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Ps1Photoshop has gained a lot of notoriety over the last few years, mainly for what we’ve see happen to celebrities suddenly looking 20 and even 30 years younger than they are. The irony is Photoshop is an incredibly hard bit of software to learn from scratch, it’s only once you have a fair understanding of it do you realise everything is where it is for a reason and above all, requires a lot of skill to use. Face face1Correct use of Photoshop was to remove items seamlessly like spots or a blemish that shouldn’t be there normally, or simply colour grading. Today it is a vast graphic art and design powerhouse. For the most part it is used for good and can be used for a bit of fun too. I often get asked where I get my artwork done, and my reply is “me”… and over the years and months I got asked to do a lot of things, some cool, some for a joke and some serious, but rarely did I get paid when high-end studios charge a small fortune for the most basic Lines-2a Lines-1a This in itself is restricting to the budgets of most everyday folks like you and me. So… today, I have decided to change that… Today we’re bringing online an image service for everyone, not charging hundreds of dollars, pounds, euros or what ever – but charging something people can afford! Say hello to Real World Image Retouching! The website is new and no doubt still requires a few “wrinkles” ironing out (pun intended, because I’m that sad). So your opinion, likes and so on are welcome, wanted and needed! Oh and please don’t forget to “like” us on Facebook.

Just as a side note: I would like to thank Gabsatrucker and Joanne Cash for the inspiration to do this. I can’t say enough and “thank you” just doesn’t seem to come close to the level of my gratitude

RWIR desktop

All forever changing

The road to learning effectively eight new skills to a reasonable level of advancement is a long one, and much longer than I’m either used to, or I envisaged!
Sat this sucker TWICE!
Film making, lighting, syncing audio, music recording (in a Digital age), graphic effects, Chroma key, Lightroom, taking the Adobe Photoshop Expert exams, gettingthereand other software like Element-3D in conjunction with Adobe After Effects. Yet the one thing that has kicked the hardest is the one single thing I’ve avoided my whole life:



With photography I have ALWAYS waited for the tech to do what I want it to do… what I mean is – I LOVE AUTO MODE!! :-)
However, to realise that the level of camera you need to lessen background noise, to process quicker and sharper images is a long painfully slow process – and then there are the lenses! (Or “glass” as they like to call it). But I’ve never got my head about the “clutch, brake, accelerator” or as I should say: “ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed! Nor, have I really wanted to.

Sure, I can design a cable layout, a Data Centre, a super computer… but photography blah, blah… It kills me when I hear people start talking that language!
BUT!! I love the post-processing… and while a great deal of my work these days is retouching images, when I want a particular picture – I have to take that bugger myself :-/canon-rebates

So I’ve started learning a bit at a time, understanding that the camera we use, which is great for quick snaps in auto mode, just isn’t clear enough and induces huge amounts of Chromatic Aberrations (see – techno blah, blah). So here’s some of the pics I’ve take which are grainy to say the least – but all are effectively advertisements for work rather than things I sell etc.

Pics by Me : Camera borrowed from Gabsatrucker


Chuch1 JPG

Gabby and the Dawgs

Cam logo001




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Leatherman : Something awesome this way comes!!

Gabsatrucker pointed this out. At first I thought it was a gimmick – then I learned just how awesome it is
Hit the pic to be taken to their website and see for yourself :-)
Leatherman Watch

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Errrrrr….. Say Wot Now???? LOL!

This is different – and very VERY Funny – NSFW!!!

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My 2014 in a few pictures

A little travel (London, Paris, The West Country) and stuff about the house and dubious oddness
Click on any Image to open in Gallery view


Happy New Year!!
Well, Christmas is over, and I’m aware that various celebrations of other faiths are near and so hope every had and will have a great time. But of course – it’s a new year…
So what is new?
youtube_logoTWBrit Vids are now in production!! And needless to say, no matter how dire and/or mentally benign they are, please subscribe, share, comment and hit the odd Ad so we can get better at making them.warming up
That said, I have spent months tinkering and learning Video Copilot’s Element 3D plugin for Adobe After Effects along with practising Chroma key. Here’s Video Copilot’s demo reel – a bit better than my own level of know how ;)

Further work that started out as a demonstration and is a work in progress is Britcentric.comBrit Centric
We’re not sure as yet what this will be. At the moment there are just a few pics and some artwork “roughs” I’ve done on there, but feel free to have a look and I seriously wouldn’t buy from the shop just yet ;)
If you feel you have an idea that could improve it, let us know :)
Travel plans outside of the UK will be held off until late summer, probably September onwards with probable trips to Australia and of course the USA. Some parts of Europe will be included, but it will depend typically on funding etc.

