So, another week behind us,

I’m either a little bored, fractious or pensive… and all at the same time. I think I have too much on my mind ttwit-copy1hese days.
Twitter has started boring me and as such I’m slowly dropping off the persons that rarely reply.

Over in the US, or more accurately, Sioux Falls, Big Dog (aka Dave) shot a very quick vid of the inside of the local bar ‘Wiley’s’ before going on to get his teeth flossed, this is where Vinnie Jones managed to get a kicking. The story of Vinnie Jones brawl was reasonably well reported in the press and it’s good to know that Vinnie was found not guilty on all charges.

Also this week I wx-51as reading that Boeing are making a new Cruise missile that flies at Mach 5 (3600mph) which will be able to reach any place on the planet in less that an hour – C’mon, you have to give the bad guys some sort of chance, just where is the sport in total annihilation? lolBurnt Bridge

I have come to realise in the last few days that certain things have been resting heavily on my soul for nearly 10 years, and that I need to build bridges and make amends, the trouble is, I simply don’t know how to.

sheffieldMight finally have come up with an idea about my lack of dentist problem – simply go to my previous one in Sheffield. I need to go back to my old steel city home town because I haven’t in so very long. It’s fair to say I think I feel more at home in London than Sheffield now – probably why I live in Devon.spinal

Good news for my Ex-wife and good friend San, who has been suffering terribly with back agony for the best part of the last 18 months! With two opposite slipped discs and a bone spur on her spine, medical folks seem to have finally come up with a realist plan to get her sorted out. This is good news and means her life will return to some level of normality.

land_rover_logoMy cousin Judy’s eldest lad, (is that nephew, once removed?) Matt, has taken to wanting to own a Land Rover Defender and good for him, I’ve spent many an hour, location and in workshops, driving, fixing and even living in them – so I hope he gets a good one.

I’m still trying to get the bits together to record some music, but I think I really should clefupgrade my guitar. I would like to try out a Taylor Solid Body, but until I do, the options are a Les Paul, a good Strat or even a Tele. I’d actually like to get my brother involved and even Matt as one is a drummer, and the other a bassist.

However, today I take take trip to the jaws of hell itself – I’m going to B&Q. B&Q is a large home improvement/DIY store in the UK and my journey is about the purchase of the one single thing I paint-cantruly hate doing – decorating! Many years ago I had a fantastic step daughter, thing is, she loved Barbie back then and had me, sorry, insisted (possibly on pain of death if I didn’t) that I painted her room Barbie piBarbie logonk! Yep, the whole room!! I’ve just never been the same about paint ever since… So it is with some trepidation I go in search of such merchandise today :(

Wish me luck – I fkin need it…


UPDATE: look at that, it’s the Monaco F1 GP – looks like I’d better watch that first….. ahhh procrastination is a wonderful thang..


Some people are just simply interesting

It’s 2am here in Devon and I just got home. Today I delivered to a couple of  small shops, one in Bath (a place favoured by my good friend ‘Big Dog’ over in Sioux Falls, SD) and the other in a little place called ‘Box’.


The thing about true quality of life is the vast array of people you meet, what you learn from them and sometimes (we hope) what you inspire in them.

At the first shop the young supervisor was telling me about his interest in getting into IT or more specifically Network Admin. I imparted a few things of knowledge and wisdom/stupidity of my experiences in this field and after unloading the delivery enjoyed a coffee and a further chat.


Moving on to Box, actually let me tell you about Box Hill which the village of Box sits at the foot of. Box hill is an extraordinary place, on top of the hill is the town of Corsham and directly beneath it is a massive bunker (which is up for sale). The place is known by several names, Box Hill, Corsham, Rudlow Manner and Burlington. This is where the seat of government and the royal family were to be accommodated if we had gone to war with the Warsaw Pact.

The typically sad thing about this site is that successive governments never truly invested in it. Once it was in a basically usable state, they left it. They left it for so long infact – most of the things in there are now classed as Antiques!

The main trainline from London to Bristol (built by Brunnel) runs straight through the Box Hill complex and is famous with rail enthusiasts, it also means there’s a hidden station under there!. 


Here is a link to the place. Box Hill


Anyway, At the second shop I met a really great bunch of people. The lady who is the Night Supervisor is studying to be a Gold Smith! Heck, I didn’t even know you could learn that anymore. Furthermore she’s passionate about it and to see intelligence and passion in someone is really quite uplifting.

I often drone on at people about the world being bigger than the horizon you can see and how much it needs exploring – well I think I met someone today who is going to travel and explore far beyond their own horizon and I think I almost envy her.


I have decided that at some point I’m going to post a separate page as a rough guide to contracting and working overseas from my own experiences in the Middle East and would like to hear about other peoples experiences from different areas of the world – so please email them.


Anyway, if you’re ever in Box – stop by the Co-Op shop if you need anything, you’ll get a fine warm welcome from a nice bunch or people (there is a pub opposite too)

Oh one other thing, Box is also the home of Peter Gabriel and his Real World Studios


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