It’s Back…. Rocketboom!

In among the turmoil of the last few days Andrew Baron of Rocketboom sent me various tweets in regard the relaunch of Rocketboom. What’s more – there’s a new presenter. We chewed over it and frankly I’m glad it’s back!! I would of course have reported this last week, but unfortunately the way of the world intervened. Over the years some truly outstanding people have worked with and for Andrew, as the evolution of Rocketboom has gone on, the show and its progress is  forever changing. This time the selective process for a presenter changed, not a budding presenter, not simply a geek gurl and no, no Vlogger… This time an actress, a quirky and spirited lady with various tv shows already behind her and no doubt a big enough future ahead. As such, I’m personally calling it Rocketboom Gold – and the new lady is?

Keghan Hurst

Previous presenters of RocketBoom and former Know Your Meme were:

Amanda Congdon


Joanne Colan


Caitlin Hill




Elspeth Rountree for Rocketboom, Tech Crunch and Know Your Meme

And various correspondents including Ella Morton and Annie Tsai.

As with all new starts, the presenter may need a little time to settle in and get her stride, and this time I think they may be onto yet another winning team… I do hope they travel a little more, go to more places to interview people like they used to do. But all-in-all, I’m glad it’s back, it’s like an old friend.

Click on the Rocketboom logo to go to Rocketboom.

The lady is back : Joanne Colan….

Long suffering hearts, minds and followers of the former Rocketboom presenter Joanne Colan will be glad to know – she’s back…..
As of October 22 the intrepid presenter with the sharp wit and good looks will be presenting 8 shows ‘Dean of Invention’ on the Discovery Planet Green channel…
Joanne, a lost Brit to the shores of the US cut her teeth not only with popular internet news site Rocketboom but as VJ to MTV Europe for many years. Infact a ‘jetsetting globetrotter’ is a bit of understatement for her! (albeit she’s trying to cut back on that flying business)
She’s spent months working with Radical Media on this show working along side Dean Kamen who is not only the name sake of the show, the inventor of the Segway, but a globally recognised inventor with over 400 patents to his name. (this is frustrating as I sit and stare at the paperwork for my first patent and never filling it in!!).
So from incredible developments in A.I. nano medical Micro-bots and robotics that astound, this show sounds pretty fantastic!!
Pre-production and talks started way back in winter 09 and filming started back in March of this year taking Joanne and Dean across the USA, Canada as well as Ireland, England, Austria and Italy. (kinda jealous of the Austria bit as I used to live in Kitzbuhel).
Joanne has been kind enough over the months to keep me reasonably in the loop, but while a force of nature in her own right, she does do some pretty cool stuff!!
While she lives and works across the pond Joanne openly admits to getting homesick for Old Blighty and obviously misses friends and family etc, but this never takes away her professional edge or her humour…That said, she is fluent in Fr**ch…. :( lol

This show sounds great and starts tomorrow on the 22nd – it’s on Discovery Planet Green Channel, go watch it and please – someone tell me how good it is as I cant get it myself :-(

h/t Joanne for the upgate :)


Has it already been a year (and a bit) since the illustrious Joanne Colan left this hotpot of daily internet news?
I like and enjoy Rocketboom and like anyone with a pulse, I can watch people like Ellie and Molly all day long.
But enough of the chauvinism…

A year on and what, if any have been the improvements?
Well the Meme’s seem less, Rocketboom tech is about the same albeit I really don’t think they’ve truly embraced 4G and travelled the world talking to the manufacturers about how far they’ve truly got.

So now we come to the main show…
I’m sorry, but to me personally It has never fully recovered. The viewing figures may be up for all I know, but it’s just not the same.
After Joanne left, RB went through a restructuring of sorts and there was even to be an LA office. RB office itself has moved again, but for the most part many of the people I know who used to watch it – now don’t.

Now, Andrew Baron (or Drew) isn’t any kind of lame duck, far from it infact. He’s a razor sharp intelligent guy with an imagination for the newer style of internet entertainment (i-Ent) and while his normal methodologies have worked astoundingly well, I’m just not sure they’re working so well now.

So, what of this new presenter and indeed what of Joanne? Well, Meme Molly was an exceptional Vlogger in her own right on YouTube. Sadly they have made her try to copy the previous style that was very much Joanne and it simply isn’t right for Molly. Though I do think they’ve slowly been changing things a little.
Molly also seemed initially like a kid straight out school, often trusted up in what looked like a bad party frock, but Mollie has a very eclectic style, and one day seems like the sweetest kid, the next like the hottest rock chic. Her own style and personality needs to shine through more as she is far more talented than she appears to be allowed to do.