We’re due to start placing music on cdbaby in the coming weeks and months, this was only done to copyright the music produced for our videos, but if people like them, well, I’d think you’d be crazy, but you’ll be welcome to buy it.

Also, this blog’s Online Editor known to many as Gabsatrucker may also be producing videos too, and why not – she has to shoot mine after all lol.
So with that, and a probable house move as well this year, I’d like to sincerely wish all our readers, followers and subscribers the very best possible 2015 and I hope and pray every single one of you stay with us to see 2016 in together.

All the very best in all you do and all that comes your way



Apple : To Die For!!

AppleBelow is an amazing story about Apple by the BBC. Apple is apparently (as you will read) “deeply offended” by the program showing children mining the tin for Apple’s production, and Apple even admit to visiting the site and were appalled.
apple bbcBut instead of HALTING PRODUCTION UNTIL IT’S SAFE AND ETHICAL… They have set up help organisations… and basically, the tin in your phones and iPads were mined by kids – several of whom have died doing it!
So…. kids die mining for Apple’s profit – because there’s no way in hell they’d stop the ability to make a profit…

Read Article and Apple’s letter to their employees HERE

Of course, like the title of this post, the dark and damaging humour has already taken hold “Kiddy Killer” being substituted for any Apple product name.
Now, while no great fan of Apple and they certainly don’t in anyway support this site, I can’t help but feel they have a few things the wrong way around. Once these issues were witnessed by their own people is it right to carry on letting the products be made with knowledge of all this is???
However, personally, I can see a way out for them and one that makes the look like saints – but while I’ve worked on and done some great things in my own tech career – I doubt they would even look to me for advice.

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UK, Great Britain? by C G P Grey

Many wonder, many think they know – this is as close an explanation I’ve seen. Not 100 %, but close enough

ooooo, a new Horror Movie

So, in between commenting banter on YouTube, D-Geek, Actor, Director, former Brit, Canadian and now Murican: David Hewlett has given the new Australian movie “Babadook” resounding praise in Horror dept! So much so, it looks like it could be worth a look.
First up, the trailer – followed by David’s review.

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A YouTube Channel that makes a difference

youtube_logo I subscribe to a lot of YouTube channels and even have my own. But whether it’s for humour, shooting, tech or whatever (I may list my fav channels at some point) – one channel stands out a lot: “Smarter Every Day“.
Not only do you learn cool stuff in an interesting way, but they also do cool stuff with the money they raise.
Here is just one of those – and you’ll see, it’s awesome!

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Ultimate Elvis Fan Purchase!!

Elvis’s Plane For Sale

On April 17, 1975 Elvis bought a Convair 880 Jet, recently taken out of service by Delta Airlines, for the then-lisa mariesubstantial sum of $250,000. After refurbishing, the total exceeded $600,000.

The plane was in a hangar at Meacham Field in Fort Worth, and for months Elvis took great pleasure in flying friends out to check on progress as the interior of the plane was refurbished to his very specific design requirements (he bought another plane to make those trips – a smaller Lockheed JetStar). Elvis wanted a seating area, a conference room, and a private bedroom on the plane (with space for an in-flight reading library). He picked fabrics, decided on color schemes, chose the on-board audio-visual system, and even Ok’d the gold fixtures in the bathrooms (he counted heavily on some aesthetic input from Pricilla too).

Elvis was especially excited about the fact that the same design team had previously customized AIFORCE ONE. The craft slowly came together as an airworthy mix of modem function and Graceland elegance.

Close in size to a 707, the Lisa Marie was customized with plush sleeping quarters, a penthouse bedroom with a custom-made queen size bed, an executive bathroom with gold faucets and a gold washbasin, a videotape system linked to four TVs and a stereo system with fifty-two speakers, and a conference room finished in teak.

It could hold a maximum of 29 people, but usually there would be about eight or 10. When the final paint job was applied to the exterior, there was a prominent ‘TCB’ logo on the tail.

