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Well this last week I finally managed to publish my first book to Kindle :-) It’s the first of several volumes telling an adult story of life change and as such published under a pseudonym. There are several things I’m writing, some will be under the TWBrit name and a couple under my real name, one of which is a memoir of my time at St.George’s which is in full swing. The cool bit was that I sold two copies of the book on the first day!! So…. I iz an Orrrrrtherr :) However, its early days and it takes about 3 months to get paid from Kindle.

My dental infection is coming back and I really need to jump on this ASAP, so I need to call the dentist today before it fully takes hold (face already swelling). It’s not a surprise sadly, I found myself grinding the old teeth through the last three nights. Note: don’t grind yer teef ;-)

The annual interesting (if not crazy) TWBrit Christmas List to Santa is in the making and readers may recall that for the most part it’s a list of gratuitous boys toys, some of which I I’m sure could only be classed as either lethal or very fattening  – so far the fattening ones have worked. This Thursday should bring the list proper.

Wednesday I’m supposed to be in London, so I’m hoping I can get on top of the dental trouble asap.

I have also been watching the Leveson Inquiry… I’m not saint; I know how the world works and have some knowledge of methodologies of hacking and tapping. Yet I must say; even I have been left stunned by some of the evidence I have heard. It really isn’t for me to comment at the moment, but I would recommend watching some of this or previous evidence given HERE

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Some results and finally, the Dentist saga…

During my downtime while recovering from ripping the ligament from my shoulder I received not one but two tickets on my car due to being unable to put road tax on it.
Wednesday morning brought a letter from Devon & Cornwall Police stating that they were no longer pursuing the tickets.
This was after I spoke to them at length and put the whole thing in writing with added images of prescription drugs etc.
While all very nice – and I am grateful… Why then do they have to add that next time they won’t be so lenient!!
Why would they do that? What is it with D&C police that they ALWAYS have to try and intimidate at one level or another… Next time, we’ll follow the law eh? That would be the best place to start!!
Dentist Story
As of the 19th of February I have been without a Dentist for over 12 months… With two gold crowns sitting on a shelf here – this isn’t good.
This came about while I was suffering an acute dental infection last year. The pain was effectively abscess pain and as my dentist lived so far away, we had an agreement on what we’d do and how we’d do it should this problem occur.
Basically, I needed a particular antibiotic so they’d need to send a prescription  or indeed the drugs. All I had to do was get word to them.
I did – At first I rang their office and got an answer machine… In complete pain and agony I told them of the issues. A couple of days passed and I’d heard nothing, so I rang again this time getting the receptionist who immediately said someone was dealing with it. I said I would put the basics of what was happening in a blog post so my Dentist could see it. I did so, and hid a good part of it in my typical humour.
Then I was left in two weeks of sheer bloody agony before receiving a letter from the surgery stating that they were so appalled at what I written on the blog, that my information had been handed to the police and basically go away… (that post still exists on here).
Over the past year I have been asked several times about what happened and I have reserved myself to the confines of close friends and my solicitor on the matter.
On receiving this letter I laughed in complete disbelief! I thought it was a wind up! However, I immediately passed ALL correspondence I’d ever had to my solicitor to find out if what I had put on the internet and had written was wrong. They could see no wrong doing WHAT SO EVER, they said that for the most part my humour and it’s familiarity was on the above normal, but considering everything, I was in the clear. They also added that every thing I had placed on the net was complimentary to both my dentist and the surgery and was effectively good PR for them. Indeed, I hadn’t spoken to, had correspondence with or even been in the same country for over 12 months, so this was still all very strange to me.
So here it is;
I would never leave another human being in that level of pain. I liked my dentist/dental team, and grew to trust them implicitly (rare) until this time. But leaving a patient in pain, passing personal information to third parties outside of the confidence of solicitors is not OK in my book or in any dental health act that I know of.
For two weeks I stared at the phone and the mailbox in agony willing the help I needed to come…
Frankly, if this individual wanted some form of retribution for some wind up or humour on my part – they got it in spades…. Heck water-boarding is nicer!! As too is ripping out my fingernails and possibly even disembowelment!
On the issue of confidences; My Dentist had been aware and had access of my blog for around 12 months prior and had not raised any objections.
But here is the thing, while I will never understand what happened, this dentist gave me the most pain-free years of my life, irrespective of the legal standing, I could not and would not do anything that would prevent others receiving this persons care, because when they’re doing the job, there is no finer dentist.
I am many things to many people, I’m am a social miss-fit and find personal interaction awkward. But I would not leave someone helpless and in that much pain – NOT EVER…
I can sadly see no way, or wish for any possible method to build a bridge with these people – and I wouldn’t dare trust them or anyone again…
People wished to know why I don’t have a dentist, now you do…
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Just so you know… The TWBrit Chistmas list…

There is something here for every pocket and as long as nothing girlie or fish based is offered, TWBrit will happly accept just about anything for Christmas – the reason???

