General Stuff (pt 467-ish)

It’s been a strange old few days…

This blogs resident mountain biking expert Eric McWhirter has finally left hospital and making a good recovery after a spot of lung and blood bother… Keep going Eric (you don’t have permission to die) ;-)
Gabsatrucker has had a workout from hell after sitting around on the US/Mexico border for days…
This blogs resident pianist Alex Elwood got stung by a wasp and whinged about it on Facebook (buy wasp-eze mate). :-D
Wooton Bassett became Royal Wooton Basset in honour of welcoming home our war dead.
The RAF has flown £1 Billion in cash to Libya – if you said that to me a year ago I would have slapped you for being stupid…. Strange old world..

Land Rover have announced they’re redesigning the Defender 90, 110 and 130 from scratch to be ready for production in 2015… Really not sure how I feel about that, but something has been needing to be done for a long time – but it’s vital it’s designed as a giant Meccano kit!!
This in it’s self is a tough call… the vehicle must be able to be maintained in the middle of nowhere – places you can’t find a garage or main dealer!
Guy’s talk to Peter Troop, need to be able to pop any kind of winch on – front and rear!!

The AMAZING Tony Sale has died…
Tony rebuilt the Colossus computer with little more than old Strowger telephone exchange parts…
It’s a truly stunning accomplishment as Colossus was the worlds first programmable digital computer and was used to help decipher the German Enigma code during WW2.
The very same Colossus can be found up, running and working at the place Tony started – The National Museum of Computing based at Bletchley Park.

The National Museum of Computing relies purely on donations to keep it going!! It gets nothing from the ticket value of entering Bletchley Park and even has to pay rent to the park for people to see what made Bletchley so vital and ultimately successful during the war…
If you get chance to go – do!! The people there are amazing, knowledgeable and friendly! And they have just about every known computer you’ve heard of – all up and running and you can play with them too!!

WARNING : Boys toys alert!!!

Friend, buddy, property mogul and keeper of slush funds over in Sioux Falls aka BigDog aka Dave has been shopping and I’m a little jealous…

He has acquired a Daniel Defense M4 Carbine, v1!!
Yes, just as the M4 hints at – it is a M16 variant with lots of goodies

Oh course I immediately fired off saying  he needs 8 x 30 rd magazines and throw in a 100 rds mag for good measure…
Then the weapon length… well I’d be tempted (as I told him) to stick a bipod on the front for distance shooting.. However, here lays a problem…
Doing that means you want a good scope, the M4 is a great close quarter weapon and for up close and personal – you want a red dot sight… but what about the middle distance? While a fan of the SUSAT sight, there is one inherent problem… You see the susat is designed to rest on the eyebrow and this cuts down the peripheral vision. As such there has been a NATO wide hunt for a new scope, one that works in close quarters and out to the main battle range – and this comes in the form of the ELCAN LDS (Specter)… This sight sits further away from the eye, a long way! And has advanced reticle and a secondary feature – it’s also a red dot sight for close up work! However, I think it’d cost more that the rifle lol

This blogs friend/torment aka Gabsatrucker has moved on in the web world…
With a newly acquired url of… things are changing quickly as with her web presence.
Along with new url’s and email accounts Gabby has also taken the opportunity to sort out and revitalise her twitter presence too.

Twitter account @gabsatrucker is newly born and an open and unlocked presence, but the old account is presently still running as @Dueforachange instead…
Some may get a little confused at first and will think she’s blocked and un-followed people, but of course this isn’t true.
Gabby tells me she plans to kill the original and renamed “@dueforachange” around the morning of 20th Sept.


Where the snow falls, friends live…

Dave, aka BigDog has sent me some photos from his home in Sioux Falls, South Dakota of the variable yet constant snow they’ve been getting over the last few weeks.
It’s been bad enough to prevent this years Christmas family get together, but just looking at them does give me the shivers.
BigDog tells me that it’s been snowing almost constantly and he’s been having to relay the snow shovelling with his faithful dog Brisco. Basically he’ll shovel the snow for an hour, take a little time off then go and shovel for another hour.
My only thought about this was ‘Dude, move to Miami!!’

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Halfway through the week


The week half done and I’ve not being doing much other than looking for a new job – something a little more stable than agency work.

So, dilemmas, interest from other sites, putting my foot in it on Kate Hewlett’s blog, being ridiculed tojudge-hammer death by Fenny – oh it’s all been happening. So, lets start at the beginning..

tools-copySaturday morning started with a shock of hilarity that soon had SEC on the phone and checking my actions over. This was followed by firm effective guidance and leaving me with a smile on my face by the end of the day. All that was left was to rant about it – which I think you may have noticed. This I posted on Monday as it was a ‘timing’ thing.rocketboom-vid


The Wondering Brit made it’s way on to a Rocketboom news report – oh the height of this fame…. Actually it was a split second shot of my Facebook athatwrticle, so not such an awesome thing.


On top of this I was mentioned on the ‘That Woman’ blog as well. Something of a journalist in Lorain, Ohio, as British ex-pat, she says she enjoys reading this here blog – what a star :-)


Then I went and put my foot in it on the blog of actress Kate Hewlett, by anonymously saying ‘why do you only blog when you’re trying to promote something?’ I guess I must have been really tired to do sometkatehewletthing like that because she appears to be a lovely person and is very entertaining. However, what I was NOT expecting was for her to pick up on this… nor would I have expekate_scarf_smallcted her or anyone to blog about it – she did! Oh the shame of it!

Being (or trying to be) a good guy (not easy, when I’m a dark and sinister individual – lol), I held my hand up and pleaded guilty and apologised for my actions profusely.

If or not they were accepted, I just don’t know. UPDATE : apology accepted – yay!

So now all I have to do is find a small corner of my place to be almost famous in and I’ll be made, followed by a swift hanging.


I’ve been talking to Big Dog again this week and have been enjoying a good argument or two with him. Also he was showing me videos of this moronic student protest in the food hall of NYU – which frankly begged belief. It left me thinking – there is a reason US cops carry tasers, or more over – guns!! Really, I would have cooked their asses with tasers. LOL




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New Year 2008 – 2009


Hi everyone,

Here’s wishing everyone a very Happy New Year and especially the following; (in no particular order)1195488564_80_177_117_97.


The Family ‘Goodlad’

My Family including Judy, Philip, Matt, Eddy, Jes, Tim and Rachelnew-years-2007

The family Mazzanti

The Family Hing

Ruth in Ausse

Dave Roetman aka BigDog

Dave Bones


Stephen and Victoria Milliken

The Family Pagdin




The Family Meyrick

Mark Thompson aka Tomo

My Brother (sometimes)

The Family Salmons

The Family Curren

news-graphics-2007-_655419aThe Family Winn

The Family Hewlett

The Family Mallozzi

Dave & Annie



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