The Infamous TWBrit Christmas List : 2014

Hey, let’s get back to where we used to be at, and what better way to start than with this years Christmas List.
Of course there will be a few old things, and some new :)

Lifetimes Supply of Coffee

In the absence of the availability of the previously wished for Amberley Court 
Then Stanton Court is next :)

And / Or This place in Escala, Austin, Texas
Austin house

Marshall JCM 800

The TrackingPoint XS1 .338 Rifle


Again…. The Land Rover 110 Crew Cab pickup but stretched on a 130 Chassis

The Cintiq 24HD touch

gallery image 2 cintiq24hdtouch
Dell UHD 32 inch 5K Monitors

I still want a plane, but we’re dropping the 787 and returning to the 777-200LR ;)

Theakston’s Old Peculier by the barrel, not the bottle (of course)


Virtuix Omni

DJI Inspire 4K


Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 bridge Camera

Taylor 812ce 12 Fret

Taylor 812 12 Fret
A Knighthood: KBE
for services to Britishness and Commonsense

An invite to become a member of White’s

A Toyota Sequoia


And finally

Edible Chocolate Anus
because nothing could be more “Wrong” :D
edible anus

The Father of Loud

It’s with such complete sadness that I learned today that Jim Marshall has died.
I have been lucky enough to visit Marshall Amps at Bletchley and see this thriving family business at work, amazing products that have changed lives and few ears on the planet have not heard – all backed up with a passion and dedication to making the best they can.

Just walking down the lines of photos of every band you’ve heard of and all those you’ve forgotten is a staggering reminder of just what Jim Marshall and his family achieved.

I don’t have the words, what do you say about someone who had as much influence on modern music as Les Paul did – yet still a drummer at heart. So I repeat here what the Marshall website has posted…

It is with profound sorrow that we announce the passing of our beloved founder and leader for the past 50 years, Jim Marshall. While mourning the Guv’nor though, we also salute a legendary man who led a full and truly remarkable life.
Jim’s ascent into the history books as ‘the Father of Loud’ and the man responsible for ‘the Sound of Rock’ is a true rags-to-riches tale. Cruelly robbed of his youth by tubercular bones, Jim rose to become one of the four forefathers responsible for creating the tools that allowed rock guitar as we know and love it today to be born. The ground breaking quartet also includes the late, great trio of Leo Fender, Les Paul and Seth Lover – together with Jim, they truly are the cornerstones of all things rock.
In addition to the creation of the amps chosen by countless guitar heroes and game changing bands, Jim was also an incredibly humble and generous man who, over the past several decades, has quietly donated many millions of pounds to worthy causes.
While the entire Marshall Amplification family mourns Jim’s passing and will miss him tremendously, we all feel richer for having known him and are happy in the knowledge that he is now in a much better place which has just got a whole lot louder!

Rest in Peace & thank you Jim.

Your memory; the music and joy your amps have brought to countless millions for the past five decades; and that world-famous, omnipresent script logo that proudly bears your name will always live on.

Marshall Factory Tour 

with the Son of Loud

Nigel Tufnel of Spinal Tap 


Nigel Tufnel 

The Marshal Stack Guitar

Nigel Tufnel  with Marshall Amps


I guess I should add something…
Right at the beginning of writing this blog back in February 2008, the first post I wrote was “Why I will never own a Marshall”.
It is in this, that from the outset it was fairly obvious I love Marshall Amps.
From the hours if not days spent in the guitar shops of Denmark Street, to coveting expensive things I’d never own because my playing standard simply isn’t high enough – none of it meant anything without the knowledge that the sound of the instrument would one day ring its tone through the speakers of a Marshall amp.

Over the years, there has been many pretenders to the throne, some quite good, others really quite bad – but nothing ever has really challenged a Marshall. I even owned a Roland JC120 once and that never cut it.
Back in the 60’s Jim Marshall never set out to be a big maker of amplifiers, he was asked to make them, and his name grew because of demand and the end product both created a legendary sound and he backed everything up with personal service and guarantee – you know, the way things used to be done!

Today Marshall gives no less than a three-year warranty on their gear and their support is outstanding, even their merchandise is high quality and low-priced unlike everyone elses.
Yes, they are a commercial entity, their equipment isn’t cheap – but then it is still put together for the most part by hand and the inside signed by the guy that built it.