It’s because I’m Cheap!! & yes, this is tongue in cheek

Battenberg Cake

Jim Dunlop Tortex guitar picks (plectrums): Orange .5omm (personlised of course with the TWB logo)

Dentistry: Yes, anything for a ‘GOOD’ (trustworthy) dentist!

Galaxy Chocolate

Accuracy International AW .338

Land Rover 110 CSW + Winch + Tow-Set, built on an XD Chasis

A Knighthood:  for services to Britishness and Commonsense


NEC curved monitor


Theakstons Old Perculier

Training Course vouchers for Learningtree

Boss BR 1600 (but the 1200 will do)

9 piece drum kit

Taylor K22CE

Milka Chocolate – preferably Naps

To do the Reasonably priced car lap – but then, a days training by Sabine Schmitz would be better

LE1700 Tablet PC

A Tesla (yes, you read that right), well a go in one at least 

 A lifetime supply of  Coffee


Oh Dear!!

I was up for 8 this morning with a huge list of things to do. The traffic outside my window doing it’s rumbly thing and I have so far completed 80% of my tasks.
But then…
I don’t know what possesses people to have such heavy bass sound systems in the little cars, or why on earth they think it’s either cool or the rest of us want to hear the stuff that should be left to a night time raveme-amp, but this and the added annoyance of a ‘bigboy’ exhaust (which I find hilarious) – the noise isn’t pleasant.
So, I jump to my feet, step to the Marshall, hit the power button to ‘on’ and turned the volume to around 1/3.
I grab the guitar and let rip…
The young gentleman certainly heard me, as he looked around in panicked motions to see who was out doing him and people across the other side of this busy high street glanced across with serious faces of disproval.
I, on the other hand was in pain…. The volume was so loud – it was actually rattling my teeth!!  A 100w guitar amp is viscious!

dentist drillAs folks may know, I can’t find and yet I need a dentist. They’re either over priced, don’t listen or I simply don’t trust them.
I did trust a couple of dentists, one just live far too far away and the other I simply don’t talk about.
I have however, once grabbed a dentist who after I said “whatever you do – DO NOT strike the tooth with the butt of the mirror!” The result was that they then stuck the painful tooth with the butt of the mirror!!

So, after having been left in agony by dentists, I have come to the conclusion that maybe I’d be far better off if I had all my teeth removed.
I’m not sure what that says about dentistry in the UK and Rep or Ireland, but I’ve had enough of the continual pain, buying the appropriate drugs otreble-clefn the internet and my mouth smelling like crap every time I get an infection!!

Grumble over – moving on…

Or I could just turn the amp down….. nah!!
But then, maybe learning a tune might help.

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Today’s Stuff

There are a few things rattling around in my thoughts these days that need addressing, but by and large, all things are good.
However, the issue regarding the lack of a Dentist is still a huge one (to me anyway), but on the lighter side; the TWB Car of Character seems to be working, the cupboards are full, bills paid and my place is clean and tidy.

O2telefonicaI eventually opted for O2 Broadband and it’s all going through swimmingly – this means that something will go wrong! But I’m prepared for that.

One of the odd things about living here is that I actually know little about what goes on. It turns out there is a huge annual music festival held just 2 miles down the road – who knew?! Everyone but me…. lol

WKD sent me a picture of her (apparently) good looking sheep, which made me smile, while she enjoys003 a week off work being a farmerist’s wife and hippy (I dare not enquire further).  Just click on the pic to see the full size version.

State side, LittleTrucker is having yet more truck troubles with large parts falling off and taking out her air-con in the process. Also, my thoughts are with the family of Loraine aka ‘ThatWoman’ at this time.

Friend Annie in Little Rock has decided to do a marathon for charity – which frankly sounds like an awful idea – to me anyway. That said Gabs does that stuff for fun. Annie will be in Blighty next year and wants to hold a gathering of sorts at Runnymede which should be interesting.

I’m wondering if I can make the next Tuttles meeting on the Mall in London, but alas, if the phone rings – I must go and do work stuff.

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So, another week behind us,

I’m either a little bored, fractious or pensive… and all at the same time. I think I have too much on my mind ttwit-copy1hese days.
Twitter has started boring me and as such I’m slowly dropping off the persons that rarely reply.

Over in the US, or more accurately, Sioux Falls, Big Dog (aka Dave) shot a very quick vid of the inside of the local bar ‘Wiley’s’ before going on to get his teeth flossed, this is where Vinnie Jones managed to get a kicking. The story of Vinnie Jones brawl was reasonably well reported in the press and it’s good to know that Vinnie was found not guilty on all charges.

