It’s Back…. Rocketboom!

In among the turmoil of the last few days Andrew Baron of Rocketboom sent me various tweets in regard the relaunch of Rocketboom. What’s more – there’s a new presenter. We chewed over it and frankly I’m glad it’s back!! I would of course have reported this last week, but unfortunately the way of the world intervened. Over the years some truly outstanding people have worked with and for Andrew, as the evolution of Rocketboom has gone on, the show and its progress is  forever changing. This time the selective process for a presenter changed, not a budding presenter, not simply a geek gurl and no, no Vlogger… This time an actress, a quirky and spirited lady with various tv shows already behind her and no doubt a big enough future ahead. As such, I’m personally calling it Rocketboom Gold – and the new lady is?

Keghan Hurst

Previous presenters of RocketBoom and former Know Your Meme were:

Amanda Congdon


Joanne Colan


Caitlin Hill




Elspeth Rountree for Rocketboom, Tech Crunch and Know Your Meme

And various correspondents including Ella Morton and Annie Tsai.

As with all new starts, the presenter may need a little time to settle in and get her stride, and this time I think they may be onto yet another winning team… I do hope they travel a little more, go to more places to interview people like they used to do. But all-in-all, I’m glad it’s back, it’s like an old friend.

Click on the Rocketboom logo to go to Rocketboom.

Rockboom declines…

It’s not rocket science to see Rocketboom is in decline. There appears to be less and less coming from the website these days and it appears that, what I called the ‘meme technical crew’ are the only ones making any vidrocketboom_logo-copyeos of merit, yet they seem to be having a tough time too.

Joanne Colan was by far the must funny and intelligently articulate presenter they ever had, with Ellie Rountree a close second. The new girl Caitlin Hill is amusing, but the shows seem to be much shorter than previous ones. Joanne’s predecessor was okay, but simply not as good.

So, is Rocketboom starting to fade? will it still be around next month?  Well, who knows? really, who does know? Because there is starting to become an air of ‘who cares’?

It’s kinda sad if you ask me.


I would appear that since writing this post, new information has come to light. I have it on very good authority that Rocketboom will be back on form and in full swing in the not too distant future.

Something to look forward to I think :)




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