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Post to pay tribute to my deceased Uncle removed due to a complaint by Christopher Cutting

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Hmmmm… food for thought??

On Monday a large Asteroid will pass by this quaint sphere we call Terra…
Now things passing as close as 30,000 miles are deemed a very near miss – accept this sucker is gonna be within 7200 miles!!!!
Yeah that’s pretty damn close – but why have we not heard about it? They only JUST spotted it…

HERE is more on the story…

Now they claim many things, but when something so large is gonna pass 32 times closer than the moon, I gotta wonder about the real term effects on the planet, gravity and all manner of other things.

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So….. what’s new?
Well it’s fair to say I’m starting to settle a little, things are starting improve somewhat.
The place I’m renting is sufficient to say the very least and the landlady asked if I could pop a new electric shower in, no problem…. Except the stud wall supporting it wasn’t in the best of shapes. So after ripping that out, along with the entire bathroom, tiles and everything else, it’s in and the finishing touches are being applied… I also gave it my own special touch about half way through…

Work wise, things are a little slow but getting there for sure.
It’s been great to go down to Bletchley Park, very weird from how I remember it, but feel I have done or said all I can about it – especially after being interrogated as to why I wasn’t wearing a sticker… strange but true…

Had the odd call from old Devonian friends which has been good, even WKD is out and about and in none other than Edinburgh this weekend painting the town red – and good for her…

Over in New Zealand, Hammy came face to face with a 4 inch thick file of his military records which read more like an encyclopedic reference manual of the damned… no surprise there then.
Actually had a really good chat with him the other day and yes I did complete a write-up for him in the Who’s Who.
Dean has been a little quiet since moving to his new coastal mansion and Charlie is keeping the streets safe (or so he claims) Steve – just complains I spell his name wrong – which I do (on purpose – shhhh!) :-)

Talking of  the Who’s Who section, giving it a bit of an overhaul at the moment, some names going, new ones appearing, but this is taking longer than I wished – Sue Black has gained a write-up too and just click on the logo for the page to open in a new window.

Today it is six months since I last drove a 44 ton truck… and hope it’s the first of many more. Which brings me finally to the trials and tribulations of my buddy and this blogs 2iC Gabsatrucker over this last 14 days…
I’m not kidding, if it could go wrong, it has gone wrong;
Two blowouts, nail damage to drive tyres requiring their replacement, AC failures, truck going into limp home mode, more electrical faults than a city full of Christmas Tree lights, queue jumpers and ALL this is way before – the weirdo’s…
I don’t know what constitutes Sexual Harassment in the USA, but when a woman cannot go about her basic work without getting drivers following them, calling out their truck numbers on the CB, offering to actually kidnap them, and even try to pull off on to an off-ramp when they’ve effectively past to follow her is not just insane but down right scary….
To be touched without permission because she has tattoos on her arms by people she doesn’t know, and then have people walk up and just open her truck door even when they can see she’s on the phone…
Well before one person says “It’s a male industry” – wind your necks right in… A woman has no less rights than anybody in ANY work place… and who said trucking was a guy’s job?!
No….it’s wrong, in most places 100% illegal and a complete and total violation of an individual’s human rights to be able not to only work, but to feel safe and secure in their place of work… NOT to have to get up and move their truck to a place miles away to feel safe after they’ve already parked up for the night in a truck park… Not all US male truckers are like this at all, in fact, most show a level of professionalism to rival any white-collar professional, but it’s about time they either brought these idiots  to book and at the very least police officers and trucking companies should not only know what is going on (and they do) but start getting to grips with doing their jobs properly too… Protect their employees and a whole segment of working America…

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Mustang Sue…

While strolling through the grounds of Bletchley Park with Sue Black last month, she mentioned she was off to New York to the #140 Conference… Yes, you guessed it – something to do with Social Media and the amount of characters you can pop into a “tweet”.
She’s there right now, infact as she was boarding her Virgin Atlantic 747 to New York she took a pic and mentioned the name of the aircraft was “Mustang Sally”… I just thought – oh, that name’s gonna stick…
As we speak, the conference has been going on and is very exhausting and a short while ago she changed her profile pic to this one;

Now, not wanting to be too ruthless with photoshop… But with the best humour at heart, for which I pale next to the humour of good people like Sue – I played a little before finally deciding (as it’s her birthday this weekend) to also knock her a logo together.

