A Busy Few Days

This last week has been a hive of activity in the TWBrit bunker… Much of this has been around doing various amounts of artwork for a Café Press shop which is still very basic. The thing that kills me about Café Press and all of these online print shops is while for a one-off item things are “ok” in pricing – they’re unique etc… But the mark up on the basic items is practically daylight robbery!!  Items like mugs cost in excess or $10 before you even put a logo on – which after a quick scout around Chinese suppliers online turn up to cost little more than 0.35c !! But then there is what will and will not work as artwork.. I did this for a fun if not crazy mug print (click to make it bigger), it looks great as a hi-def image, on the site – it looks dire… So the weekend is here and I’ll take a break from it. As and when it’s ready there will be a shop link over in the right hand column –>

Also this week, Bill Gates… Now here is a guy I have a little time for… no, not because he has more money than several countries put together (he earned it, he deserves it!!) but he did a couple of things this week; firstly he said on BBC News  – he should pay more tax… Tax should feel to have the same impact on me as it does on the rest of society – it’s only fair… Well that I can respect… in another interview he told of how they had all but eradicated Polio in India – Polio (thanks to the Gates Foundation) is a heartbeat from being the 2nd ever disease to be entirely eradicated – Rockin!! Then at a south London school, students looked on with jaws hanging open as the guest speaker stepped up to talk to them – yep, the very  same Bill Gates!! The guy is a friggin rock star!

I have been enjoying a blog recently, I started getting hits from somewhere in California and then some WordPress “Likes” tags…. So I went to look at Lesley Carter’s blog…   and apart from a bit of baby talk, she runs a truly great blog about her travels and adventures – it’s really is enough to take your mind off the daily grind and well worth a read. I should re-do all my Blog Roll listings and include hers.

On the subject of blogs – @Ritchhh has decided to give the blogasphere a hefty kick with his new blog. Now, it’s early days and there is a little “feet finding” going on… but he’ll be kicking it real soon enough…

Big talks this week about going to SXSW… if so – when? And then how long for? And so on… It all started when Sue Black of the infamous “Mustang Sue’s Wreckin Crew” asked if and when we’re going… Well the real question is can I survive a Mustang Sue’s hard-assed partying, the other is sheer cost – we’ll see ;)

Fenny this week sounds like she has fought on the battlefields of apprenticeships and employment… well my answer to this is – you’re only here once… kill’em all ;)

The blogs help and hindrance @Gabsatrucker has not only chalked up some good fitness mileage of late but has also started her road in tech know-how and professionally qualified genius status – and good for her…

In other news, we had a solar storm! A large one, but not a monster thankfully, but they’re still expecting a huge one at some point. As yet, the total damage is unknown, but we’ll know soon enough… if you don’t know about solar storms – HERE is a post I did in 2009 that has been referenced by many including the media.

And last but not least – Monty Python :) Yep the boys are coming back to do a CGI Sci-Fi movie and I for one can’t wait!! No doubt it’ll cause offence to the weak of mind…. But who needs them anyway ;)


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