I’m a very proud owner of a Marshall Amp, music isn’t music unless it comes out of a thing called Marshall at some point in its life and that my friends is simply that…

Jim Marshall almost by sheer coincidence changed music forever, and while many great people have had statues created in their image as a mark of respect – Jim’s own products will be his testament in history. Wherever there is a gig, a guitar, bass or keyboard player…. The name Marshall will not be far away.

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Kewl as Cool gets

Now, in a couple of weeks the olde TWBrit will hit the ripe old age of late 40 something… :-(
However, while I was considering another completely crazy and probably unrealistic present list I came across this little nugget that Rockposer put on his Facebook page.
I gotta say, I love it!!

Marshall have emailed me since I posted this point out that they’re running a promo where you can win a free one ;-)

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Bletchley Park and there’s more to Bletchley…

Sunday and I’m back in Bletchley Park… and what a complete difference to just a few days previously!!
There was so much more going on, more things open, the weather was great and furthermore blog commenter Fenny was with me as we pottered about the place.

Now… there was something else going on too… a book launch and signing by old Bletchley inmate and illustrious author and life peer Baron Asa Briggs…
As such there really was a full house at the Manor and after being there only a few minutes I came face to face with Lord Heseltine, former Secretary of State for Defense under Margaret Thatcher and Deputy Prime Minister with John Major. We both gave a polite nod, and he went over to Lord Briggs to say his goodbyes.

Now, one of my kewl friends was also there, but sadly I missed her, this of course would be Dr. Sue Black. Sue is the most rocking evangelist of all things Bletchley Park, it’s kinda how we met and have gone on to share tons of information.
The one thing I totally adore and respect in Sue is her willingness to share, encourage and inspire the want and will to learn and do better in everyone no matter of their personal intellect or social status.
She has also been an outstanding Ambassador for Bletchley Park and the United Kingdom when traveling and promoting Bletchley around the world – hey, this is not to mention what she does and has done for promoting Women in IT…
She has roped in a great many people, appeared on the BBC News and worked tirelessly for years to get Bletchley the recognition it deserves.
So, while pottering about on the web today I ended up reading her BLOG, and there, right there…. They and she have completed the initial goal… In a meeting with Simon Greenish of Bletchley Park she asked him where they were with regards saving the site… the answer?? Bletchley Park has now, with the help of so many and Google…….

Now all that remains is the not so simple task of rebuilding the entire site, and believe me – they now need to raise a lot of money!!
Please, I don’t  mind if you don’t like my blog, I’m not offended if you wish to never return here, but before you go – PLEASE give this post by Dr Sue Black a read HERE.

As a final note : Be Advised… Tea and Coffee in the Bletchley Park  cafe is pretty rancid……….


The other cool bit of Bletchley…. The Home Of Loud…

Now, on my way back I had to pop by a place close to my heart, a place where customer service rules supreme and while the first users of this company’s products had the names Townsend and Hendrix.  I am of course talking about…

I first communicated with Marshall back in 2000 and frankly they’re the most helpful people ever…
Back then I was invited to visit the factory,  it took a long time but eventually I did. While there I met a great many people, toured the place and looked at the most historic collection of amps I could have imagined, nothing prepared me for the Who’s Who wall of photo’s running down the corridor wall towards the service centre.
When I left, I did so with arms laden with shirts, mugs and all manner of merchandise.
So why would I go past on a Sunday when the place is shut you ask (or not) am I “that” sad??
Well actually no, I stopped by because of a follower, commenter, poster on this blog and thief of 1 x  Marshall Hoodie and lover of anything SO loud, it could wake the dead – mentioning no names….
So here are some pics of the this hallowed ground of Rock just for her  :-)

Oh Dear!!

