to approach the right people and get them to cough up gazillions of $$$ to make it.

I don’t often get this level of enjoyment from a movie or TV show, and I wasn’t too happy with then ending (because you really want a sequel with Jolie in it), but entertained I was, and might even have to go a buy the legal version LOL – which I would not have even considered had I not seen it.







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