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You don’t have to live in a shoe box to have not heard of the single and most effective Special Forces unit in the world… In fact most nations Special Forces units were helped in their original setting up by these guys…
But while the exploits of this unit go exceptionally unheard of – on the 5th of May 1980… the world came to know of them when in full glare of the public and the worlds media they stormed the Iranian Embassy in London.

I am of course talking about 22 Special Air Service Regiment… known to civilians as the SAS and to military folk simply as 22reg. (not to be confused with the slang term for the Territorial Army meaning Saturdays and Sundays)

That action on the 5th of May was led by a Sgt… a Sgt John McAleese…

Like his father, son, Paul McAleese joined the British Army and while serving in Afghanistan in 2009, he went help a colleague who had been injured by a road side bomb… In the process, another device blew up as Sgt Paul McAleese acted in the most courageous and honourable part of being a soldier – saving the life of another.
That day Paul lost his life…

On Friday in Thessaloniki, Greece… John McAleese died of a suspected heart attack.
His daughter was quoted as saying he never got over the loss of his son.

John McAleese and his colleagues are and were men apart from others… Their job really was to keep us safe and in the most part, silently.

Irrespective of the Army and the achievements we owe so much to the SAS for, the McAleese family have been the finest example of trust, service, sacrifice and guts than you’ll find anywhere

Thanks John…

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