The first, which I sent to her – I wasn’t happy with and with the news her bf was kinda lost in NYC after tab’ing across the Atlantic to spend a special weekend with her – I did another…

To a brilliant friend and all round great person Dr (Mustang) Sue Black

Happy Birthday and to you both – have a great weekend!! :-)

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Kinda needed to be finishing Fenny’s timber work today, but every time I step outside to crank the old chop-saw – it rains..
Being lazy – I decided to contemplate adding Hammy to the Who’ Who section..
I haven’t worked out the wording quite just yet – but below was a logo I knocked up for him that’s better than the icon he generally uses (like that was hard lol)
Now, there was going to be a latin phrase under it that according to online English to Latin translators – should read Magis balls ut a orichalcum monachus
Now bearing in mind that Latin is very old, so translations are often a little different – but generally have the same meaning…
The return translation read : More siege engine when a copper ore monk…

My original text?? More Balls than a Brass Monkey…

Enjoy the logo H….

UPDATE :  Hammy’s Who’s Who is completed & can be found clicking here 

UPDATE :  the right up for Hammy is now complete and can be found in the

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Obama and The Falkland’s

I do understand why Argentina claims the Falklands… but it is a completely flawed argument.. Now oil has been found half of South America wants a slice of the action too… But then, on an issue that actually led to a war to protect the rights of freedom of the Falkland Islanders (just prior to the US invading British protectorate of Grenada); for Mr Obama to side with the Argie’s against the UK is pretty much the same if we said give Hawaii to Japan… In fact you did give something to Japan – but it wasn’t Hawaii… it’s been glowing on and off ever since… SEE HERE
Indeed, as history has shown, if the inhabitants truly want independence – then as history proves out, they’d get it. After all, while our ancestors were quick to reach for arms, the war of Independence of the US wasn’t a war won or lost – just stopped and the might of the then empire never brought to bear… and the declaration left to stand as greater benefits were found in trade etc. (in the process of dumping the Fr**ch of course).

The Falklands was a war of significance… where Argentine officers shot shivering conscripts in the feet “just in case” they tried to run away.. This was a war where to win British troops carried their equipment and supplies well over 70 miles on foot over mountainous terrain in sub zero temperatures to rescue and save the freedom of the islands inhabitants from the invading Argentine forces. We lost ships – and they did too when we started torpedoing theirs, and the British troops were, for the most part, significantly out numbered
It was also the first war in modern history where both sides used almost identical weaponry on the field of battle.

Anyway, when protection of others come into play and where a threat to sovereignty rears it’s head, British history is absolute – it’s the same to us as when this country declared war on Adolf Hitler!! It may bankrupt us, it may make us ration our food so troops can eat and yes, it’s the same thing that drives the back bone or rigidity that withstood the destruction of our cities in the so called Blitz.
So… When Mr Obama wants to understand who we are, come along and make his speeches – he should understand that we do not gather under a flag in search of unity – yet live our lives in contradiction, we don’t need to indoctrinate ourselves or our children with it every day by forcing them to pledge oaths and seeing half Brit flag on everything…. Or claim that women are equally respected and feel safe in the work place when they’re not and don’t, that the right to work is protected when frankly there are no real rights protecting workers that are effective in any way and then keep the whole lie going with a healthy gloss coating of flag talk… It’s just that “We Are” and some things actually run very deep indeed without any indoctrination what so ever, and to Mr Obama – you’re just about to tread on it!!
No, I’m not insulting an entire nation on the words of one man – but do you see how easy it is and how it comes across?
The people of Argentina have been welcome to visit the graves of fallen loved ones, we have indeed honoured the lost of Argentina. But Argentina have not really come to the table “EVER” with anything less than the wish for total sovereignty over the people of the Islands whom do not wish to be anything but British…

I have nothing against any Argentinian, they have an awesome country and culture, likewise while easy to take the earlier dig at the US, I probably have just as many buddies who are American as I have British…. I’m not having a go at the countries as a whole – but someone may wish to take a closer look at foreign policy.

