In Music, Vintage is good…. In Rock….

Acker Ducker to people who don’t know, is the nickname for officially the biggest selling band of all time – AC/DC…
Sometimes referred to as Aussie Opera, the band, four of whom came from this once fair isle… Have mixed their operatic indulgence with the exceptional quality of Australia’s other great export – wine from none other than the great Warburn Estate.. Yes, you heard that right…Ladies and Gentlemen I give you

If Back in Black Shiraz, Highway to Hell Cabernet Sauvignon, Hells Bells Sauvignon Blanc and You Shook Me All Night Long Moscato don’t strike a chord – they soon will!

Last week saw the launch of none other than AC/DC wine in Australia and from what the gracious Mairead Jarrett at Warburn Estate tells me – this (like the band) is no one-off deal…

It’s a serious product line and is to be exported globally on wholesale release.
Both Warburn Estate and Niki White of Lantern Group were most helpful in enlightening me with the information and images here, in fact I placed pics of the wine below, just click on each bottle to see them full size.

While AC/DC are not the first band in the world to do this, they always prefer to think differently and with their renowned originality –  offer something of a slightly higher quality. You could say; In the style of a good modern vintage even.. ;-)
So…. Coming soon to your local wine seller is indeed, by the great Warburn Estate winery.

I bet they get the Nicknames of : Black, Blood, Toller and Shaker lol ;-)

I must add; if anyone at Warburn Estate or Lantern would like these four wines tasting by an ordinary guy who’ll write it up – feel free to send some over ;-)

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A little promo for Iron Man 2 at Rocherster Castle – clever

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30 years, I can’t believe I almost missed it

Every now and then, when people of a certain age can’t think of a reason to toast someone, they toast this guy.
I remember like yesterday the death being announced, I was a teenager at school and for me the ‘pop’ music world didn’t really exist.
I came to know of this band 3 yrs before while secretly staying up and watching an old music show that used to be on in the UK called the Old Grey Whistle Test. This one night they showed a full gig by this band and I was hooked.
I slowly bought albums over the years and then the news came that the extremely extrovert lead singer had died in his car in south London.

But then this was 1980, the 19th of Feb and the guy was Bon Scott.

Since  the infusion of legendary record producer Robert (Mutt) Lange with the Highway to Hell album, ACDC has never looked back. Many have now said that the meeting of minds of Bon Scott and Mutt Lange was something to behold and only later did people start to understand what truly could have been developed from these joint seeds of genius. But it didn’t finish there.

Within months the band regrouped and produced an album that for the most part had been written by and even demo’d by the original singer.

Built on a rock solid foundation by Bon and the present members. The release of the Back in Black album made music history and today it still does – being the No1 selling rock album of all time and the disputed 2nd most sold album in the history of the music industry.
It’s still selling fast today, it still holds it’s own and in time will eventually take the top spot. Not bad for a band who out sold the Beatles!

The first time I saw the band live I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, a school boy sitting on top of Bon Scott’s shoulders running through the audience!

Yes I missed the anniversary by a couple of days, but hey – life gets a bit foggy after an added 30yrs

30years!!!! I can’t believe it’s truly been so long.

So this evening, I raise a glass and say “To Bon Scott” and for just so much entertainment and fun – even after 30yrs


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A missed anniversary…


In the music world, the number of albums sold are the ultimate accolade and only truly sure fire way of working out who is truly big or even the biggest band or artist in the world. Artists come and go and some are literally one hit wonders, yet others may actually shun the spot light of celebrity. On 27th July 1979 an album was released, and 8 months later the lead singer died, what followed that incident changed rock and music history. 30 years on and the band that is close to the hearts of millions is still touring and breaking records.

Out selling just about everyone including the Beatles and Madonna, that band is AD/DC and to make the occasion of the release of the album Highway to Hell, here is weird video of some kid on You Tube bouncing about to the track TNT.

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Oakthorpe and a sore realisation

So yesterday I go to Oakthorpe for the second day on the trot and today I’m doing a third run. The thing is I don’t go there so much these days which is a shame, both for earning potential and the fact we used to go up there 5 times a week – every week. Then typically, I get three all at once.
So yesterday was Friday, the millions of home bound cars trying to cram into the same spaces to get to there destinations quicker – while extra traffic because of events such as Glastonbury all added toOakthorpe copygether for a little mayhem.

Arrival at Oakthorpe found Dave running everything – and in a disturbingly good mood… I was also, until he put me on bay two. Bay two is one of the toughest reverses I know of and I’ve had to reverse in some pretty amazing places.
What I mean is, I’ve reversed into places that look like you simply couldn’t get a truck into it – yet it goes in very easily. Bay two looks so incredibly straight forward and simple….But it isn’t!! It’s a complete right angle, narrow, always between two trucks and then at the front end there is simply no room to swing the cab around to straighten up.
Sometimes, you get it right first time, but more often than not – FAIL!!
I eventually got it in with a bit of hand and arm waving and then took my break.

