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I learned a long time ago never to get into politics, people feel just a little too passionate at times. But in the UK a petition has come up which, while it isn’t important to a great many, and certainly not if you’re not from or in the UK.
But they are changing the Visa rules in the UK which will affect thousands of people, families and loved ones here and around the world. The rule change is that if you’re not earning a minimum of £35,000 you cannot stay unless you’re from the EU.
Now, this is where I do have a problem… I believe that the UK has greater allegiances before Europe, these are to English speaking nations, then nations of the Commonwealth and finally the EU.
I mean no offence by this and I have no issues with race, colour, religion or sexuality, I respect all. I also believe that in the 21st century we should be one global people, but hey….
But this targets people who are here legitimately, who work, pay taxes and contribute in the welfare and well-being of the country.
My partner, spouse, better half Gabby aka Gabsatrucker is a US Citizen and the impact of this is huge – in a country that demanded proof of £68k in the bank to get a visa in the first place…  I think our system is wrong, and this is the final nail to this coffin.
So, if you are reading this, please take a moment to sign this online, I would truly appreciate this.  Click on the image.


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Devastating few months in British Music History


It obviously can’t have escaped many people’s notice of the close proximity of several deaths from the archives of British Rock history.
I don’t know where to go with this other than to add my little bit:
Music for me started in 1976, it was the early days of punk and when I got to boarding school, we had an amazing teacher called Adrian Schoeberl who, once a week would introduce us to a couple of different bands until we gained a vast spectrum of knowledge in the area and even took in a Buzzcocks gig once.
It was while at home on school break I watched a show called “The Old Grey Whistle Test” (star kicker) on the BBC when, before my eyes a live concert with a school boy running around grabbed my attention Old-Grey-Whistle-Test– and there born was my love of AC/DC.
I left the school and attended another in Sheffield and this was the first time I ever saw people wearing merchandise. A kid and later a friend came up to me and asked what bands I was into and he was wearing a Led Zeppelin and a Genesis badge, I said both names and he accused me outright of just reading his badges – well yes and no, I had every album by Zeppelin and nothing by Genesis.
As we flew into the 80’s we were so lucky, Sheffield City Hall was a major venue on the UK touring circuit back then and every major act played there. We also had the Top Rank Suite, The Wapentake (a rock pub), local bands like Def Leppard, Saxon and got to see everyone. Ozzy Osbourne’s Blizzard of Oz was a show that got me interested in Audio Engineering which I was fascinated with. Girlschool made me slightly more deaf in the right ear than the left – for life!! We saw everyone. And then I worked in a Merch shop right opposite the City Hall (gone now) called Impulse Records… the only place I ever knew of back then that sold the leather, studs and bullet belts – so much so that when touring bands finished sound check at the City Hall they’d come in to buy gear on their way to the Wapentake bar just down the street. It was a great time in my life.

Then it all changed, City Halls were taken over by Arenas, the record shop became a parking lot, the Wapentake changed hands and then changed names.Wap reopening ded.The only other bar with the a Rock reputation as close or even better than the Wapentake was a long way away, in another country in fact and I knew it would be highly unlikely to ever visit…


And then, 3 years ago I did, with Gabby aka Gabsatrucker. In fact I mentioned it briefly in the post LA to Sin City : Las Vegas
A life time later from 1982, and we had been shooting  about picking up a few things in West Hollywood and were starving hungry… a few blocks away Rainbow Logowas this little place : The Rainbow Bar & Grill… not the kind of name or  look from the outside you would associate with a bar like the Wapentake, but I’m told the name was from the Band “Rainbow”.
So we went, we parked and we entered… got a booth and ate a hearty burger… as it got later the faces of 80’s, 90’s and early 2k’s rock scene were everywhere, I was surprised I guess, but not star struck, it was like a reassurance that such great places still exist, where people can be themselves and no pretension entered into.
Age has had a strange effect on me, whether I’m becoming an old romantic or just that little softer – but as we left and a famous individual said “sup – brother” as an informal greeting  – I knew then I would probably return.

I miss music…
And as the deaths of Phil Taylor, Lemmy, the final demise of Motorhead and David Bowie sink home having left a true mark in history, I feel that in these rare places – they will always be as alive today and in the future as they ever were.



I tweaked the album artwork for the purpose of this blog

UK Telecoms wake up to the future the hard way with Olympic Data Usage Stats.

So ok, the main Olympic event is over and the Para-Olympics is in full swing – but there has been a repercussion the likes of which this blog has been going on about for years and has now frankly shocked telecom providers the world over.

It wasn’t just simply the demand that hiked up the usage, it was the fact that certainly here in the UK, the streaming was ALL in High-Def… So what am I talking about?