To Mr Obama – just to be clear :

The Falkland Islands are NOT part of “Great Britain” they belong to the Falkland Islanders themselves!! They raise the flag they wish, in part it our’s (as is yours) so we provide nothing more than defence for them – they are an entity to themselves whom choose by their own freedom and democracy to be subjects of HM Queen Elizabeth II

so basically..


Guess what you win on this subject

If you hear an echo, do not be concerned……. it’s because you’re a tall fella

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Some fun for the weekend

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Sadness for a friend

The other day I was heading to bed when the letters appeared in the Direct Message column of TweetDeck “Mike just died”…
It took less that 120 minutes from the time of his death for that news to flash around the entire globe, Europe, Asia, America, Canada and more…

I don’t know or never knew and will obviously now never know Mike… but I understood the impact these words had…

I’m not gonna start getting all soppy here, but I will say what needs to be said;

Life is a passage of experiences, often brought about by needs or moreover – wants…
We lose all normal thought when a heart becomes involved and as such, we humans are and always will be flawed.
We all deal with the downside of our experiences differently; I simply laugh a lot of mine away. But this in no way states I feel any less than the next person – how others interpret that is up to them.
As too, when older we understand our mistakes, we become too long in the tooth and as we get older, we may lose some of our ‘fight and fire’ but it’s only tempered my how inappropriately we my have used it in the past.

Mike was a dad; he had two amazing daughters who are also amazingly different people.
He wasn’t around for many years but had over more recent years and months come home, rebuilt the bridges, started on the long and lost road of his heart to make amends….
Not in an “oh I’m sorry way”, but in a way that meant something.
You see in his absence others took his place and they were not good people… Mike as a man had come to realise his absence had been the catalyst for many things untold and in this it sapped his spirit of life right from him…

Today, those children are fully grown… They too had found it hard slowly rebuilding the bridges… Yet at the same time they also witnessed what time and suffering had done to a man…

They thought there’d be years to get it all sorted, they wanted to finally cut through the BS, pain, hurt and one day find their true peace with him as he so desperately wanted to do with them.
In every moment he was with them, his self misguidance tortured him, his soul seemly extracted from his heart… Yet he came, he made himself a better man every day by doing so and in this he changed just that little bit more each time.

But, it was lost last week and to the children of this man the sadness of not being able to conclude this road is indeed a painful one.
There will always remain the questions/statements: I should’ve, but why didn’t I? and so on…

Well it’s like this:
Life is not about the petty, it is not about what your preacher says… It is not about the horizon you can see, it’s not about your boss, mortgage or the job you have – it is about those around you, those whom you may not see – it’s about what IS beyond your horizon… It’s not about what you may be or want to be – but the people you touch on your journey and how they in turn touch you.

On the 31st May Mike concluded that journey, he had laid the foundations, he had his contact and he knew that his daughters had both finally found their right paths…
The work was done, thought, imagination and heart would do the rest and his time to leave this life came to him.

I do not care who is your God, but I do care about seeing the effort in others (no matter how seemingly small) that when it is sincere, it will always carry great weight and impact on the future of others – Mike did this…

To many, he was a shell of his former self  – to me, he was a man who took the responsibility for his actions and did (while it appeared small or even possibly a hindrance) what he had to do to make things right.

And that my friends, is enough to know that whatever happens in life, when you leave this world, make sure you have rebuilt your bridges appropriately.

It is only in death sometimes we understand a persons meaning, for me this has been true many times. It is the way of things, and we learn that looking back is useless – and that’s why Mike wanted to know his girls were settled and they had all they needed – this he did.

Today the ashes of Mike may fall freely through the air… but his impact to so many by the end of his time was and is real.

On the 31st of May Mike, a man I never knew – became a man I respected and to those daughters, his burden in heart was you both –  it is now lifted…
He gave you all he could and while his pride or manner may have hidden much – it was done.

Mike left this world alone….  He knew he was in trouble too, his body had come to the end of it’s time and he left to be alone.
But in his heart and mind (while he would have wished to have done and been so much more) he knew he had done all that was needed – he knew he didn’t need more time – and he knew, finally, he had the love of his daughters…

Michael  “Mike”  H. 
April 1945 – May 2011
A man, a father – who found his way home

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Screwed by your own country – Delta Airlines

This video begs belief…. charged $200 for bringing your own weapon back from war….

I think Delta Airlines should get a grip before they piss too many soldiers off

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