The Last Flight….

How many times does a Space Shuttle fly on the day it’s supposed to?
That said, what is it with apparently not flying through clouds – I swear… while NASA has an over technical excuse for everything, it was like they were dragging their feet (again)….
If after 30 years of shuttle flights they can’t take off in rain, thunder or snow – it’s a pretty piss poor bloody show in my view…. I’m just saying like ;-)

It got to the point that yesterday when I jumped on the NASA twitter feed and said “Hey, next time you build a spaceship – think 747, heat tiles, retractable wings and 2 Solid Rocket Boosters – because a 747 can take off in any bloody weather”

Finally they gave it a go but not before they suddenly felt it necessary to explain in technical detail why the weather was an issue – seriously!! I think 7 people strapped to a bomb would have more to worry about than “is it cloudy outside?”
After all, we don’t really want any East Coast preferred cocktails being 1 part Teachers, 7up, and a big bang again!!

So, the countdown resumed finally – but not before half a dozen depts. had to try to say something profound in a monotone fashion..

But then a real problem occurred – they couldn’t see if the bottle top had disengaged from the top of the main tank… seconds later a cctv camera swung around and confirmed it had….

Then whoosh!!! Atlantis was finally away….

My only wish was to have seen a launch in person – but saying goodbye to the Shuttle? Not so sad actually.
You see, the Shuttle is an amazing bit of engineering, it really is! But it’s old and by now we (or they) should have developed new propulsion, artificial gravity, safer re-entry… Space travel should be quick, easy and cheap now…. And it’s simply not…

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The Hewlett’s are back


S40?!o the SGA series 5 start date is set for July 11 and the same wonderful bunch will be back doing the stuff they do – and, with a few newbies.

I was reading Dave Hewlett’s Blog over at dgeek and apparently we can look forward to his ‘work prolific’ sister Kate in the show again this season.

David is apparently suffering the effects of his 40th Birthday and as I know these effects well, some sympathy could have gone his way if we didn’t think he was actually older (lol sorry, I couldn’t resist).


Kate’s life seams to be a blur by all accounts and now has a spot on this years Toronto Fringe Festival in July. She also has a fascinating blog; Loft in Translation which makes for the very interesting reading for the life of a workaholic.


 Personally I don’t know how people can cope with these two siblings – it’s exhuating just to read about them lol


The Hewlett Wrecking Crew are coming over to Blighty in June to publically take chunks out of each in the normal way that only family can and answer questions / meet and greet with fans, so do check the respective websites for further informaton.


This video is quite old and is typical Amanda Tapping vs David Hewlett banter – but can anyone please explain how the hell he and can talk so quickly – from a guy who gets complaints of perpetual mumbling (that’s me by the way), this is horrific stuff.





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