General Stuff #461

Well this starts of with a pic circulating around Facebook that makes me chuckle quite a bit… The worse part is that I know people who’d probably do this… The type that would line tiles to the shape of the wall edge, not the perps etc.

Alienware have brought out an all new Desktop – the X51… and it’s a powerhouse of a machine, in fact if you want an over the counter Desktop, then I would seriously recommend these. Starting at an incredibly low £699 for Alienware X51 and rising to just under £1000 it comes packed with most high-end gaming things.. Like full Nvidia graphics, i3, i5 and i7 intel CPU’s, 1000gig HDD, and 8 gig of DDR3 ram… But that’s where the trouble starts.. You see while all components etc are designed as user upgradeable, the spec limits the Ram to 8gig… But for “Bang for Buck” off the shelf computing, it’d work in both the home gaming environment and serious office/professional use. And yep, it can sit vertically or horizontally and yes, the Alien head that lights up will turn,  so you can have the head the right way up as you need. But… you can still build the same or better yourself for the price. That said – it is a standard compact desktop unit (for Alienware – this is a near miracle) and these days, that is very welcome, not to mention near silent cooling. You will read of course – morons who call this “console” sized gaming – that’s because they don’t remember using a desktop… bless’em ;-)

It has not escaped some folks that I haven’t posted on Memphis and the overall US trip… don’t worry they’re coming! I know some of the things I have said in earlier posts have been a little harsh, but hey – if you smiled at any point then my job was done.

On that note, there are some upcoming changes to the blog… I, along with other blog cohorts have managed to work out a basic criteria for future posts and as such I will backward engineering these all the way back through the hundreds of already posted pieces.

Any way… In other news: Brother and sister actors Kate Hewlett  and Dave Hewlett  who came to fame as a duo in a Stargate Atlantis because of their perpetual and hilarious bickering, followed up with a global chat tour and the hilarious and exceptionally clever movie “A Dogs Breakfast”, have started doing small sketches over on David Hewlett’s “H0rrid” Youtube  account. So with that, I’ll leave you with a bit of inter sibling bashing

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