Well mobile/cell carriers anticipated and therefore allowed around a 20% increase in streamed media during the games. But when you add the blogs, sports pages, twitter, Face Book and just about everything else – they were staggered to find the usage for the average user rose by not the planned and predicted 20% – but a whopping jump to 80%… and this is without 4G services available in the UK yet!

Even the BBC were shocked, especially when their stream output at one point hit a stunning 2.7 Petabytes!! Well beyond the anticipated few hundred gigabytes… Obviously the knock on has been vast with Internet Service Providers struggling to cope, let alone to find that the High-Def throughput made most households in the UK exceed these so-called “fair usage policy’s” several times over within just a matter of days.

But this all comes back to the issues surrounding future planning and furthermore; High-Def technologies. The bottom line is you simply can’t transmit full HD over any distance to millions of TV viewers via standard radio waves and if they could, any terrestrial TV company would struggle to provide a true High-Def TV service to everyone, it really is almost impossible at present.

Well we can’t say they didn’t see this coming, but it’s fairly obvious that to build for tomorrow they’ll need to reconsider the vast throughput, quadruple it – then double it to understand the vast step up in streaming media if they’re to stand any chance. And just to be clear here, I suggested a long time ago that the absolute minimum they should be planning for is 200 GB’s per person, per month – or a Terabyte for an average family on a single connection…

Now, because of this level of High-Def, I think my estimate was conservative to say the very least…

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The Diamond Jubilee and the BBC

I did not (like all of us) choose where, or which country to be born in. As it happens I was born in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England – part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (and that’s a fair old mouthful…)

As such and like us all, we grow a loyalty to our respective roots wherever in the world we’re born, and as we do, we go through a fair degree of indoctrination and healthy doses of propaganda to define our national heritage – vital stuff considering we may one day have to go to war with or against other nations. These days, while we are at war, we don’t do it so much now –albeit I can’t think of a time in UK history we’ve ever gone more than 10yrs without a war somewhere… Go figure…

Either way, it leaves a Brit with an affiliation to a Monarch and a history and pride worth dying for. And if you ever hear a Brit question why we have a monarch – these people are generally retarded and have no sense of belonging – empty people, just imagine though, an American saying “why do we want or need our flag – let’s get rid of it”. It is their rally point, and with us the monarch is ours and that is that…

I’m old enough to remember the 1977 Silver Jubilee, it was the height of the Cold War and when they did a fly-past for Her Majesty – it took over 20 minutes, the quality of the diamond Jubilee was frankly a question of whether or not we put 20 aircraft in the sky… They apparently have the planes, hundreds of them, a fair few pilots as well, but spare parts and the fuel?  – Not so much.

The BBC coverage was brilliant in some respects, and nothing short of wondering if you were watching children’s TV in others. While some questioned presenter Ferne Cotton’s coverage of the river pageant – most women on Twitter screamed “What kinda shoes do you call those?!” as disapproval spread.  But the one thing that was seriously apparent was the parochial dumbing down and talking to or addressing the nation as complete and total idiots!! Don’t get me wrong, here in the UK we have as many idiots as the next country. When I say the next country, I have to be careful here as the next country happens to be Fr**ce and they do have a few more, so it’s a general statement ;-)

Then came the Jubilee Concert… complete with dodgy ticket sellers =>>>>

I will say it, right here and right now that I couldn’t quite understand what I was watching… If it was some wild pop-centred cabaret act with added Hoola-Hooping and singers whose voices had passed their time, maybe even an over audacious singer who was trying to push it and then salute a nation without headdress on then okay… Though I do think the Welsh contingent seemed to bellow it out quite well. Then there was some kid who looked like James Hewitt’s other son, he even played a toy guitar….Anyway, it turned out that it was supposed to be representative of the most successful artists from the whole Commonwealth of Nations over the period of Her Majesty’s reign. In this they got a few people right, but let’s not forget that we gave the world a harder rock, the most successful selling band album of all time was AC/DC’s Back in Black, those lovable blues rockers who for the most part were born in the UK but now hail from Down Under. But we also brought Disco and Punk, not that I’m suggesting that the Sex Pistols take the stage. But we only have to roll back 10 years to remember Brian May playing the national anthem from the roof of the palace and Ozzy rocking the whole place to bits. Old diehards Quo weren’t anywhere to be seen either – and what about a single track from the Stones, Bowie – anyone…?

Alas there are lots of people who could have really had the place bouncing – but sadly we had a Hoola-Hoop lesson instead. If you thought it was great then please allow me to buy you a bat for self tuition – sorry, but there it is… As for the rest of the Jubilee, it rocked!! Could we have done better?

Only on every bloody level! but hey…. ;-)

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The Nürburgring and Top Gears Respect for Sabine Schmitz

top-gear-logoYou don’t have to watch the UK’s Top Gear motoring show for long to realise that beyond the all too typical male bravado, there is one person whom stands head and shoulders above the prideful presenters tgteamsmlof Clarkson, May and the Hamster. This person is their nemesis, more highly skilled than all of them put together and frankly they love and respect her. That person is Sabine Schmitz. The fastest drcropsaiver of the torturous Nürburgring in Germany.

