Something strange this way comes…

h/t Big Dog for bringing this to my attention.

This article is about vehicles, or more importantly a new vehicle bought buy the British government.

Now, I used to do  a lot of work with Land Rover, and I certainly know my off-road vehicles and how to usesov1 them. So while the US forces rib the Brits about the use of ‘Snatch’ Land Rovers in Afghanistan for patrolling – which I agree with, as they’re not a patrol vehicle, I shall try to explain some really very basic things.

Power vs Torque vs Speed vs Traction vs Suspension vs Weight vs Wheelbase – thats it, in a nutshell. Now the Land Rover SOV (special operations vehicle) is designed simply as a highspeed, light weight weapons platform. It does this very well indeed and can attain speeds in excess of 85 mph. It’s wheel base is 110 inches to each wheel center and hlandroversovas alternative wheel bases i.e. 90 and 130 dependent on load and terrain requirements – though it is rare to see a 130 SOV.

Some terrain requires longer wheelbases, others not, but more importantly, it requires a very low center of gravity. But the SOV is a good high speed attack motor, it’s not got armor of any type on it and yet it’s bristling with loads of kit and equipment. It is not the right vehicle at all for street patrols.

So imagine my surprise when someone at the Ministry of Defence buys a new vehicle – something that fell out of a video game, a cartoon maybe? See what you think.


Looks like the fairway has more bunkers than they thought – at least it’ll be able to carry all the golf clubs they’ll need.

Two things : 1) Sadly this thing is not a joke. 2) which moron would fit vinyl seats for use in a hot desert?



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