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Hi, welcome to The Wondering Brit.

As you can tell, I’m a Brit. I’ve worked all over the world and love travelling.

Some asked why I don’t call the blog ‘The Wandering Brit’, well the answer is simple – the more I know, the more I question (like us all).

Born in Sheffield (Yorkshire), England, way back in the dark ages, I’ve had the benefit of doing so many different things in my never ending exploration of people, cultures and place to eventually call home. My interests include; playing the guitar as badly as possible, Technology, Cars, 4×4’s, military matters and Beer oh, and Cake… I do like cake a lot ;-)

So, I’m reasonably well travelled (yet I know at least 3 people who put me totally to shame on that score and have lived in the UK, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Austria), I have a vast knowledge of various trades. I’ve had a brilliant set of multi disciplined careers – primarily I work in Comms and IT. In the Comms/IT world I have worked on many projects, most you will not have heard of, others you might and the rest – you will hear of, like 4G, Dubailand etc. I’m also an author, to date I have one book published, one waiting to be published, a third ready, and four more books in the writing stages. I can sometimes be found in London, Bletchley Park, the US.and various other places as long as the have a Starbucks, Costa etc :D

From time to time I mention my old boarding school St.Georges in Wicklewood (then Finborough) which was, how should I say? I think “Different” would be a good word I guess… So much so that our former Headmaster Derek Slade got sent to prison for 21 years in 2010. While I write most of these posts in humour, I tend to remove them after a while. Many have known me to speak of this place with a lot of bravado over the years… The reality though is a tough one and probably explains more about me than I wish to admit. 

I’m terrible at communication; the irony is that I know so much about it.
So what is the problem?
At best I’m accused of sounding like a back street market trader, at worst (and more commonly) simply Arrogant.
All of these I agree with – as my brother once said; “you have amazing knowledge and wisdom – it’s just that the whole speech and using words thing you have trouble with”.

So apparently. If anyone has a conversation with me, please be advised of the above remarks and if you read something here that you find offensive, let me add the following.
I’m a serious person with a wild sense of humour, the problem is that I think and speak with my humour first and foremost. Everything is mainly written in humour and I think it will be obvious when I’m being serious. Beware that I also have a very dark humour that I picked up a long time ago.
Somewhere on the net someone wrote “he comes across like the local village idiot” and I probably do.
But no matter what the situation, or even which conversation or argument I might be having, I always offer a moment of care and sincerity – if you know me, then you know that’s the time to say something.

While I try to be accurate, I’m sure I’m not and some of my posts are written when I’m extremely tired. If you see or feel that I’m being misleading, that I have got something wrong, I have offended you or have used a picture inappropriately – please CONTACT ME and I will set things straight.      

This especially goes for any believed Copyright infringements. I have no wish to use images or video that should be paid for. If I have unwittingly used something that is yours – let me know straight away so I can remove the said Item. Intellectual Property is a very serious business on the internet and I do not wish to violate anyone’s IP rights in anyway. I am however aware that certain rights are permissible in regards to promoting companies and products and I have used logos and the like here mainly in that context.  However, often when approaching companies they simply do not reply – this is taken as they simply no not care if something is used or not. Again, if this is a problem – email me straight away.

Feel free to argue, agree, offer thoughts, ponder, ask, shout, but please do not swear.



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