Obama and The Falkland’s

I do understand why Argentina claims the Falklands… but it is a completely flawed argument.. Now oil has been found half of South America wants a slice of the action too… But then, on an issue that actually led to a war to protect the rights of freedom of the Falkland Islanders (just prior to the US invading British protectorate of Grenada); for Mr Obama to side with the Argie’s against the UK is pretty much the same if we said give Hawaii to Japan… In fact you did give something to Japan – but it wasn’t Hawaii… it’s been glowing on and off ever since… SEE HERE
Indeed, as history has shown, if the inhabitants truly want independence – then as history proves out, they’d get it. After all, while our ancestors were quick to reach for arms, the war of Independence of the US wasn’t a war won or lost – just stopped and the might of the then empire never brought to bear… and the declaration left to stand as greater benefits were found in trade etc. (in the process of dumping the Fr**ch of course).

The Falklands was a war of significance… where Argentine officers shot shivering conscripts in the feet “just in case” they tried to run away.. This was a war where to win British troops carried their equipment and supplies well over 70 miles on foot over mountainous terrain in sub zero temperatures to rescue and save the freedom of the islands inhabitants from the invading Argentine forces. We lost ships – and they did too when we started torpedoing theirs, and the British troops were, for the most part, significantly out numbered
It was also the first war in modern history where both sides used almost identical weaponry on the field of battle.

Anyway, when protection of others come into play and where a threat to sovereignty rears it’s head, British history is absolute – it’s the same to us as when this country declared war on Adolf Hitler!! It may bankrupt us, it may make us ration our food so troops can eat and yes, it’s the same thing that drives the back bone or rigidity that withstood the destruction of our cities in the so called Blitz.
So… When Mr Obama wants to understand who we are, come along and make his speeches – he should understand that we do not gather under a flag in search of unity – yet live our lives in contradiction, we don’t need to indoctrinate ourselves or our children with it every day by forcing them to pledge oaths and seeing half Brit flag on everything…. Or claim that women are equally respected and feel safe in the work place when they’re not and don’t, that the right to work is protected when frankly there are no real rights protecting workers that are effective in any way and then keep the whole lie going with a healthy gloss coating of flag talk… It’s just that “We Are” and some things actually run very deep indeed without any indoctrination what so ever, and to Mr Obama – you’re just about to tread on it!!
No, I’m not insulting an entire nation on the words of one man – but do you see how easy it is and how it comes across?
The people of Argentina have been welcome to visit the graves of fallen loved ones, we have indeed honoured the lost of Argentina. But Argentina have not really come to the table “EVER” with anything less than the wish for total sovereignty over the people of the Islands whom do not wish to be anything but British…

I have nothing against any Argentinian, they have an awesome country and culture, likewise while easy to take the earlier dig at the US, I probably have just as many buddies who are American as I have British…. I’m not having a go at the countries as a whole – but someone may wish to take a closer look at foreign policy.

To Mr Obama – just to be clear :

The Falkland Islands are NOT part of “Great Britain” they belong to the Falkland Islanders themselves!! They raise the flag they wish, in part it our’s (as is yours) so we provide nothing more than defence for them – they are an entity to themselves whom choose by their own freedom and democracy to be subjects of HM Queen Elizabeth II

so basically..


Guess what you win on this subject

If you hear an echo, do not be concerned……. it’s because you’re a tall fella

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Funny Really….

Only days after Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez tells to Queen to give the Falkland Islands back to Argentina in the video below. Basically, South/latin America and the Caribean islands have backed Argentinian claims over the Falklands –  then Chile sufferers an 8.8 earthquake!

Give it a watch and I’ll continue…

Don’t get be wrong here, I don’t pretty much like how our present government has sold the UK down the river on every level, but for Chile to then ask the UK for help is a bit rich to say the least.
And no thanks to Chavez to talk to/about HM Queen like that and to state what he has stated – he’s basically shot himself and his continent in the foot as far as I’m concerned.

While at ‘that’ age where most men are grumpy, I do believe myself to be a fair guy. I do look at the other sides of arguments etc. And it is rare that a decision is completely absolute…

But on this matter? Well lets just say that our gutless yellow bellied and apparently bullying leader better not even contemplate giving them a hand.

Just so we’re absolutely clear on this fact – The United Kingdom of Great Britain were the first country to ever put a flag on the Falklands and every now and then we have to go and kick someone else off them…
And we’ll do it again!!


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