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Lock the doors and circle the wagons

Hey look, I still haven’t been locked out yet!!! Would’ve thought after the birthday post the lock on the door would be changed out, bwahahaha.

In all seriousness, some may have noted an additional absence of The Wondering Brit….well, he’s finally putting an end to his self induced seclusion and is in the midst of packing to move (yeah, what’s up with that, lol).

As such I’ve suggested starting a fund to move him to Japan for a bit of irradiation or to New Guinea where I hear there might be giant man-eating bugs but alas he is sticking with the UK….sorry, folks, I really tried convincing him of the other 2 options. However, it seems a former school mate and friend has decided to sacrifice themselves and offer him a flat to live in that’s closer to London…I’m hoping they are gonna be cracking the whip and getting some maintenance work out of him :D

But that brings up another issue….a moving van seems to be required. Don’t y’all have friends with pickup trucks over there??? Sheesh, my area of the United States may have a few faults (very few, mind you in my oh so humble opinion) but darn it most of us either have pickups or friends that have pickups, lol.

Sorry, a bit of digression there, back on to the subject….anyways, a moving van seems to be required. Any suggestions on reputable, CHEAP ones would be greatly appreciated…or perhaps someone might know someone who has one they could loan out….

Speaking of funds if you REALLY want to help get TWB out of the country there is a very handy paypal donation button on the sidebar….just a thought. My only request is that you don’t send him to the States, lol. He’s also a bit incommunicado right now so if you need to get in touch with him, please dial him as he’s mostly on incoming calls only. Of course you can always leave a comment here (please!!!, I love comments). I also think that he can receive texts on one of the lines but replying is somewhat limited.

So if you’re tired of my prattling already be forewarned that if he doesn’t get back to web-presence status soon then I’m considering doing a weekly update here or at least until he gets the means to withdraw my guest blogger status. See, it would behoove everyone to donate a pound or buy a coffee mug.


weird moth photo.....why? just because it's weird


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Yup, another year….

As the earlier post suggests it was infact my birthday yet again… It wasn’t the most lively to date, infact apart from a short bout on twitter and a stroll to the shops to acquire a beloved treat in the form of a battenburg cake – it was for the most part exceptionally quiet lol.
But as the time and date roll into 3rd of April I can’t let it do so without thinking all those whom wished a Happy Birthday either here, on Facebook, Twitter or email.
Typically, not one wish at all from family, but that is normal.

Anyway, here’s to hoping for a far better 12 months and a huge thank you to you all as I retire to bed…

Cheers :-)

T W Brit

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Interrupting the regularly scheduled programming


la dee fk’n da

It seems a while back I was invited to write a guest post and sadly never quite got around to it when TWB was actually BLOGGING!!!  I’m not quite sure he had this in mind when I was granted this “privilege”  but I’m also kinda sure he’s not mentioning that today is his birthday either.  So, I’m using my limited time here for nefarious reasons and asking  everybody to drop in and wish the cranky one a very happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh and buy a Cafe Press coffee mug while you’re at it, they’re actually quite nice :D.

Gabby aka gabsatrucker

what I mean is….happy birthday

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