This weird weather…

Yes, I say weird because the night before last we had temperatures at – 9 oC ( 15.8 oF) . Last night the temp in some areas was +7 oC (44.6 oF). As such we’ve had the fastest thaw I think I’ve ever witnessed.

It’s Sunday lunchtime here in old Blighty as I write this, having just got home from a 12 and half hour fun run to East London and back. 

On my way home to ‘not-so-sunny’ Honiton I was astounded at the sudden lack of snow, when only yesterday I responded to BigDog’s  comment’s about snow and had a good old whinge at the same time. So I took a couple of quick snaps…

As you can see from these two mobile phone pictures, (of the road that got closed) – there really isn’t much left.









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Honiton, dawn this Monday morning

This is the small town where I live.






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