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So next year sees the return and remake of the amazing TV Series ‘V’ with non other than Morena Baccarin as the sexy alien leader.  It’s good to see Morena doing so well after originally shooting to global fame through Joss Whedon’s Firefly. I’m just hoping the aliens dress just as sexy as they did LOL (such a guy!). Of course there’s no news on a second Firefly movie as yet, but the Brown Firefly castCoats among us I’m sure live in hope. That series brought several people to the fore. As Joss has always had an awesome eye for future talent. He brought us the likes of Sarah Michelle Gellar, Alyson Hannigan and Angel star and name sake David Boreanaz. This before we even start on such wonderful people as Summer Glau and the ever sharp witted Jewel Staite. All of whom have gone on to bigger and better things.
Smallville is still running and on its way back to our screens, a show that is oddly amazing with a small group of awesome females in it.
This brings me to another subjectws-cover

The Women of Sci-Fi Calendar…

Now, it’s beeShanks & Doign a while since actors and best buddies Chris Judge and Michael Shanks convinced Michael’s wife, actress Lexa Doig to partake of a great idea… So back in 2007, The Women of Sci-Fi Calendar was born. But what of it now?! Well the ladies of Smallville, Stargate, Atlantis and the brilliant Andromeda were in it – yet, internet searches reveal little these

My favourite programme of late ‘Life’ is sure to return and an all new Stargate show ‘Stargate Universe’ is due to air later this year – which Joseph Mallozzi seems forever excited about… But let’s not forget the next Stargate movies that will start SGUproduction at some point in the next few months.

Iron Man two has been in production for a while and my guess is that it will be as least as good as the last one.
I haven’t heard anything about the show ‘The Mentalist’, but then, I’ve not really looked. I like the show, but there is something missing, maybe a little more personal interaction is needed, or the Jane character needs to have little more lavish life style – something, anything more than what there is. The show is brilliant because you feel you’ve only been sitting down 5 mins by the time the show ends.Torri Higginson

NCIS… I’m not sure what to make of it, it’s been great, funny and generally entertaining – but there are aspects that need addressing with the characters and, well, I don’t know – KHewlettagain, it’s either lost something or it’s always been missing – if nothing else it’s getting a little tired. I was really hoping that Torri Higginson was going to become part of the permanent cast. Torri is one of a handful of actresses I think have yet to given an effective vehicle to show off their best and true individual brilliance, Lexa Doig, Kate Hewlett are two more – but I guess it also comes down to getting the right part. But one actress I’m shocked that we don’t see much of is Laura Bertram.






Yep, we’re here again… For the western world it’s the first day of the weekend and for the Middle East it’s the first day of the working week (Monday, if you will).life

I have been thinking much about the last 8 days, they have actually rested heavy upon me.

However, I am relaxed, had my feet up all morning (a skill I’m highly proficient at) and I’ve been catching up on the TV shows of the last week. One of which is a show called ‘Life’ which I just can’t get enough of.


I had a really good chat with Rightwingsparkle who is up in Washington DC at some political thing.

BigDog brought my attention to THIS practical joke, and I can only wish that I had done it.

cashI realised this week how much (like many others) I’d like to Blog professionally, but this is highly unlikely due to pro-blogging not being the type of blogging you enjoy, its about what others want to read.

So, I got to thinking about the real stuff I’d like to work on. There are three projects on the go at the moment that have considerable concept issues to overcome and they are the Mile High Tower in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Dubailand in the UAE and this – Masdah City… what a project that is! The worlds first carbon free city. Backed up initially by the worlds first Hydrogen power station. Designing the concepts and the homes of tomorrow, but in a way that all features can be upgraded at any time. WOW…


While I love the technology aspects of these things and conceptual problem solving being my first love, I have to wonder about how things work in the physical sense. Take the Mile High tower in Jeddah; the building is the project of Kingdom Holdings and obviously has to support its own weight, be resistant against winds and aircraft – but what about the building services? How much water will all the pipe work hold? What speed (mile-high-tower-copyor how to control it) would the waste water etc be doing by the time it gets back down the tower? How much will all the cable weigh? How do you clean windows one mile up? How do you condition people to work at this altitude? What about peoples fear of height? There are just so many questions, like who will the new PM team be?

Then there is Dubailand – huge is an understatement… Just how many miles of subterranean supply, service and emergency access tunnels must be built from the outset? When finished and running at full capacity, how much waste will the place produce per hour and how will they get rid of it? And so on…


You know, I really am not only living in the wrong place – but the wrong country too.




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