Concert tickets sales – sigh


While I’m a strong advocate of the internet in most of it’s forms from information, news, shopping, connecting people, social networking, even a little bit of smut (lol) and especially this blog. There is one thing that drives me nuts… Internet purchasing of concert tickets – simply, they’re gone in seconds.


Now there are bands out there that I may not wish to mention out of shame, there are bands I’ve seen over 20 times.

But if there was a band that had this boy head banging and picking up a guitar in his youth it was AC/DC. I first watched them on TV when I was 13 on ‘The Old Grey Whistle Test’ after I had gone to bed and had sneaked the portable tv into my room. Later I went to see them at the Top Rank suite in Sheffield, then a few times since. The riffs are simply blues based rock-n-roll and somewhere in the catalog I guarantee there is a tune for eacdc_logo-copyveryone.

With the second greatest selling album of all time, the breaking of nearly every US sales record other than that last few held by the Beatles (though they have outsold the Beatles) and a new album that went multi platinum entering the charts at number one in 29 countries in a matter of 3 days in 2008, making it the most successful album launch in history setting a new record. 

The band have gone on yet another global tour that will take them nearly 2 years to complete.

Of course you’ve all heard the track ‘Rock-n-Roll Train, it’s just like those who have and will see the show, I too would like to see the darn train turn up on stage also as seen here in the concert opening.

Oddly, they’re not too shy about bringing large things on to the stage judging by the 40ft statue they used on the last tour;

Sadly, I’ll be damned if we can get tickets anywhere that does not require flights and hotels due to the speed in which these things have sold out.

To be fair, they haven’t toured for 7-8 years and while the band members live all over the world (UK, Holland, Florida and New Zealand) the race to get these tickets isblack_ice amazing.

While I love this band of down to earth rockers and would love to see them one more time – sadly wisdom over what I’m prepared to spend has stopped me pursuing this any further.

That said, they have entertained me for 30+ years, so I can’t really complain.

Gramble, grumble grumble!!!!

P.S. If you ever need music to get laid to, the Back in Black album has this amazing consistent rhythm all the way through it and it has a very odd effect – I didn’t tell you this.




They’re back, they’re touring and even got a single out.

I am of course talking about AC/DC….

Amazingly these guys keep going and I for one are happy they they are. A good part of my teen youth was listening to these guys from Australia and the UK.

Here’s their new single ‘Rock n Roll Train’ from the album Black Ice – to know more go to the AC/DC website.




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