The Riots : What can be said…………….

I have never witnessed a greater lack of intent and leadership in my life from what I, and millions have witnessed over the last week…
On the 3rd night or rioting, they stepped way, way past the point of needing to put troops on the street!!

The problem was this;

The head of the Met was totally useless!!
There is the most disgusting romanticism in both the leadership of all political parties  in this nation and a Police force UNWILLING to pick up the phone and ask the Army for their riot know-how and manpower…
People have now died, people are homeless and the so-called “Fight-back” is nothing but a closing of the stable door once the horse has bolted!!

If your heart stops beating, a doctor will do everything he/she can to keep it going or restart it – if they have to, he or she will rip open your chest and massage it will their bare hands… They take whatever measure that needs to be done – there and then…

That is what we expect from the Police, the Military and our Politicians when things go wrong like this – and they didn’t do it.

So what was with the lines of police doing nothing? Well I’ll give you another example;
When the British Army adopted the 5.56mm rifle from the old 7.62mm, much concern was raised about the stopping power of such a small bullet while in combat (effectively a .22).
Then some clever people came back with while they train us to kill, the actual job is to maim… A shot man, with heavy blood loss requires around 4 soldiers to carry him and one to tend to his wounds… Thus a wounded man = up to 6 men removed from the front line…

The thing is, it works both ways… if you only have 20 police officers and they start arresting people – then the prisoner has to be processed thus removing the police from the front line…

And THAT is why we have the Army!!

The Army’s methodology is;
1. Deploy high powered Mobile Phone frequency jammers, each with a 400 meter range to prevent rioters communication (as used in N.Ireland to prevent remote detonation of bombs).
2. Impose an immediate curfew!
3. Start with Baton rounds, lots of them!! In fact a hell of a lot of them!!
4. Hit them with water cannon and then let a good size plume of CS gas (tear gas) hit them. CS reacts to moisture on the skin and hurts!!
5. Send the troops with their pick-elves to meter out a punishment and take individuals into custody
6. This frees the Police to arrest and detain

That is how you stop trouble and that is how you arrest and restore order – NOT allowing people to fear for their lives, not having civilians mown down and killed while protecting their property.

That is what I expect being a Brit… We know more about uprisings and riots than anyone – yet somewhere between ranking police officials and politicians, they made the stiff upper lip and the need for a spine redundant!!

To hell with the lot of them – and for god’s sake – get this country a leader with balls!!

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