Left side of the Pond and the Lady Truckers


I, like many spend time surfing our planet through the eyes of YouTube, LiveLeak and other such video sites. So imagine my surprise when I find an almost virtual community of Lady Truckers wholittle-t72m make a few videos of their lives and work, some in the case of LittleTrucker1972 are funny and she could possibly even give Joseph Mallozzi’s weird food purchase of the day a run for it’s money.

Another, ‘Tammy’ aka North60star is a driver based up in tammyWhitehorse, Yukon and one of these days I will have to travel along some of the roads she does because while there is no doubt they’re a challenge from start to end, it kinda inspires the need to know if I can do it myself from deep within. This is before the winter snow hits and frankly if no one knew about Ice conventionaltruckRoad Truckers, working the Yukon and the Kamikaze Trail would have been more than enough to make a tv show about that alone.

Heading south is t1he New Jersey Katwoman or ‘NJKatwoman’ whom posts videos called The Lady Trucker Chronicles in which she interviews other Lady Truckers about why they drive, how they started, life on the road and how they’re treated by their male counterparts. One of her interesting interviews is with a lass called Emily.

Further to all this, with the so called global financial crisis it appears Truckers the world over are suffering the same problems. You see, while everyone says the same about their work and pay no matter what their trade, Truckers are not paid well, not for the risks, stress, their personal time away from home and for the unbelievable knowledge of rules, regulations and law they have to know.

It’s been a refreshing eye-opener into their world and NJKatwoman even did a vid explaining their work time rules to us Brits – good on her!






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