Final Post


I know, I know… I promised to get blogging again, and I will, but no longer from this Platform.

A few years ago I was just getting to a point to change TWBrit over to a full-blown website and turn it into my fulltime job.
However, due to the maniacal rantings of several ignorantly uninformed people, not only did that destroy all possibility of this, thus unfortunately destroying my income and ultimately losing the roof over my head at the time.
Obviously this will never be forgotten, especially as it led to me losing contact with my family and my dying mother – BUT!! we move forward.

And move forward we have, and there are more changes yet to come too… New websites, twitter accounts and a whole host of other cool stuff

So the links on the side will be taken down and there will be no further updates.

Thank you for stopping by for a read and a chat, and I hope that I will get to catch up with everyone in a few months