Click HERE for details

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Wanderers a short film by Erik Wernquist

and it’s awesome :)

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Ok, that’s really kinda cool

Whether it’s because I was a soldier, or as a teen I used to shoot .22LR small bore, but I love surfing some of the shooting vids on YouTube.
You don’t have to look far to find this lady: Kirsten Joy Weiss
Kirsten is a serious competitive shooter in the US and is committed to making shooting fun and safe. Her vids are starting to earn her a great reputation in this area and none more so than the day she shot a playing card in half.
Now she’s done one better; .22 cutting a playing card in half at 20yrds with the rifle over her shoulder facing backwards and using a mirror.
Enjoy :)

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The Infamous TWBrit Christmas List : 2014

Hey, let’s get back to where we used to be at, and what better way to start than with this years Christmas List.
Of course there will be a few old things, and some new :)

Lifetimes Supply of Coffee

In the absence of the availability of the previously wished for Amberley Court 
Then Stanton Court is next :)

And / Or This place in Escala, Austin, Texas
Austin house

Marshall JCM 800

The TrackingPoint XS1 .338 Rifle


Again…. The Land Rover 110 Crew Cab pickup but stretched on a 130 Chassis

The Cintiq 24HD touch

gallery image 2 cintiq24hdtouch
Dell UHD 32 inch 5K Monitors

I still want a plane, but we’re dropping the 787 and returning to the 777-200LR ;)

Theakston’s Old Peculier by the barrel, not the bottle (of course)


Virtuix Omni

DJI Inspire 4K


Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 bridge Camera

Taylor 812ce 12 Fret

Taylor 812 12 Fret
A Knighthood: KBE
for services to Britishness and Commonsense

An invite to become a member of White’s

A Toyota Sequoia


And finally

Edible Chocolate Anus
because nothing could be more “Wrong” :D
edible anus

I Got Art!!

The concept of “me” buying art is rare to say the very least. In fact, few of the things that have ever blown me away, I could never afford anyway and as an engineer at heart, Installation Art is more my cup of tea than most things as long as I can see the passion and uniqueness of the item.

So a few weeks ago I was collared by the site’s editor “Gabsatrucker” to go and have a look at a small studio who’s artist had caught her eye.
On a freezing November weekend, we arrived at Treehuggery owned and run by Jackie Ward. Jackie’s art has anart1 air of irony and simplicity that was so refreshing I ended up buying Gabsatrucker a piece for Christmas!
From making images like people waiting for a bus out of old bus conductor tickets to sport and cycling images from used car tax discs and there’s just so much more besides. To me, the best part is, Jackie is passionate and loves what she does.
If this reads like an advert, well I’m not being paid for it and I can’t recommend a true artist enough :)
KMA, you’d love her work!!

Then I see a competition for a piece on Facebook and get this – I won it!!! What more can I say to that?!art2
So If you want something a little different and very individual for a space on the wall of for a gift that seriously will not hurt your pocket – click on TREEHUGGERY and give her stuff a look because if you like quirky, interesting and most definitely original – then you just found it! :)


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Boeing 787 in serious questions over safety and quality of manufacture

An astounding, damning and frankly scary report by Al Jazeera may be shinning light that would lead people to think the 787 is nothing more than a bucket with wings waiting to fall from the sky… See what you think

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Of Stargate to TWBrit

36796209TWBrit was once called “LEGENDARY”…. (for reasons only known to a few) I’m not lying!!

So…. What would the star of the Sci-Fi horror movie the “Cube” say?
The same guy who almost stole the show Stargate SG1 and who became the greatest genius of the human race while totally stealing the show as Dr Rodney McKay in Stargate Atlantis – to be bettered by only his sister Kate.

The writer, director and star of “A Dog’s Breakfast”, also appearing in “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” and soon to be released “Debug”a-dogs-breakfast.26134



Just what did David Hewlett briefly let slip as a description of TWBrit?

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I have to post this… Jo Costakes shared it on her Facebook timeline… It just makes you wonder at how small the world truly is.

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Repatriation and Understanding

I’ve not really posted much for a while because just so much other stuff that has been taking up my time. But in order not to lose sight or what I’m about, I’ve decided to carry on blogging for a while and travel more.

As part of this, today we made a trip to another Repatriation of a soldier coming home after paying the greatest price for not only our own nation, but for others too. It’s always a long journey for our lost heroes and heroines, but it’s just so important to pay them some semblance of respect for their work, dedication and sacrifice.

