Another weird week fades into history.

I really don’t know where to begin with this post. I guess it will not have gone un-noticed that the quantity of posts have fallen recently, but it has been a busy old time.
My Dell ServicedFirst up, laptop screen news – Yay! A new screen should appear via Fed-eX tomorrow, but I’ll not be home as I’m working from 8am, so it’ll have to turn up on Tuesday and this time I truly hope the replacement works.
This last week I have been quite busy and have spent a huge amount of time on Twitter talking with loads of people, but especially LittleTrucker and her buddy Gabby aka Gabsatrucker (from the blog of the same name). More Gabby Maratonimportantly, yesterday was Gabby’s first full marathon and was completed in strong winds in 4hrs 44mins. While I would take a moment to praise and congratulate Gabrielle, I can’t help but thing ‘MUST DO BETTER!!’. This of course is so easily stated from the comfort of my armchair of rage LOL.

Spoke to another promotional item maker the other day and the whole concept of whatever blog promotional stuff I want to do, basically comes down to the artwork – and preparation thereof! This is a little frustrating to say the least and because I have not found anyone to help with it, leaves me with no option other than to buy the equipment and do it myself. Further to this, some of the Who’s Who photos will at some point be swapped out for cartoon icons – the present two of WKD’s and Gabsatrucker will eventually also change.death tree

Lost a blog follower this week, someone who I met a few years ago and worked alongside with. While his demise I’ll put down to a lack of effort, I’m somewhat concerned about my drop in blog stats ;-)      Joking aside, a good man lost!

Someone invented ‘Bacon Jam’ this week and no, it wkd icon1wasn’t WKD (who makes a lot of jam – and sheep and eggs and quilt stuff and makes tires break). This new product just makes me wonder what the hell goes through people mbacon-jaminds – but! (and it is a BIG but), at the same time, who came up with drinking the fluid from the udders of cows, or more over – what else did they try?!

Work wise, I was in Bishops Nympton yesterday for the first time in ages – and it rained! (and rained, and rained!!). I was on my way to ultimately to Cadbury’s Chocolate with the milk and the best part of this run is and was the journey back. Driving through the night at a fair old pace, down country roads when there is no one about – is just brilliant!!

Finally, a different kind of loss and in this case – a good one!! Becky, the dairy intake hand at Bridgwater Dairy has got a job she pursued and leaves the Dairy on Monday.
Becky has always wanted to be a vet, but had a crazy cock-up while trying to get into Veterinary College which left her sadly unable to do so in the end. This is what she’s always wanted to and the other day accepted a job in this given field.
Firstly I’d like to say to Becky, thank you for putting up with my rambling, thank you for being the best dairy hand Robert Wiseman Dairies have ever had – and thank you so very much for bringing a smile to my working day. I, along with all of the drivers will miss you – but I know you’re following the right path and I truly hope infact I know it’ll work out for you.
Take care and don’t lose your watch!!

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People, and the last 24hrs

waking up

What can I say… it 4:45pm here and I’ve just fallen out of bed to see what is left of this Saturday. It all started  just after midnight yesterday. I went to two places 2 miles apart on roads that, well, if Satan was in the Tarmacadam business – it’d be fair to say they were his first attempts. Sadly, I could not go to both farms at the same time, so I had to make a secoCandlestick_Telephone2nd journey.
Then I went home, spoke for 2 and a half hours to a resaudi-symbolcruiter trying his best to get me to take a post in Saudi Arabia. There’s nothing wrong with going back to Riyadh, it just appears the company who are recruiting don’t know – or know very little about Arab culture, the way things work and just how long things take to get done out there.
I get three hours sleep and the phone rings asking me to go back to work at 8pm.
The thing is, once awake – I stay awake.
I finished work at 7:30 this morning and I feel numb and my brain isn’t working.
Now while I did speak briefly to WKD today, I noticed that the red missile was parked next to the CofC! So after the previous mild declaration of war, I took a couple of minutes to verify that all the wheel nuts were in place, no bananas were stuck up the tailpipe and no six inch nails were sticking through the windscreen – not to mention any package under the vehicle with wires attached to it. I was also very pleased to see there was not a label on the car door that read “Open in a wide open space”.
As such I have to try to be very careful how I write this next bit.

I feel lucky, really! I’ve mentioned before how one of the greatest benefits of this work I’m doing is the fact I meet so many different people. The people I work with are from so many different backgrounds and the old term ‘hairy assed trucker’ just does not apply. There are people who used to work in the city of London financial markets, geologists, Soldiers, pilots, medical staff, techie folks and even one of the dairy hands (Becky) has a bachelor’s degree in Neurology!
Recently I have marvelled at the things I’ve been learning from a couple of the most interesting people I think I’ve ever met and this is bizarre. You see, while I’m a dark person, I’m full of faith and optimism (especially for others), yet some people just bowl me over – in a good way.

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