And this is why; Sabine not only out drives just about everyone, she set the lap record at Nürburgring at the age of 19 at 8 minutes 16 seconds in a Ford Sierra Cosworth. In October 2008 she set a new lap record for a non-turbocharged car at 7 minutes 07 seconds in a Porsche 997 RSR (Frikadelli Racing Team).


Nürburgring History and F1:

gp-track-copyNürburgring is not the little track you may have seen and possibly will see later this year in Formula 1 – no, it’s huge!!  It’s 13 miles long, it’s a mountain race track and has 147 corners!

With steep inclines, descents and hairpin bends, it is not only a formidable test on the skill and stamina of any driver irrespective of skill level – but the car itself. Simply put, if the car is not in 100% top shape, it will not survive this assault.

Back in the 12th century Count Ulrich probably never imagined that one day, anurbergring-copy1t the foot of his time-honoured Nürburg, the queen of racing courses would attract people from all over the world. After the Ring opened on 18th June 1927 it soon became clear what a great economic force this early form of the leisure industry was going to become in the entire region. Restaurants with guest rooms turned into hotels, meadows into car parks and the races were a blessing for what was one of the poorest regions in Germany. The story of the Nürburgring goes back eight decades – a period in which it has produced many stories, has thrilled many generations of racing drivers and fans and has become the economic powerhouse of the Eifel region.

Part of the track called the ‘Nordschleife’, still in use today was nick named ‘The Green Hell’ by Jackie Stewart. It is widely considered the toughest, most dangerous and most demanding purpose build race track in the world.

Sabine History:

Born to the neues-bild10local hotel and restaurant owning Schmitz family, Sabine and her two elder sisters grew up in the “Hotel am Tiergarten”  in Nürburg within the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

Sabine came to mass public attention driving one of the two BMW M5 Ring Taxi around the 13 mile long race track in an entertaining manner. As she once put it “Anyone can drive fast on an Autobahn, but drifting a car sideways around a bend at 140 is different”.

Conservative estimates say that Sabine has driven around the Nürburgring no less than 20,000 times, and she has become known as both the “Queen of the Nürburgring” and “the fastest taxi driver in the world”.  Her company, Nürburgring – based Sabine Schmitz Motorsport, offers advanced driver training and a “Ring Taxi” service for passengers.img_0016

Her list of achievement is simply staggering by anyone’s account. She has raced for companies, driven all over the world and even put a Main Battle Tank through its paces. Furthermore she is an accomplished helicopter pilot. Ironically, Top Gear once raced an AH64 Apache Longbow, yet none of them could actually fly one – they might want to think about that.

Sabine is known worldwide, her Television career has brought heSabine Schmitz 8r global attention putting her all too familiar smile, style and highly entertaining skill into our homes.

Basically, if you ever wanted to see men put in their place, then not only can this lady do it – but the sheer intimidation of such an amazing race track, simply destroys them. And lets be honest, Clarkson deserves it.

First up, to explain what Sabine is all about The BMW M5 RingTaxi

Ok, you get the idea,  now lets see her with Top Gear (sadly the quality is low on these as the YouTube BBC page is yet to carry them.

Clarkson Diesel Jag Pt1

Clarkson Diesel Jag Pt2

Sabine Top Gear Ford Transit


Nürburgring 2009

This Year will see massive investment into the Nürburgring, in fact they are turning it into an all year round leisure facility with major upgrades and expansion costing around 252 million Euros. The four main areas of investment are in Racing, Adventure, Business and Holiday. They will be working with existing tourism service providers to make, frankly, one awesome site. From Rock concerts to Formula One and the myriad of other functions from driver training to the grueling Nürburgring 24hr race – Nürburgring will be, and IS, a must for anyone interested in motor sport at any level.

For more information regarding activities and events at Nürburgring, go to there website HERE

Sabine – present work + website

frikadelli-racing-teamSabine Schmitz continues to expand her awesome career to date and is still a keen Professional Racing Driver. She presently races for Team Frikadelli Racing and while there is the Sabine Schmitz Motosport Website, Sabine is vespeedbee-beery much involved in a real hands on capacity with her ALL NEW website . At present it is mainly in German Language format, but Sabine tells me the English version is coming very soon.

For further information about Sabine, her work (past and present) and what she’s doing in the future, please do not hesitate going to her websites.



In conclusion; TWBrit, or moreover, I would like to take a moment to thank Ihre Meltem Yildiz at Dederichs Reinecke & Partner who are Nürburgring’s PR Team and special TWBrit gratitude to Sabine Schmitz for information and help with writing this article.


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