At this point I received texts of the some what dark humoured Michael Jackson jokes presently doing the rounds. Then I recieved more, and more and, well so damn many – I had to switch my phone off!! That much laughter is painful to the old rib cage!

Arch of LightHowever, on my may back around the North Circular road at around 10pm I was stunned at the vision of the new Wembley Stadium all lit up. The huge arch over the top is completely full of lights and almost blinding!  I tried to get a picture of the place – but it’s not very good, hence the pic nabbed from the net.
I couldn’t help but admire the place, where my brother was some top Health and Safety guy during its construction.
While staring at it and noticing the flashing lights from within – I realised what was going on – it was AC/DC’s Rock and Roll Train concert on their Black Ice tour – the very same concert I could not get tickets too!!!
Well, that took the smile right off my face!!

And now, I’m off back to work and sunny Oakthorpe – again!


The Rock-n-roll Train has arrived and I’m grumbling


Yep, AC/DC’s RocknRoll Train rolled into London a few days ago setting up for tonights first UK and European leg of the global tour. This has obviously given the lads in the band a well deserved rest to go home and have some down time while all the gear comes over.

Like with most huge tour sets, while tonights gig in London’s O2 Arena (the Dome to you and me) starts off this leg of the tour, the second stage is already being built in Dublin.

Sadly (and today I feel it) I will not be going to any part of this tour due to the fact that ALL the tickets sold out black_iceglobally within seconds of them coming on sale – darn internet!!

So good luck to the lads, and have a great time all those of you who are going tonight and over the next fews days. I expect to see some great footage on YouTube tomorrow morning and that means none of this shaky camera stuff.

Oh and if in the rare instance any AC/DC crew member would like to put my logo up on the screens – please feel free, just take a picture of it when you do – LOL, cheers.

I’ll now go back to grumbling…. bah, bloody humbug


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Concert tickets sales – sigh


While I’m a strong advocate of the internet in most of it’s forms from information, news, shopping, connecting people, social networking, even a little bit of smut (lol) and especially this blog. There is one thing that drives me nuts… Internet purchasing of concert tickets – simply, they’re gone in seconds.


Now there are bands out there that I may not wish to mention out of shame, there are bands I’ve seen over 20 times.

But if there was a band that had this boy head banging and picking up a guitar in his youth it was AC/DC. I first watched them on TV when I was 13 on ‘The Old Grey Whistle Test’ after I had gone to bed and had sneaked the portable tv into my room. Later I went to see them at the Top Rank suite in Sheffield, then a few times since. The riffs are simply blues based rock-n-roll and somewhere in the catalog I guarantee there is a tune for eacdc_logo-copyveryone.

With the second greatest selling album of all time, the breaking of nearly every US sales record other than that last few held by the Beatles (though they have outsold the Beatles) and a new album that went multi platinum entering the charts at number one in 29 countries in a matter of 3 days in 2008, making it the most successful album launch in history setting a new record. 

The band have gone on yet another global tour that will take them nearly 2 years to complete.

Of course you’ve all heard the track ‘Rock-n-Roll Train, it’s just like those who have and will see the show, I too would like to see the darn train turn up on stage also as seen here in the concert opening.

Oddly, they’re not too shy about bringing large things on to the stage judging by the 40ft statue they used on the last tour;

Sadly, I’ll be damned if we can get tickets anywhere that does not require flights and hotels due to the speed in which these things have sold out.

To be fair, they haven’t toured for 7-8 years and while the band members live all over the world (UK, Holland, Florida and New Zealand) the race to get these tickets isblack_ice amazing.

While I love this band of down to earth rockers and would love to see them one more time – sadly wisdom over what I’m prepared to spend has stopped me pursuing this any further.

That said, they have entertained me for 30+ years, so I can’t really complain.

Gramble, grumble grumble!!!!

P.S. If you ever need music to get laid to, the Back in Black album has this amazing consistent rhythm all the way through it and it has a very odd effect – I didn’t tell you this.




They’re back, they’re touring and even got a single out.

I am of course talking about AC/DC….

Amazingly these guys keep going and I for one are happy they they are. A good part of my teen youth was listening to these guys from Australia and the UK.

Here’s their new single ‘Rock n Roll Train’ from the album Black Ice – to know more go to the AC/DC website.



Anyone seen this movie?

Brian Johnson of AC/DC has bank rolled and written songs for the comedy movie ‘Totally Baked’. Released a while ago, it’s supposed to be very funny.

If anyone has seen it – let me know if it’s worth getting

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