60 years of Land Rover

Why would I mention a motor company birthday?

Well, the ‘Land Rover’ in it’s original format (now called Defender) has quite an amazing history. It is reckoned that for over 2/3 of the world, the Land Rover was the vehicle they’d ever seen, and even more amazing is that 3/4 of all Land Rovers built are still running (excluding Range Rover, Discovery and Freelander).

In 1992 I became one of the very first people to qualify as Instructor for Land Rover and what followed this was some of the best experiences of my life. I’ve driven in just about every conceivable type of environment in the world because of this and the only places left are the North and South Poles.

The single real reason I went to work in Saudi Arabia was a complete excuse so that I could do more harsh desert driving and the reports I sent back to Land Rover had a direct impact on some of the upgrades and re-design of the present Range Rover.

But Land Rover are, and have pretty much always been a tight fisted bunch, they don’t give things away to ‘any old expedition’ or people. Heck, I didn’t get a thing for my input into the Mk3 Range Rover and that has gone on to being their best selling product. So unless you’re some top international show jumper or the like, forget approaching them.

So imagine my surprise when as a part of their anniversary they have donated 60 Vehicles to the Red Cross/Red Crescent organisations!

Finally, something good from this once great Marque.

This is great news


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