Also this week I wx-51as reading that Boeing are making a new Cruise missile that flies at Mach 5 (3600mph) which will be able to reach any place on the planet in less that an hour – C’mon, you have to give the bad guys some sort of chance, just where is the sport in total annihilation? lolBurnt Bridge

I have come to realise in the last few days that certain things have been resting heavily on my soul for nearly 10 years, and that I need to build bridges and make amends, the trouble is, I simply don’t know how to.

sheffieldMight finally have come up with an idea about my lack of dentist problem – simply go to my previous one in Sheffield. I need to go back to my old steel city home town because I haven’t in so very long. It’s fair to say I think I feel more at home in London than Sheffield now – probably why I live in Devon.spinal

Good news for my Ex-wife and good friend San, who has been suffering terribly with back agony for the best part of the last 18 months! With two opposite slipped discs and a bone spur on her spine, medical folks seem to have finally come up with a realist plan to get her sorted out. This is good news and means her life will return to some level of normality.

land_rover_logoMy cousin Judy’s eldest lad, (is that nephew, once removed?) Matt, has taken to wanting to own a Land Rover Defender and good for him, I’ve spent many an hour, location and in workshops, driving, fixing and even living in them – so I hope he gets a good one.

I’m still trying to get the bits together to record some music, but I think I really should clefupgrade my guitar. I would like to try out a Taylor Solid Body, but until I do, the options are a Les Paul, a good Strat or even a Tele. I’d actually like to get my brother involved and even Matt as one is a drummer, and the other a bassist.

However, today I take take trip to the jaws of hell itself – I’m going to B&Q. B&Q is a large home improvement/DIY store in the UK and my journey is about the purchase of the one single thing I paint-cantruly hate doing – decorating! Many years ago I had a fantastic step daughter, thing is, she loved Barbie back then and had me, sorry, insisted (possibly on pain of death if I didn’t) that I painted her room Barbie piBarbie logonk! Yep, the whole room!! I’ve just never been the same about paint ever since… So it is with some trepidation I go in search of such merchandise today :(

Wish me luck – I fkin need it…


UPDATE: look at that, it’s the Monaco F1 GP – looks like I’d better watch that first….. ahhh procrastination is a wonderful thang..


Grumble Grumble – bah humbug

I guess it will not have escaped regular readers that I the tone of my blog has been slightly more grumpy lately.  Well, it’s not that I’m stressed or anything, a little unhappy at a few minor things maybe.

I’m not going to sit here and complain that life isn’t following the exact course because quite frankly, I doubt it’s going brilliantly for most people these days. But the thing that IS driving me to distraction is a) trying to return to a level playing field and b) the dental issue.

Ok, b) is an understatement. I’m cold hard, full blooded LIVID…. and it is becoming more and more distracting by the day. So much so, I fear I might just let rip and tell it how it is – this would not be good. Yes, it might be a good old ‘vent’, but damage is often done when left to rant away unchecked. But there is a proper recourse for this and I feel that I may well you use it in the not too distant future.

But hey, this was a mild rant and I feel better for it.

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A New Dentist – or lack thereof


This morning I have spent hours on the phone, looking at websites and being bounced from pillar to post looking for a new Dentist (since losing mine) to glue two gold crowns back in my mouth.

I have been told about waiting lists, emergancy centers that don’t do emergancies (good, I don’t have one) and then talking to private practices – one of whom want £140 for me just to walk through the door.

So…. what to do?  The answer is simple – get glue and fix them myself, because there are simply no further options left available.

I’m not actually joking here, I really can not get my teeth fixed anywhere…. So, while I wish to lose weight, the inability to eat will actually help with this. Yer see, there is a bright side, just need to work out which glue I should use.



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It’s been an unusual week so far, a week were I’ve wondered about the ability to plan and respond by the people I’ve been working for. That said one of them is excellent at that. Needless to say, I have been working long and hard. So much so, I slept for 14 hours straight yesterday and I don’t think I’ve ever done that in my lfe.goldcrown
Then today, I was making a coffee when I felt something loose in my mouth – then two gold crowns popped out. This did not impress me in anyway what so ever! Especially when the person charged with the care of my mouth FAILED in there obligations completely at every level.
But hey, life is for the living (hmmmm).
Of course, there has been really no time at all to blog properly and while I’ve been thinking of thousands of things to blog about – I’ve pretty much only responded to the issues of the day like the swine flu.

But at least I have income again and with the bank holiday looming, I’m sure I’ll be working most of it, while trying to avoid the millgurkha_action-copyionsjoanne-funny of caravans the people of this nation insist on owning.

Better news this week has been that Joanne Colan is doing cool stuff, The Gurkha ruling was out voted by MP’s – this is a good and healthy way to go as it stops the ‘Punch a Minister’ trait developing – funny really, everyone I know supports there request to be allowed to live in the UK.   Oh, and the Brits have finally pulled out of Iraq – about time!!