So gone were the cool womanly relaxed styles that Joanne Colan used to embrace, leaving only Ellie looking consistantly awesome.

Throughout the year though, there has been a slow and steady transformation, Molly isn’t as green as she was and is for the most part doing a stand up job. I do like Molly, but in her own style and while she has taken on the RB style, I think the RB style needs to change a little more towards Molly’s own style to be a greater success.

Ellie’s Rocketboom Tech is actually very good, it should be a show in it’s own right because she covers the very latest things and not always because it’s just the latest gadget on the market, they often look at things far before the point of market rediness. The show is sometimes woefully just too short and much more could be shown – like the recent incar tech show…

As for the new ‘out in the field’ reporter, well, I haven’t got a clue really…

Joanne on the other hand has been busy, very busy! And I hope to bring news of this here shortly.

I do like Rocketboom and I most certainly don’t know anything about show production etc. So my verdict?

Rocketboom a year on:  it’s still Rocketboom – but it never recovered!

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Rocketboom returns


Yes, after many shake-ups in recent months and Mr Baron almost having to go back to the drawing board, Rocketboom is back!
Now, in case you missed all thats been happening, here is what I know (which means it’s probably wrong);
joannecolanThe ever wonderful Joanne Colan (previous permanent host) left RB to develop her career and stomp new ground a few months ago. Sadly for us ‘punters’ this left a massive void.
In the mean time The Rocketboom tech crew carried on regardless and the powers that be brought in YouTube Caitlin Hill1supreme Vlogger Caitlin Hill from TheHill88. Now I like Caitlin, but to me personally, and this bares no ill will at all, there was something about Caitlin’s persona that was just too different from Joanne’s.  Also, Joanne had not been gone very long at all, so this was a little like a culture shock.
Then Caitlin departed and the RB Tech crew soldiered on.
Rocketboom TechAround this time Ellie Rountree started doing more ‘field’ vids and I really think Ellie is awesome at what she does. Shame she doesn’t answer email or twitter – but hey, she probably gets too many, actually that’s wrong, we swapped comments about a potato once – hmmm odd.
So…. Then the big news – Andrew Baron announces a huge change for the future of Rocketboom; Rocketboom was throwing Molly1open the doors to all for the following – Not one but TWO new presenters needed! One for NYC and the other to be based in LA. The LA post is still to be filled but as of today, the Rocketboom NYC office is back up running and probably fully manned with awesome, multi-million hit YouTuber mememolly at the helMolly2m.! Oh and she blogs too right HERE
I think a Vancouver office would be much better, not too far from Seattle and it’s also the Sci-Fi capital of the world (a win win).
Actually, I wonder if they could get Caitlin to do the other office?


Never the less, here is the awesome Molly to introduce herself


Rockboom declines…

It’s not rocket science to see Rocketboom is in decline. There appears to be less and less coming from the website these days and it appears that, what I called the ‘meme technical crew’ are the only ones making any vidrocketboom_logo-copyeos of merit, yet they seem to be having a tough time too.

Joanne Colan was by far the must funny and intelligently articulate presenter they ever had, with Ellie Rountree a close second. The new girl Caitlin Hill is amusing, but the shows seem to be much shorter than previous ones. Joanne’s predecessor was okay, but simply not as good.

So, is Rocketboom starting to fade? will it still be around next month?  Well, who knows? really, who does know? Because there is starting to become an air of ‘who cares’?

It’s kinda sad if you ask me.


I would appear that since writing this post, new information has come to light. I have it on very good authority that Rocketboom will be back on form and in full swing in the not too distant future.

Something to look forward to I think :)




It’s been an unusual week so far, a week were I’ve wondered about the ability to plan and respond by the people I’ve been working for. That said one of them is excellent at that. Needless to say, I have been working long and hard. So much so, I slept for 14 hours straight yesterday and I don’t think I’ve ever done that in my lfe.goldcrown
Then today, I was making a coffee when I felt something loose in my mouth – then two gold crowns popped out. This did not impress me in anyway what so ever! Especially when the person charged with the care of my mouth FAILED in there obligations completely at every level.
But hey, life is for the living (hmmmm).
Of course, there has been really no time at all to blog properly and while I’ve been thinking of thousands of things to blog about – I’ve pretty much only responded to the issues of the day like the swine flu.

But at least I have income again and with the bank holiday looming, I’m sure I’ll be working most of it, while trying to avoid the millgurkha_action-copyionsjoanne-funny of caravans the people of this nation insist on owning.