Some die in the most appalling ways, in combat, in support, in accidents, through their bodies simply failing. Yet all have willinglyRoyal_Engineers_badge travelled to the war zones, and all of them know the immense sacrifice may come sadly knocking at their door.

Today, by way of a change we decided to take Charlie Wright’s son James with us. James has now started the application, interview and test process for joining the British Army and more over the Royal Engineers.

In a fitting way, the young soldier being repatriated was Royal Engineer, 23-year-old Sapper Adam Moralee who died recently in Afghanistan.

Brize memorial bellI didn’t tell James initially where we were going because people can react very differently. Ironically when we did tell him he was very eager to get there and pay his respects.

So we cut through the Cotswold towns, stopping in Burford to grab lunch before arriving at RAF Brize Norton.
As the Police out riders came through, the Memorial Bell started tolling as the Funeral Director with top hat and cane walked the hearse to the memorial garden where flags were lowered in salute and family and friends Repat top hat guyplaced flowers on top of it.
Some clapped, most stared forward or lowered their heads, before the cortège finally moved off.

We already know that Sapper Adam Moralee’s ride will be stopped a few more times before his journey’s end today, but such is the feeling of many to need to come and say thank you as he passes by on his way home.Repat Family

Personally, I think this stuff is important. Others may not think so.
As a civilian I can disagree with a war, a political point of view – but I will back a soldier ordered to the field of conflict any day, irrespective of what the politics are. After all, it’s the soldier, male or female who has to commit the “oh so filthy” act of warfare where the stakes are for real – not the politician…

James now has had an experience too few have had. He thanked us for taking him, and frankly what he does from today forward – he does so with his eyes wide open.

James Repat1

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The TWBrit 2013 Christmas List


Sorry it’s been sooooo late but to say I/we’ve been a little busy is an understatement. So, lets get on with it – at the end I will list some of the things now removed from previous lists and please do comment on it all. Sadly last year I missed doing it at all, but the last 2 Christmas’s New Years were spent in the USA.

Without further ado – here is the 2013 TWBrit Christmas List:

Virtuix Omni


Oculus Rift Gaming kit


DJI Phantom 2 Vision


Amberley Court
Yes it’s back again…. why? because this house is STILL awesome!!

Amberley Court

Battenberg Cake


Land Rover 110 County Station Wagon
Actually I want a 130 stretched County Station Wagon with a standard pick-up rear but larger internal cabin space (obviously a special order)


Accuracy International

.338 with a x24 Schmitt und Bender scope ( I would say an AS50, but they’re not legal in the UK)


A life time supply of Coffee


A Knighthood: KBE

for services to Britishness and Commonsense


An invite to become a member of White’s



Now, there is no way I can continue in leaving this list without an update for my weird and wacky wants… But due to the nature of manufacturing issues I have revised my dire wish for a personal Boeing 787 Dreamliner and opted for my most favourite plane the 777 and on a tight budget a 767.

Below are two pics of planes for sale (click on them to enlarge). It’s worth noting that a new 767 is about $185,800,000.00 and a new 777 is around $261,500,000.00 (Boeing 2013 list price) so can see these are greatly reduced as they’re older and have probably changed hands a bit.
Now the 777 is fly by wire with a mechanical back up, making it very cost-effective and much easier to service, however the 767 is ALL Mechanical except for a couple of little bits – this means things like control cable replacement on a 767 is quite a big and expensive business.

Also there is the cost of refitting them with bedrooms, bathrooms etc. Frankly an engine of a 777 is around the $18m each mark so I really don’t know how many cycles the airframe has left – but either way, two rock solid planes make the list :-)

767 for sale777 ad

Things now removed:

Taylor K24CE – Got One

Taylor Guitar

A REAL Tablet: Motion Computing J3500  – Got One

j3500 copy

Drum Kit – Got one


Theakstons Old Perculier – Got plenty :-)


Millions of personalised guitar picks – Got Them


Back of Pick 1

Give up Smoking – Did it, one year ago today

no smoking

Adobe Master Collection CS6 & Lightroom – Got them :-)


Heavy Duty Footwear – Got them all


Photo from the BIG BLACK BOOTS website at

Laptop with i7 CPU – Got It


Battlefield 3


So there you are… the craziness that is me and-some :D

Merry Christmas



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