Cloud Computing and why the UK and most of the world isn’t ready…

So, rolling back to 2004 and I’m sitting in a meeting… We’re talking about the design and build of the next generation data centre and what we can offer with the most cutting edge tech at our disposal.
So I said we should get on to Microsoft and offer pay-as-you go or ‘in with your contract’ Microsoft Office applications as a web-based entity…
You may notice that Microsoft now offer this service free of charge with Hotmail etc.

Well this is what is now termed as the “Virtualization” part of Cloud Computing.  And has effectively been the missing link. What I mean is, outside of your Windows, Mac or Linux based operating systems you have no need to actually own multi hundred-dollar software items on the volatile platform of your PC or laptop – they’re all online and you pay a $1 or 2 every time you use them.
This saves you the user a fortune, yet the software is always the very latest available. You then store and back up your work online so by default you have a complete disaster recover system – irrespective of the state of your home/end-user equipment, or if your house/office burns down or something.

So basically all you require is the personal device, pc, tablet, laptop or phone to access everything you need on the web without requiring tons of software etc. The simplest way is to say the difference between ordinary email and webased email like Google Mail, Hotmail and Yahoo etc. It does not mater where you are in the world, you can access everything online that is yours.  Likewise, companies simply don’t require tons of data storage infrastructure with regards non-sensitive information. That, like your web-based emails etc are all online – or, in the Cloud… As such, main software applications will and in some cases all ready do appear inside your web brouser.

HOWEVER…. It recent years we have all been fooled into believes that ultra fast broadband is vital to the future… Well the only reason it is, is because all future TV and entertainment will be web-based and High Def, takes a lot of bandwidth to watch in realtime.
But the bandwidth isn’t the real issue here – what is, is data centre capacity… And right now most ISP’s have over subscribed their systems and they can’t cope with demand.
As such they’re bringing in, and in most cases have brought in ‘Fair Usage Policies” which is their way of flaunting their inability to provide unlimited usage that they advertised and sold to you – the customer.
The benchmark usage figure is 40 gigabytes of allowable downloads a month… And that figure is simply not conducive for now, the near future – and most certainly not for Cloud Computing….
And then the mobile operators who are limiting the mobile internet to around 500 mb per month… yet as we finally start the roll out both WiMax and 4G products… we’re looking at a limitless amount of bandwidth which our ISP’s simply can’t handle….

Yes I can sit here and whinge about ISP’s and how I perpetually have ground breaking ideas in meetings that others make a fortune from and I don’t due to my inability to communicate in the right way, to the right level – or by the fact that everyone likes milking your ideas and sticking their names on it…. But the reality is, companies like Dell now have off the shelf plug-in and go, all-in-one Data Centre solutions ready for nationwide and global deployment – so why are we being screwed with fair usage limits???
It’s basically money for old rope – they limit us, cutting down their overheads and making a greater profit while we suffer crap from customer service teams.

Cloud Computing is ready, but it’s time governments started kicking the butts of the ISP/Telco’s

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Weekend boredom

So after a couple of amazingly hectic nights of Twitter, today has been so quiet, I’ve given up on it :(   But the week has been so quiet it’s frightening and my weekly income now dropping below a staggering 1/5 of my normal take home.
Needless to say, I’m feeling a litte antsy at the moment, but nothing ever got solved by panic etc, so onward we go…
Today’s simple task is to finish a laptop repair for a friend and start clearing stuff out..
On a lighter note, BBC TV’s childrens show ‘Blue Peter’ presenter Helen Skelton has become the first woman to kayak all 2000 miles of the Amazon river – good on her :)

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It all began with an iPhone…

h/t Andy Mack

March was when my son celebrated his 15th birthday, and I got him an iPhone. 
He just loved it. Who wouldn’t?

I celebrated my birthday in July, and my wife made me very happy when
she  bought me an iPad.

My daughter’s birthday was in August so I got her an iPod Touch

September came by so for her birthday, I got my wife an iRon.

