Christmas 2015


Hi everyone.
As we draw to the end of 2015 we’re very much looking forward to 2016 with open arms, open hearts and a healthy dose of determination.
2015 has been a fight for us from start to finish .
It’s been a tough one alright – that’s for sure.

So while we’re not physically taking part in Christmas this year, there is no excuse not to wish absolutely everyone a great time, much fun and a fine helping of festivities.
We wish and hope everyone has a great Christmas and a truly awesome New Year.

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Yorkshire Didn’t Just Lose Something – We All Did

I’m digging through old posts at the moment; I’m looking for one out 1090 in particular.
In it I wrote about the qualities of a man I could only aspire in my most distant dreams to be like. I even stated that if I only had 5% of the humanity, care and tempered wisdom of – I would be a 110% better person.
I’m serious! And what I am about to say here are not misguided words driven by emotion.

He had been a soldier, in fact he had been in the exact same regiment as myself, he was a God-fearing man and in his younger years when the world was in far harder times than we could even conceive of today, he and his wife would walk miles to get to church on time in all weathers and in winter that meant Rain, Ice, Snow and the forever steep unforgiving hills that Sheffield offered. Yet his faith was his business and equally respected the views of those who may not share as much.

I simply have known no better man and human being in my entire life. He set a standard to which all men whom met him aspired to be like – yet I know of no one who is or comes close.

I don’t really care about the politics of the world, who is using what excuse to have a war, how one person measures success in life from another because today we all lost something more precious than you’d ever know, because this man was different, this man was decent, funny, fair and respectful and yet as hard as nails.

Yesterday Joshua Goodlad (a name as I type brings a tear to my eye) passed away peacefully with his daughter Sandra, my ex-wife, holding him and with the rest of an amazing family around him.

Even after a life away from his family for many years he and is awesome wife “Lil” greeted me just like the family we once were. I was humbled.

Strangely I cannot say whether I will miss Joe or not, because his charisma surpasses this. I have a handful of heroes I’d like to emulate in some small way as many do – but I could only wish to with Joe.
What I will miss is the opportunities I’ve not taken and yet I feel truly honoured to have met him, known him, to drink with him and for the rest of my life I will respect and know – no one is was or to my knowledge ever be a greater man as him.

His family will miss him deeply, and they should know that beyond all the normal closeness of a deep family loss – he was and is just so much more than a Grandfather, Great grandfather or a Dad… He was the rule to which we truly measure ourselves by and I think they’ll know what I mean.


Joe1 (587 of 2)

In life, no man was closer to God
In my life – he was my f**king hero

Virtutis Fortuna Comes


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Something for Christmas that we’re kinda proud of…

Due for release any time now:  Saving Bletchley Park by Dr Sue Black. 51gLwiNPbvL._SX325_BO1,204,203,200_
And we promote this for two very good reasons!!

Firstly it’s a damn good and very down to earth read of a fascinating story of Sue Black’s efforts to successfully save the place that saved our entire nation and millions of lives worldwide told by the person who did it with the power of social media.

Secondly: As our RWiR site (link on the right) we didn’t design the book cover, but we did spend a long time preparing the images for it, many were phone taken photos we had to get to print quality.

Our input was minor compared the time and efforts put into this by Sue Black, but we’re very proud to have been a part of it.

The Book will be available on Unbound website first and on Amazon later in the New Year and once it’s available the Unbound website page will move from the crowd funded page to a sale page….
Here is Unbound’s present page and the Amazon link.…/…/1908717920 

My 2014 in a few pictures

A little travel (London, Paris, The West Country) and stuff about the house and dubious oddness
Click on any Image to open in Gallery view

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The Infamous TWBrit Christmas List : 2014

Hey, let’s get back to where we used to be at, and what better way to start than with this years Christmas List.
Of course there will be a few old things, and some new :)

Lifetimes Supply of Coffee

In the absence of the availability of the previously wished for Amberley Court 
Then Stanton Court is next :)

And / Or This place in Escala, Austin, Texas
Austin house

Marshall JCM 800

The TrackingPoint XS1 .338 Rifle


Again…. The Land Rover 110 Crew Cab pickup but stretched on a 130 Chassis


Canon G7X


The Cintiq 24HD touch

gallery image 2 cintiq24hdtouch
Dell UHD 32 inch 5K Monitors

I still want a plane, but we’re dropping the 787 and returning to the 777-200LR ;)

Theakston’s Old Peculier by the barrel, not the bottle (of course)


Virtuix Omni

DJI Inspire 4K


Canon 70D  Camera

Taylor 812ce 12 Fret

Taylor 812 12 Fret
A Knighthood: KBE
for services to Britishness and Commonsense

An invite to become a member of White’s

A Toyota Sequoia


And finally

Edible Chocolate Anus
because nothing could be more “Wrong” :D
edible anus

Repatriation and Understanding

I’ve not really posted much for a while because just so much other stuff that has been taking up my time. But in order not to lose sight or what I’m about, I’ve decided to carry on blogging for a while and travel more.

As part of this, today we made a trip to another Repatriation of a soldier coming home after paying the greatest price for not only our own nation, but for others too. It’s always a long journey for our lost heroes and heroines, but it’s just so important to pay them some semblance of respect for their work, dedication and sacrifice.