My wreck of a car passed it’s MOT – this imot-copys astounding… I get why people ask me why I don’t drive newer cars, but I once had a job of driving a lot of new ones and smell drotop-gear-logove me nuts lol (or is it because I’m just too cheap).

Harriot Harmen has ordered the BBC to make sure that all shows have a reasonable mix of sexes presenting them…. Top Gear?! Not gonna happen!!! unless Sabine is called in.

Oh and it’s May 1st – a long weekend awaits many of you. Do please enjoy yourselves.



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argh…. people! and a can of worms!!


It’s funny, I was reading Lispideyttle Truckers blog the other day about how she was getting grief from people for having a laugh and a bit of fun. Then after I received a particular letter on Saturday, I kinda get the feeling that there are people on this planet who really need to take the stick out of their ass….

But after writing a letter in reply, I just sat back and thought ‘just how much do I even give a crap?!’. I do not have to follow the requests of these people at all, as no explanation was actually given to their issues especially after over 6 months of access to this site. The bottom line is I don’t give a damn about people whom can’t communicate, can’t stick to theifunnysign2r professional responsibilities or simply give as good as they get.

What a waist of humanity….

This does not include the weak, or those who can’t help themselves – some folks just aren’t built to deal with stuff.

You see, I must admit I play with people, show me a weakness and I’ll either exploit it or use it in humour. But generally it’s only with them. The other thing is that in this bizarre life, I’ve had to do things that many people have trouble even understanding (heck, they’ve no idea what I have to deal with). So the mention of these things can shock the pants off people – this I also sometimes find amusing to do. I really am a Devil’s Advocate in this regard.

smileySo yes, boundaries can be crossed, anger can follow, but hey – life is for the living. Because if I really wanted to shock, upset and annoy – believe me, my obnoxiousness knows no bounds.

But generally, I like to placate people, be reasonable and have a reasonable laugh. I have no interest in upsetting or annoying anyone personally. So if you need to whinge, rant and complain, then fine – but do so in a reasonable manner. If you think I’m being unreasonable – say so… Don’t throw you’re toys out of the pram!

Heck I got to the point a few years ago whereby dealing with other peoples insecurities and issues had lead me to making a conscious decision not have another relationship EVER… They are not my problem… If people want to be offended – they will be, if they don’t – then turn away. If you feel insulted SAY SOMETHING….trust

Life is many things to all of us and our faces tell that story – heck, I’m 43 and look 63 and feel,(oops,  I don’t do that)….lol

I admit, I’m not good socially – ‘misfit’ is an understatement. The last thing I want to do is be ‘slimey’ around someone that I simply like, but I’m not that skilled in this stuff. If you want me to get serious for a moment here it is; When I see an unbridled potential in someone, I’m drawn to them – especially when they can’t see the sheer bloody brilliance of their own abilities. Even more if they appear to be playing second fiddle to a moron!

Sadly though, I lost someone I respect highly in this unwritten debacle. But I shall not think or speak of them anymore because when I really needed them, they were not there! and in my world that just ain’t done – not ever…




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Ye old Dental Pain


dentist drill

For years I’ve had dental trouble, abscesses, TMJ, the odd punch too many and so on.  A few years ago I found an awesome Dentist whom I’ve mentioned here before, but then I was living in Cambridge. I now live in Devon and she lives and works in Cork, Ireland.

I fly to Ireland if and when I need to see her and I was supposed to go last August but I was just too busy. Since then, I lost a gold crown and I now in the process of getting and infection – joy!!

So, first things first, I need to ring and leave message and secondly I need to get my act together and get over there to see her.

Now, my Dentist has given me the most pain free years of my life and is one of the few people I trust implicitly, I’m certainly not suggesting she’s an Angel, but she is good. The problem is that on the odd occasion one or the other of us become verbally incoherent when we try to converse with  each other. This is kinda cool, but not good because I almost avoid going over to Cork unless I really need to – so no 6 monthly check-ups!

This IS a good thing because, well, with not being a very nice person (though I did try to be once) I’m horrible to her and her assistant to the point that I’m both shocked at myself and the fact they haven’t thrown me out yet (working on it, but hey). Basically, appointments turn into hilarity and yes, I play up.

I find it hard to respect people, but two people in the world I simply can not respect enough, my dentist is one and SEC is the second.


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Free air travel

Well, as much as it can be…

I just got my usual Aer Lingus flight deal email and it turns out the nearly all the Irish carriers are offering free flights to Cork, Dublin and Belfast – all you pay is taxes etc. This means a return flight to Cork is £46.26.

This is great as I can now go and see my Dentist on a day return again – however, I really want to spend some time in the emerald isle, so as yet I haven’t made my mind up typically. I also need to mentally winge at the cost of fuel for the car and the price of airport carparking – go figure! LOL

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