Better news this week has been that Joanne Colan is doing cool stuff, The Gurkha ruling was out voted by MP’s – this is a good and healthy way to go as it stops the ‘Punch a Minister’ trait developing – funny really, everyone I know supports there request to be allowed to live in the UK.   Oh, and the Brits have finally pulled out of Iraq – about time!!

My wreck of a car passed it’s MOT – this imot-copys astounding… I get why people ask me why I don’t drive newer cars, but I once had a job of driving a lot of new ones and smell drotop-gear-logove me nuts lol (or is it because I’m just too cheap).

Harriot Harmen has ordered the BBC to make sure that all shows have a reasonable mix of sexes presenting them…. Top Gear?! Not gonna happen!!! unless Sabine is called in.

Oh and it’s May 1st – a long weekend awaits many of you. Do please enjoy yourselves.



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people do interesting things

Joanne Colan of Rocketboom and MTV Europe fame has been doing some interesting stuff lately. Over the next few weeks and months she’s doing some work for a non-profit organisation called Global Nomads wjoannecolanho run education programs connecting US high school students with teens and young adults in other parts of the world around specific topics, mainly in line with the UN Millenium Goals. Basically she’s talking to high school kids in the US, Gaza and Iraq about all sorts of health and wellness issues that relate to being an adolescent in the global community. Joanne was asked to be a part of this project after she reported on there climate change project a year ago and is truly loving the work.

It transpires that everone has been badgering her about what she’s gonna do next after leaving Rocketboom and leaving little time for her to reply via facebook and twitter etc.

Frankly, I think ‘good on her’. Joanne simply never stops and is in high demand and with whatever she’s doing in the now and the future – you can be sure she’ll be making a difference.

If you would like to know more about the work of Global Nomads click HERE



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It’s over…. The Talent has left the building!

rocketboom_logo-copyRegular readers of this blog will know and more than likely watch the various episodes of RocketBoom that I have posted. To be honest, until a header from this blog was used on RocketBoom – I hadn’t heard of it (shame on me). But most people, myself included, found there way to the RB site and started to watch hours of these Vblog reports made by this stunning, intelligent, sharp witted and good humoured Lancastrian Joanne Colan.

Well it’s not been lost on many of you that both I have stopped posting RocketBoom vids and that Joanne had all but disappeared.

But who is she? well, while the young of this world seem hell bent on being a celebrity without reason, The Joanne’s of this world are the few talented people with enough intellect to be by far a cut above the norm. Fluent in several languages Joanne cut her teejoannecolanth in the business the hardway;

Before RocketBoom

From 2000 to 2004, Joanne joined MTV Networks Europe. She wrote, co-produced and hosted shows such as the Top 20 Countdown, MTV News, MTV Movie Special and hosted live, international events including the MTV Europe Music Awards, MTV Presents and MTV’s Winterjam. As a face of the pan-European MTV brand, Joanne’s shows were broadcast to over 124 million households in over 50 countries and territories.

Joanne generated top ratings for the network. Responsible for MTV’s European Top 20, she created a new identity for the chart show and won ‘Best European Satellite Music Program’ voted by viewers in the What Satellite UK & Europe TV Poll.genius-at-work
Joanne also fronted MTV’s World Aids Day Campaigns, traveling to the US and South Africa for MTV’s news and social awareness divisions.

In 2003, Joanne was instrumental in launching MTV France, commuting to Paris weekly to host the flagship show, MTV Crew, the first ever to be locally produced live in French on MTV France.

Joanne has wojecrked with the BBC as host, writer, researcher and production coordinator, for both BBC Radio & Television. In France, Joanne hosted the French version of the BBC’s long running cult music show Top of the Pops, for French music channel M6 Music.

Joanne’s “other hat” is an AADP board certified Holistic Health Counselor from Columbia University and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She produces short form series for healthy living multi-media network Joanne is on the Holistic Health Committee at the New Design High School in Manhattan along with Dr Raphael Kellman MD of the Kellman Center for Progressive Medicine and Prof James Fraser of NYU Dept of Humanities & Social Sciences in the Professions.

Sadly, for all of us, our daily lighthearted and sometimes serious relief has drawn to a close and so here is RocketBoom’s thankyou to Joanne

HOWEVER…. do not dispair yon readers – TWBrit has it on very good authority indeed, that Joanne’s endeavors are far from over, as such, the moment there is something to report or promote – We will do our very best to bring it to you.



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Todays Rocket BOOM

Presented by Joanne Co’lan


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