Some die in the most appalling ways, in combat, in support, in accidents, through their bodies simply failing. Yet all have willinglyRoyal_Engineers_badge travelled to the war zones, and all of them know the immense sacrifice may come sadly knocking at their door.

Today, by way of a change we decided to take Charlie Wright’s son James with us. James has now started the application, interview and test process for joining the British Army and more over the Royal Engineers.

In a fitting way, the young soldier being repatriated was Royal Engineer, 23-year-old Sapper Adam Moralee who died recently in Afghanistan.

Brize memorial bellI didn’t tell James initially where we were going because people can react very differently. Ironically when we did tell him he was very eager to get there and pay his respects.

So we cut through the Cotswold towns, stopping in Burford to grab lunch before arriving at RAF Brize Norton.
As the Police out riders came through, the Memorial Bell started tolling as the Funeral Director with top hat and cane walked the hearse to the memorial garden where flags were lowered in salute and family and friends Repat top hat guyplaced flowers on top of it.
Some clapped, most stared forward or lowered their heads, before the cortège finally moved off.

We already know that Sapper Adam Moralee’s ride will be stopped a few more times before his journey’s end today, but such is the feeling of many to need to come and say thank you as he passes by on his way home.Repat Family

Personally, I think this stuff is important. Others may not think so.
As a civilian I can disagree with a war, a political point of view – but I will back a soldier ordered to the field of conflict any day, irrespective of what the politics are. After all, it’s the soldier, male or female who has to commit the “oh so filthy” act of warfare where the stakes are for real – not the politician…

James now has had an experience too few have had. He thanked us for taking him, and frankly what he does from today forward – he does so with his eyes wide open.

James Repat1

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New York, N’ooo Yoyk!

Bouncing out of Nashville we set about attempting a 2am ETA in NYC and made it!


Strangely, after all that people had said about driving in the Apple and it being a city that never sleeps, there was hardly a thing on the road and it was a straight forward navigation to our downtown 6th Ave hotel, where they promptly stole the Snot Rocket (our car) for safe keeping.6th Ave

However, the New Jersey (N’ooo Joyzeee) Turnpike is NOT for the faint hearted or for anyone with a shred of logical commonsense due to the clarity of the signage, or indeed no signage. Thankfully, other than a few other lost souls, all was good.

The following day was a mad rush and full on with Gabsatrucker heading out early to chase her own butt up 20 blocks and pound out the rest of her 7 mile run around Central Park.

I jumped in a cab and headed to Chelsea and the new global headquarters of!rocketboom gold

Set in tasteful surroundings and interrupted from beavering away I sat down and had a great chat with Andrew Baron about how the future for Rocketboom and how other enterprises were rapidly shaping up to be far larger and indeed a permanent existence in the day on day “must watch” web media  listings :-)

The evolution of Rocketboom has been long and its consistency in what I call intelligent humour – ie Witt, sarcasm and irony mixed in with a variable amount of new or leading tech, entertainment and global web cultural insight is well established and is still leading in this field.

Andrew’s exceptional ability to seek out great talent for presenting Rocketboom is second to none and the present anchor of the show Keghan Hurst is a perfect example of this.

Andrew Baron’s great strength is not just that he is one of the first true instigators of what we term web media, but it lays at the door of not just knowing what he wants to achieve, but also in listening to so many others without being derailed from his overall aim. In this he has achieved a greater understanding than most within this field and in the creativity stakes there are few to rival what he has achieved.

In the evening Gabsatrucker and I headed over to meet Andrew, his stunning and glowingly pregnant wife Rima and their friend Eli for what Andrew termed Korean BBQ which was a fantastic evening with a lot of laughter.

While we were invited to stay for another evening, our plans were forever changing and we were sadly unable to. As we walked back to our hotel leaving great people and company behind us we came upon Times Square which was very much alive and bouncing.


Grabbing pictures and a bit of t’shirt swag we called it a night.




Naked CowGirl

Day 2:

Waking early and packing up our gear, we headed out to catch a few sights before leaving this unrelenting island city.

A fast walk up the street our hotel was on (that sounds like they moved it) and you hit the likes of Radio City and the not so liked News Corp headquarters.


Radio City

Onto the subway and Grand Central Station for crepes (of course)




Then South to the 911 Memorial.. BUT, remember all the trouble I had getting into the Hoover Dam? Well this time, I’m wearing a Leatherman tool and all manner of sharp objects as we headed into security.

The X-ray operator sees the Leatherman and asks to look at it, calls another guard over and then “Sir, where did you get this?”

Me: “Ebay, why?”

Reply: “I’ve been looking for the same model” before handing it back to me…

Now that is commonsense security!! They acknowledge the item, make you aware they have and then carry on as normal – and where? Where this whole terror thing for this country started!! Well-done 911 Memorial Security with their reasoned, professional and very logical approach to what they do.

I can’t really add much more, this place and most definitely this memorial leaves you silent as it stands for so much more now than the day it all happened, and to a far higher loss than ever before.


With that, we left the fair city of New York and headed back south, Philadelphia, DC, and on to Virginia – or ENGLAND as I like to call it.


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