Mustang Sue…

While strolling through the grounds of Bletchley Park with Sue Black last month, she mentioned she was off to New York to the #140 Conference… Yes, you guessed it – something to do with Social Media and the amount of characters you can pop into a “tweet”.
She’s there right now, infact as she was boarding her Virgin Atlantic 747 to New York she took a pic and mentioned the name of the aircraft was “Mustang Sally”… I just thought – oh, that name’s gonna stick…
As we speak, the conference has been going on and is very exhausting and a short while ago she changed her profile pic to this one;

Now, not wanting to be too ruthless with photoshop… But with the best humour at heart, for which I pale next to the humour of good people like Sue – I played a little before finally deciding (as it’s her birthday this weekend) to also knock her a logo together.

The first, which I sent to her – I wasn’t happy with and with the news her bf was kinda lost in NYC after tab’ing across the Atlantic to spend a special weekend with her – I did another…

To a brilliant friend and all round great person Dr (Mustang) Sue Black

Happy Birthday and to you both – have a great weekend!! :-)

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