A Torment Least Wanted

The great frustration this last few days (no, not whining) is that I gained a Dental infect (yet again) but this time it decided to settle under my facial muscles…
Now, lets be frank here…. I is an ugly bloke… Now I is a whole lot uglier ;-)
Further to all this, I am supposed to me getting on a flight at the end of the week and frankly while I’m fairly none functional at the moment, taking two different Antibiotics in good sized doses… Is a screwed sleeping pattern and high altitude pressurised flight is the best thing to be doing….
Frankly it’s a case of I really want to get on the plane, but I have a friend who got a whole flight diverted a few years ago because of a similar problem – when pressure built up so badly he was left screaming and passing out with the pain.

So, the reality check is this (unless anyone knows or can advise differently); If it isn’t gone by the end of today – I need to cancel the flight…
And that is a whole lot of whining to be had on my part LOL
But, I really don’t like looking like Elephant man, nor do I not want to be where I want and need to be come Friday…

British Airways… are welcome to advise also ;-)

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  1. No, I would say that flight is a no-go. Not only do you have the current infection you’re also gonna be susceptible to any and all infections & bugs circulating about. So while the thought of you being frisked & harassed by the TSA is providing endless amounts of amusement, I’m thinking this one is not a good idea.



  2. Hey, that was me!!
    Sorry buddy, you can’t do it, but I guess you’ll probably try regardless!


  3. It’s true – he is uglier than usual!!!

    With that many antibiotics in your system, you should be able to fight off all the bugs in the aircon on board, but I don’t know whether your face will explode with the pressure. I say try it and see what happens.


  4. LOL…..

    Right, spoke to BA, they state that’s it’s not a very good idea if I still have it 24hrs prior to flight..
    They then also added I don’t get a refund…
    So, down to seeing if it’s gone within the next 24hrs and Dentist approval to fly :-/

    Dave, where you at?!


  5. Unless it’s a strep type infection then antibiotics will not be any help. They don’t work on flu/colds because they’re viral rather than bacterial


  6. Oh dear having gone through what you are going through and finally going under the knife for treatment back in December ( and one day I will write how there are degrees of dentists even in the same office) I would ask how long you have been on the antibiotics and which ones it may take up to 36 hours to get some relief ( the pain will go away but the infection will still be there I was told in my case 10 days before the infection is cleared…and then I had to have another round of a different antibiotic ( which made me sick to my stomach….. How long a flight is it would also be a consideration….. let us know Loraine


  7. Hi Loraine,

    I’m on Metronidazol and Erythromycin together.
    Metronidazol normally kills this dead without killing all the good bacteria – so no catching colds etc after…
    But while I’ve had a lot of these due to the amount I grind my teeth – this sucker has been, well, not the most painful – but generally it’s been the most awful and ill feeling
    Pain went the moment I started the drugs on Sunday, facial swelling now dropping away quickly – see Dentist Thurs


  8. Hang in there and hopefully you will be able to fly on a plane and not flying high on painkillers…….


  9. Ha! Well if your head does decide to blow up to epic proportions make it this side of the Atlantic so I can show up with a get-well balloon bouquet (which will be shamed to deflation after seeing the size of your noggin). Greenland would be good btw :p


  10. Oh really, Gabby LOL LOL


  11. Loraine…. i’d need a full relapse to stop me now :-)


  12. Hi! i’m Re-twit you post: to my @lpnpihio twitter


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