The TWBrit 2010 Christmas list

Yes a possible annual event whereby I post all the things that no one will buy me and are predominantly boys toys :)
So, lets get down to it (in no particular order)

Amberley Court

Battenberg Cake

Tac 15i Crossbow

Land Rover 110 County Station Wagon in full Camel Trophy spec. but in TWBrit decals and colour scheme.

Accuracy International’s .338 with a x24 Schmitt und Bender scope ( I would say an AS50, but they’re not legal in the UK)

Taylor K22ce Guitar made of Hawian Koa

A Dell Adamo XPS

A life time supply of Coffee


A guaranteed way of giving up smoking

Motion Computing J3500 Table

A Dentist

An invite to become a member of White’s

Logitech HD pro webcam C910


  1. Merry Christmas :)

    I would be game for the lifetime supply of coffee–after all you’re kinda old so that wouldn’t be that expensive but you’d actually have to buy a coffeemaker too, lol


  2. I could guarantee to stop you smoking!


  3. What’s all that dandruff flying around the page, makes my eyes go funny, and don’t tell me its snow, because over the last couple of days I have seen a lot of snow and it’s nothing like that LOL.

    “Happy Christmas TWB”

    PS. I will get you the Battenberg Cake to go with Gabby’s coffee – you can’t have coffee without cake!


  4. Well that does it then, I was going to get you the coffee or the cake, but I was too late so Amberly Court it is then. Will you need some sheep to keep the lawns tidy? Happy Christmas.


  5. WKD :)
    You won’t believe this but… there is also some hillside acreage attached to that land and my first thought when I went to see the property was – need to talk to WKD + C about this LOL

    Oh and it would appear i’m in receipt of the Webcam – thankyou that person…. :)

    So Amberley Court WKD… How are you gonna wrap that sucker up? Sadly it was removed from market :(
    Good to hear from you and Merry Christmas to you and C xx


  6. Nice to see you managed to restrain yourself with the list! Merry Christmas to you mate.


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