Good Grief Woman…. What are you Talking About?

I watched the UN debate last night and was sat here with jaw agape wondering what on earth the Argentine delegation was talking about. This after the Islanders delegation again and again said “we are independent, talk to us not London”.

After pleas to have the islands self-determination recognised, the Argentine president totally ignored this and went, as ever, after the UK and apparent colonialism… As ever they claimed that islands are a large military base which the UK wants to retain in the South Atlantic and while she went on about hundreds of years of the UK’s colonial history – she seemed to ignore the fact that the military base on the Islands is there because her nation took the islands by force! Before this there were simply a few wooden huts with a squad of Royal Marines in them.

With constant claims of colonialism being fired left and right, she only then said she wanted to talk – that’s ok, because the Islanders have invited her government to do so – yet she ignores this and even started talking about bird migration.

Next year, under the watchful eyes of a third party, the Islanders will hold a referendum on who they wish to ally with. I hope a few countries put delegations together to plead their cases to the Islanders as this would only be fair and demonstrate all the various options to them by national affiliation etc. But personally, I think they’ll wish to remain allied with the UK or simply be 100% independent. Either way – IT’s THEIR CHOICE!!!

Not the choice of the UK or Argentina – their own (soon to be oil rich) choice.

And whatever that is – I’ll support it!! As for the UN, they effectively washed their hands on the subject by passing a resolution saying that there should be greater dialogue between Argentina and the UK – thus ignoring the Islands people completely.

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