So the Mega Truck comes to the UK

Drivers have been talking on and off about this for several months and finally it looks like reality of it is almost here. 60 tonnes of double articulated beasts of burden will soon become a common sight on the motorways of the UK.

There is a huge amount of concern regarding the size of these things right the way across Europe, but here in old Blighty we really don’t have to worry too muct as they’ll be limited to Motorways and the Distribution Centre next to them.

So what are the benefits? Well for one, I can drive them and so I can’t wait to ‘have a go’, but there are more serious benefits. Firstly they will carry far more goods and require less labour, carrying more means serious cost savings to everyone who does anything other than breath – and that leads me onto this; less emissions!!

Now admittedly there will need to be some very basic alterations to a few intersections, but other than that it’s full steam ahead for the Super Truck (or Mega Truck as some call it).

One good thing is that once the full approval is given, they’ll start looking a bit more sightly rather than the miss matched thing you see in the photograph.

I realised today that I’m so glad that I qualified in all the different things I have done with driving when I did (oh so many years ago) because it would take over 19 different and very expensive steps to be as qualified as I am  in this given field today. Yet while I’ve honestly had enough of driving and I simply don’t feel that while qualified to drive almost anything with reasonable skill – I do not class myself as a good driver. I pity the poor soul who one day think ‘hey, I’d like to qualify in that’. My answer to this is simply ‘Don’t!!’ – spend the money on a course that will lead you to better pay and a lot less stress.

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