I was up for 8 this morning with a huge list of things to do. The traffic outside my window doing it’s rumbly thing and I have so far completed 80% of my tasks.
But then…
I don’t know what possesses people to have such heavy bass sound systems in the little cars, or why on earth they think it’s either cool or the rest of us want to hear the stuff that should be left to a night time raveme-amp, but this and the added annoyance of a ‘bigboy’ exhaust (which I find hilarious) – the noise isn’t pleasant.
So, I jump to my feet, step to the Marshall, hit the power button to ‘on’ and turned the volume to around 1/3.
I grab the guitar and let rip…
The young gentleman certainly heard me, as he looked around in panicked motions to see who was out doing him and people across the other side of this busy high street glanced across with serious faces of disproval.
I, on the other hand was in pain…. The volume was so loud – it was actually rattling my teeth!!  A 100w guitar amp is viscious!

dentist drillAs folks may know, I can’t find and yet I need a dentist. They’re either over priced, don’t listen or I simply don’t trust them.
I did trust a couple of dentists, one just live far too far away and the other I simply don’t talk about.
I have however, once grabbed a dentist who after I said “whatever you do – DO NOT strike the tooth with the butt of the mirror!” The result was that they then stuck the painful tooth with the butt of the mirror!!

So, after having been left in agony by dentists, I have come to the conclusion that maybe I’d be far better off if I had all my teeth removed.
I’m not sure what that says about dentistry in the UK and Rep or Ireland, but I’ve had enough of the continual pain, buying the appropriate drugs otreble-clefn the internet and my mouth smelling like crap every time I get an infection!!

Grumble over – moving on…

Or I could just turn the amp down….. nah!!
But then, maybe learning a tune might help.

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A great Sunday


What a nights sleep – finally!  You know I really thought this was going to be a crappy weekend , but as it turns out, It’s shaping up quite nicely.

For the first time in an age I feel release, I’ve watched some great movies toohancock. Yesterday I spoke with SEC, Fenny and had a laugh. This morning I woke up and watched ‘Hancock’ which had me in stitches – especially the prison scene!


australian_flagAround the web, the world is ticking over nicely in it’s heaven and hell style sure in the knowledge that the sun will always rise the next day.

SEC was telling me how well her recovery from a shattered pelvis during a riding accident had gone and later last night I was talking to Ruth over in Australia.clef


Light heartedly, my Marshall amp seems to be too loud to turn up to full volume in my home as things start falling of shelves. It’s only 100watts yet I seem to getting some form of battle shock after trying – it’s so cool. LOL (43 and still a kid)


This is the first great feeling day I’ve had all year and it leaves my soul rested.

Hey, don’t get me wrong, I still have something to vent later in the coming days or weeks… But today just feels good.


I have several posts coming up over the weeks and months, a Taylor guitar review, the usual blah, blah stuff and much more. I might even do a piece on a subject I was asked about recently which is offensive and defensive driving skills.


I have no idea how 2009 is going to play out, but it just has to be better than 2008.


In techy things, time to build a new PC, this time it’ll be a dual PC with an emphasis on home entertainment with a liquid cooling and a large storage array. I’m forever looking at Tablet PC’s (the large ones, not stuff that sits in you’re hand) and I really think Samsung are the best way to go kodak-zx1regarding display devices – they rock!.

The coming weeks and months will bring the Kodak Zx1 to the cam market and that is a beast to look out for especially when it offers 60fps, full 720p HD and up to 10 hrs of recording for around £120!!


Windows 7 is a little late, but that’s ok and Internet Explorer 8 is also.


So what for the rest of the day? I have a little washing to do, need to check the car over and I might – just might go over to Woodbury and have a stroll over the RM Commando Endurance course. This is mainly because I feel too much like a lard-ass when even LittleTrucker is back pounding the pavements with running.




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When I first started this blog I wrote an article called ‘Why I will never own a Marshall’.

But every now and then I potter around eBay and see what is available, and now and then I even bid on the odd thing. In the ‘amp’ world there are many types of amps; valve, solid state, combo and stack. Now a stack is a very big bit of kit and I would more than relish the wish to own one, but in the real world (and due to size) a large combo is what I should actually get.

So imagine my suprise that when an expensive Marshall amp had reasonable price tag for once, I placed a bid believing that there was no chance in hell that I would not get out-bid severely.

I won it…

After playing (or the attemp thereof) guitar for 28 years I now own a Marshall (shame on me!), All 100watts of combo amp (thats a very loud amp, by the way)

All I have to do now is go and get it….

Oddly, it’s exactly the same model as my brother owns.

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