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You don’t have to live in a shoe box to have not heard of the single and most effective Special Forces unit in the world… In fact most nations Special Forces units were helped in their original setting up by these guys…
But while the exploits of this unit go exceptionally unheard of – on the 5th of May 1980… the world came to know of them when in full glare of the public and the worlds media they stormed the Iranian Embassy in London.

I am of course talking about 22 Special Air Service Regiment… known to civilians as the SAS and to military folk simply as 22reg. (not to be confused with the slang term for the Territorial Army meaning Saturdays and Sundays)

That action on the 5th of May was led by a Sgt… a Sgt John McAleese…

Like his father, son, Paul McAleese joined the British Army and while serving in Afghanistan in 2009, he went help a colleague who had been injured by a road side bomb… In the process, another device blew up as Sgt Paul McAleese acted in the most courageous and honourable part of being a soldier – saving the life of another.
That day Paul lost his life…

On Friday in Thessaloniki, Greece… John McAleese died of a suspected heart attack.
His daughter was quoted as saying he never got over the loss of his son.

John McAleese and his colleagues are and were men apart from others… Their job really was to keep us safe and in the most part, silently.

Irrespective of the Army and the achievements we owe so much to the SAS for, the McAleese family have been the finest example of trust, service, sacrifice and guts than you’ll find anywhere

Thanks John…

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Say What? The US Dept. of Justice has got Wood…. :-/

So, right on the heels of the dumbfounded activities of the United States ATF who thought it would be a great idea to supply Mexican drug cartels automatic and military weaponry (just see where it went you understand), leading to same weapons being used against the ATF with the unfortunate result in one of them being killed…

It turns out that the Dept of Justice is sooo bored, they’re almost making up reasons to do a bust…. But who or what could they raid and torment??

It turns out that there are some in the DOJ who spend more time looking at other countries laws than their own… Worse? They act on obscure laws without request!!
Soo, who to raid….
Oh, oh here’s one… Gibson Guitars of Nashville and Memphis..

Gibson, renowned for their illegal activities of course (none of which spring to mind) and a global brand and along with others, are the face of the US guitar industry with a fairly spotless history when it comes to being an ambassador of the USA and US manufacturing…
Anyone who knows anything about the modern history of the guitar – knows the name Gibson… a household name!

As this plot thickens, we must ask ourselves “Oh aye, what have this lot been up to, to have dozens of armed agents storming their factories in both Memphis and or course Nashville?
Well, as any person with a newly acquired Gibson guitar may wish to know as they go about barricading their homes (start now please)… Is that there is an obscure law in the country of India (yes, India) that states that if wood from India isn’t ‘finished’ by Indian workers… then the wood is illegal!!
The thing is, in India the wood passed this requirement and was signed off by the Indian Govt.

So then this legally purchased timber/lumber has fallen under the gaze of the DOJ acting on obscure laws of another country – without request!! Yeah, it’s like they’re trying to re-write the “Law unto ourselves” and probably throwing out the constitution at the same time…
In fact… the DOJ claim it wasn’t finished ENOUGH by the Indian workers – an area where they have NO jurisdiction or right so say as such. They now (in violation of law in every known free country) demand that Gibson prove the timber is legal or it will be deemed illegal.. when Gibson have ALL the legal documentation to say it is.
So much for them having to prove it’s not… (oh freedom, I knew you so well)

This is all very strange stuff… especially as it was without the request or support of the Indian Govt..

But here is a radio interview with Henry Juszkiewicz… it begs belief

On behalf of Guitar players and lovers everywhere, On behalf of and in support of Henry Juszkiewicz and the workers at Gibson and to everyone who ever owned more than one brain cell of commonsense…

To the US Department of Justice… for actions that run contrary to the Constitution of the United States of America, in total contradiction to both US and Indian Law : You are duly awarded the HUA
For violations to individuals Human and Commercial rights in the national and international interest of the United States, Indian and all persons who enjoy these products (globally) and of those whom feed their families by working in the construction of them.

The US Dept. Of Justice

Seriously though…  Have a word with yourselves!!

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Bloody Skirt Wearer

In the cold, cold January of 1978 I went to stay a place for a couple of years with no effective heating of any kind..
The first two people I met there I ended up sharing a room with and are now scattered across the Pacific Rim.
One of those people went on to be a soldier… he joined a historical and long established regiment in the British Army.
I knew he would join it, it’s a family thing for him. As such and losing contact from 1980 I followed the whereabouts of the regiment for many years. Germany, Berlin infact.. where he became the unfortunate soldier guarding the gate of Spandau Prison on the 17th August 1987, the day the prisons only occupant, Hitlers right hand man Rudolf Hess died – and within minutes having to face down the Russian Army Taskforce with nothing more than his smile and his rifle. He went on to giving away Hong Kong, numerous tours of Northern Ireland and then on to Iraq and the taking of Basra.
In this time I too a had been a soldier (twice) but in no way did it compare to 24 years of loyal service.

