Boeing 787 in serious questions over safety and quality of manufacture

An astounding, damning and frankly scary report by Al Jazeera may be shinning light that would lead people to think the 787 is nothing more than a bucket with wings waiting to fall from the sky… See what you think

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Boeing receives a few certificates

Yup, in the ever expanding global competitiveness of new aircraft, Boeing has had a few things to shout about regarding the new 787 Dreamliner.
In fact : Jonathan Gaffney, president and CEO of the National Aeronautic Association, presented Boeing with two certificates confirming the official status of the two world records earned by the 787 in 2011.
The airplane earned records for completing the longest flight for an airplane in its weight class with a 10,336 nmi (19,142 km) flight to Dhaka, Bangladesh. This record had previously been held by the Airbus A330 with a 9,126 nmi (16,901 km) flight in 2002.
I’d say the extra 1210 nautical miles pretty much smashes it :-)

Also in the last few days, Boeing delivered its first VIP format 747-8 to an undisclosed customer.. The VIP product line is of course in the “Private Jet” class and all I can add is “Wow!!”
However, it’s reasonably well documented that a well known Russian billionaire has actually ordered an Airbus A380 for a staggering sum of money – but I gotta ask; “what the hell do you do with all that space?”

Of course, regular readers will have noted that just before New Year I spent a little time in Roswell, New Mexico.  Now, with all the usual fun tourist stuff going on, I forgot to go the former Walker Air Force Base just to the south of Roswell. Of course this base was significant in the Roswell legend and while buying up t-shirts as proof of my visit, I simply forgot. You see while the former Walker AFB is now a parking site for many airliners, it’s also a place Boeing carries out many of its tests on new aircraft, especially regarding the 777 and 787.  Obviously Christmas week wasn’t the ideal time to catch anything cool going on, but nevertheless, I think i’d have liked to stop by.

I’ll finish this aviation post with news that if you wish to get a look at the 787, it’s actually on tour and details can be found HERE

787 flight tests complete and Dreamliner is Certified

I actually forgot to write this post completely…

Apologies for this lateness, but on the 16th of August Boeing announce the flight tests of the 787 Dreamliner have all been completed and passed!!

The 787, just like the 777 has been tested beyond the most extreme limits. It is an astounding comfort to know that the original concept of the design and test of the 777 was to design failure and crashability out of the aircraft. In fact only one major incident has ever occurred in 17 years of flight and that had absolutely nothing to do with the aircraft design, furthermore – other than a broken leg – no major injuries were sustained!

Now the 787, an aircraft designed and built with composites, something that hasn’t really been done much in the civilian industry – the tests had to be toughened and be as throughly robust for every situation, and of course, new tests developed to exceed limits well beyond the normal operation of the aircraft…

Well done Boeing

For those in the private personal aviation market, or anyone dreaming of now not buying the 737 Boeing Business Jet but opting for and 787 VIP instead… Sadly you won’t get much or any change for three times the BBJ’s value!! and frankly, the 777 VIP is simply cavernous inside ;-)

That said, the 787 VIP is pretty amazing though, especially if you’re having Lufthansa fit out the interior…

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The day cannot end without a little Boeing something

Since I’ve been up I’ve been scouring the Boeing website and was hoping for live footage of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner First Flight.

Yes, today, finally after years of hard work, design, build – rebuild, redesign – the 787 took to the air infront of thousands of Boeing staff, engineers, general public, well wishers and half the worlds media.

The 787 is now officially a reality – well done and congrats to Boeing and good luck to all those who’ll be building this aircraft at the all new Charlston factory.

Maybe, just maybe… Boeing should have been the designers of the A400M – or at least a whole new concept!!

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787 readies for First Flight with relief

The relief comes in the face that Boeing’s stock is recovering and with news coming through of preparations for the 787 Dreamliner’s First Flight Boeings stock hit a 12 month high at $55.95!
After so many delays, primarily as this is the first time an airliner has been built this way, company officials promised the 787’s First Flight by the years end.
But the Boeing share price still has a long way to go to recover fully because back in 2007 when they first rolled out the 787, the company’s stock exceed $107…

The company’s Dreamliner could take to the skies as early as next week. Over the past week, aviation writers and enthusiasts have peppered the Web with possible first flight dates: Dec. 14, 15, 18, 19 and 22.

Boeing should have results soon from the 787’s static test, which wrapped up last week. Those results are essential in clearing the Dreamliner for flight.

Meanwhile, production of the 787 is continuing with the first airline test aircraft starting to role off the production line.

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The Dreamliner and it’s niggles that keep pushing back First Flight


Right now the 5th (yes the 5th) Boeing 787 Dreamliner is all but complete and ready to fly – or is it?!
There have been two overriding issues with the 787 in recent months, first the weight…
The weight is exceeding the basic remit for the aircraft considerably. So much so, instead of being able to achieve in excess of 8000 nautical miles, it would be lucky to achieve 6500 at it’s present weight. So, the engineers are really going back over the aircraft and find placboeing_787es to safely remove the excess weight.
The next issue is a technical one;
In a nutshell, the technical issue forcing the postponement of First Flight has to do with the two huge composite sections used as attach points for the wings on the 787. The first, the Wing Box, is manufactured by Mitsubishi and the second, the Centre Wing Box, is manufactured by Fuji. 787 construct
These parts are joined together to provide a secure mounting structure for the wings, which are affixed to the assemblies at points on each side of the fuselage. Reinforcing stringers provide additional strength for the structures. The stringers are integrated into the composite material, which is then cured in an autoclave.
Unfortunately, the areas of the two assemblies where the reinforcing stringers meet, called stringer caps, sustained damage when the wings were flexed in a test conducted in May. This in turn caused some small sections of the wing structure 787 new col tailitself to disbond.

Frankly, while economics might not be in favour of more delays, I’m quite happy (while not a purchaser) to wait for them to get it right and look forward to the First Flight date and subsequent extreme testing to prove this new kite as sound.

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Psst…. I have a dream…


It’s true, which is of course that I one day wake up and find myself very wealthy.
You see, there is a pleasure that only the very wealthy can afford, you know, those who probably make 100 million a year in interest alone.
It’s to own my own BBJ and that my friends is a Boeing Business Jet. Well while that depabbj carrtment are called that, the aircraft can be anything thing you want them to be.
The original BBJ is the Boeing 737, and while it is priced very competitively against far smaller aircraft, in the region of $50m – it’s not really a super long range cruiser. Also the 737 is up for redesign, so what’s left?
Well the 787 Dreamliner isn’t quite ready, so this leaves us wboeing_bbj2ith two – the 777 and the 747.
Now personally, I think the 747 is a little excessive, even if I did have the money to burn, but as for the 777, well apart from the fact I like them a lot, it’s seems to be just about the right size – even If I do need to take the car along too.777bbj
But sadly, with the whole global warming thing, running a few staff, burning a lot of fuel and money on servicing etc – it’s a lot just to cart one person around.
NOT!! 787bbj
Of course I’d have one, heck I’d go and get my wings so I could fly it myself!
I’d be a complete menace in it too.
The crazy part is, I’d really get a lot of use out if it!
Oddly, when you think of the 747,747bbj you’d probably think about Air Force One, but that’s a different thing all together – it’s more like a flying office block.bbj 747
Of course, that other company (airbus) also makes them, but buying one is more a question of how long you want to live – if you’re in your 80s, then sure, buy an Airbus.

777 bbj ensuiteNo, if money wasn’t a consideration – one of these suckers would be my ride – for sure!

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