A soldier can be measured on many levels, but on paper it is usually the ones who get into trouble whom when the chips are down – they come into their own and excel in their chosen field. Indeed, history has proven this out time and time again… They’re the hardcore, the real soldiers and the lifers.

As years have gone on, the British Army has been bastardised in the name of modernisation in which saw the destruction of Regimental depots and amalgamation of the regiments into faceless titles of a begotten time when their merits stood for something.

Like his grand farther, father, him and now his son’s… the name The Black Watch is continued in the history of family line.

So why write all this?

Because I have nothing to give! But a friendship that has lasted many years… and today it’s that bloody skirt wearers Birthday!

Pte, L/Cpl, Pte, L/Cpl, Pte, L/Cpl, Cpl, L/Cpl, Cpl, Sgt, Cpl, Sgt Hamilton Scott

Happy Birthday!!

In Music, Vintage is good…. In Rock….

Acker Ducker to people who don’t know, is the nickname for officially the biggest selling band of all time – AC/DC…
Sometimes referred to as Aussie Opera, the band, four of whom came from this once fair isle… Have mixed their operatic indulgence with the exceptional quality of Australia’s other great export – wine from none other than the great Warburn Estate.. Yes, you heard that right…Ladies and Gentlemen I give you

If Back in Black Shiraz, Highway to Hell Cabernet Sauvignon, Hells Bells Sauvignon Blanc and You Shook Me All Night Long Moscato don’t strike a chord – they soon will!

Last week saw the launch of none other than AC/DC wine in Australia and from what the gracious Mairead Jarrett at Warburn Estate tells me – this (like the band) is no one-off deal…

It’s a serious product line and is to be exported globally on wholesale release.
Both Warburn Estate and Niki White of Lantern Group were most helpful in enlightening me with the information and images here, in fact I placed pics of the wine below, just click on each bottle to see them full size.

While AC/DC are not the first band in the world to do this, they always prefer to think differently and with their renowned originality –  offer something of a slightly higher quality. You could say; In the style of a good modern vintage even.. ;-)
So…. Coming soon to your local wine seller is indeed, by the great Warburn Estate winery.

I bet they get the Nicknames of : Black, Blood, Toller and Shaker lol ;-)

I must add; if anyone at Warburn Estate or Lantern would like these four wines tasting by an ordinary guy who’ll write it up – feel free to send some over ;-)

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Mastercard – I couldn’t resist….

Hearty Thanks to Dan Mann on Facebook for posting this. Sorry, but I could resist posting it here too.

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The Riots : What can be said…………….

I have never witnessed a greater lack of intent and leadership in my life from what I, and millions have witnessed over the last week…
On the 3rd night or rioting, they stepped way, way past the point of needing to put troops on the street!!

The problem was this;

The head of the Met was totally useless!!
There is the most disgusting romanticism in both the leadership of all political parties  in this nation and a Police force UNWILLING to pick up the phone and ask the Army for their riot know-how and manpower…
People have now died, people are homeless and the so-called “Fight-back” is nothing but a closing of the stable door once the horse has bolted!!

If your heart stops beating, a doctor will do everything he/she can to keep it going or restart it – if they have to, he or she will rip open your chest and massage it will their bare hands… They take whatever measure that needs to be done – there and then…

That is what we expect from the Police, the Military and our Politicians when things go wrong like this – and they didn’t do it.

So what was with the lines of police doing nothing? Well I’ll give you another example;
When the British Army adopted the 5.56mm rifle from the old 7.62mm, much concern was raised about the stopping power of such a small bullet while in combat (effectively a .22).
Then some clever people came back with while they train us to kill, the actual job is to maim… A shot man, with heavy blood loss requires around 4 soldiers to carry him and one to tend to his wounds… Thus a wounded man = up to 6 men removed from the front line…

The thing is, it works both ways… if you only have 20 police officers and they start arresting people – then the prisoner has to be processed thus removing the police from the front line…

And THAT is why we have the Army!!

The Army’s methodology is;
1. Deploy high powered Mobile Phone frequency jammers, each with a 400 meter range to prevent rioters communication (as used in N.Ireland to prevent remote detonation of bombs).
2. Impose an immediate curfew!
3. Start with Baton rounds, lots of them!! In fact a hell of a lot of them!!
4. Hit them with water cannon and then let a good size plume of CS gas (tear gas) hit them. CS reacts to moisture on the skin and hurts!!
5. Send the troops with their pick-elves to meter out a punishment and take individuals into custody
6. This frees the Police to arrest and detain

That is how you stop trouble and that is how you arrest and restore order – NOT allowing people to fear for their lives, not having civilians mown down and killed while protecting their property.

That is what I expect being a Brit… We know more about uprisings and riots than anyone – yet somewhere between ranking police officials and politicians, they made the stiff upper lip and the need for a spine redundant!!

To hell with the lot of them – and for god’s sake – get this country a leader with balls!!

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