It was around then that the fighting started……

What the wife failed to recognise is that the iRon can be integrated into the home network with the iWash, iCook and iClean.
This inevitably activates the iNag reminder service

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Some Al Murray

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Royal Weddings and £££

It’s a strange thing that so many people don’t understand basic business sense…
I have spent some time reading and trying to understand hundreds of points of view with respect of many claiming the UK can’t afford to pay for a Royal Wedding – when the reality is, we can’t afford not to!!
To start with, what is the cost? The pageantry is already there and paid for, the soldiers are already there and paid for too.
So then there’s the policing, preparation and clean up… The rest is pretty much private sector.
It’s like a rock band putting on an arena gig, yes there is a lot of front money involved but the ticket sales will still leave the band millions in profit.
As such London will do what it does best… it will play host to hundreds of thousands of people. It will broadcast the event to more than a billion people worldwide and if you don’t think that makes gratuitous amounts of money – you’re an idiot!!
Indeed, the cost and more to the point taxes raised by this event will be nothing short of staggering… All the train tickets, coaches, buses, cars, parking, the Tube, hotel rooms, not to come anywhere close to the sheer quantity of food, drink and memorabilia and flags etc that will be bought on the day… just think of the amount of people who will buy new cameras and even shoes etc.
This is tax revenue the likes of which are so very rare…
Personally, I can’t think of a better time for a Royal Wedding – in my view… A bloody shrewd move for the benefit of an entire nation…

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Race Online 2012

A while ago, I was talking, tweeting infact with a friend of sorts that mentioned that I should look at the Race online 2012 headed up by one of the original team that owned and ran, Martha Lane Fox. 

Martha did very well for herself too and this should not be sniffed at, only to be nearly killed in a horrific accident months later and spend a great many months in hospital after breaking nearly every bone in her body. So in the know how and  courage stakes, she rates very highly in my respect book.
This is a UK Govt initiative (hate that term) to originally get another 7.5 million people on the internet by 2012.
Now this brainstorm came from our previous Govt, and the mantel has been continued by this one, with Martha being called the UK’s Digital Champion…

So, I thought about what my friend said while I made a coffee and by the time I had taken my 3rd slurp had figured out the free connectivity for around 80% of the more recently set 10 million target.

I said this to my friend, whom promptly told me to get in touch with Martha’s office. I did…. And got nothing back…
A while/weeks later I tried again – nothing!!

So I tweeted her, I even put the whole idea up on the main timeline for the whole world to see (taking it down a few hours later).

A few days later, I tweeted her again and asked if she had understood what I had told her, she came straight back with an honest “no”…

So, I said well it’s actually straight forward, but if you want to know more – email via this blogs address.
No surprise – nothing!!

Now Martha on the other hand has an idea outside of the original remit – and one i happen to totally agree with.  This is to get everyone on the web one way or another in order for the nation can move forward completely into the digital  and e-commerce era…

It’s a touch call, but one I believe can be done… we’ll see.

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Business as usual

Well apart from having to be at a meeting on Friday, things are returning to some form of normality I guess.
That said, there is still pretty much nothing happening in the way of work – and this is annoying the hell out of me.
So, while I finally fix a laptop today (soldering not being my strongest point) I will now be looking at either changing agencies, signing on or simply doing something new entirely with the mindset that you can teach this old dog new tricks.
I’ve been fairly active on Twitter since getting the @twbrit account back and I will be relaxing this somewhat as while some old friends are still missing from the pack, school stuff and a personal issue will take precedence in the coming days and weeks.
Of course today is Armistice day here in the UK and most of the world, but once over, we run straight at Christmas again :(
I have worked through most Christmases over the last 10 yrs and really wished this one to be different and in a different location – possibly with my feet officially up.
However, unless there is a full on miracle – then I will probably work through this one also.
The New Year brings many things and least of all another BCS talk/discussion organised by Dr Sue Black.  Sue has had a hard time thinking up next years talk, and while I may grumble about the outcome of last years, Sue is a formidable intelligence in the IT world and I trust that she’ll no doubt come up with a good if not hot discussion.


Other than that, it is business as usual, and this blog seeks to return to it’s status quo. No pun intended, but it is an excuse for some music I guess lol…

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Just stuff

I’ve been meaning to write about a dozen posts over the last two weeks… but sadly I just haven’t had my head in the game.
I have though, brought back twbrit twitter which has helped me get back to sniping fun at people and winding them up appropriately – or not as the case may be.
This, while I grumbled, was down to ‘emilyp’ of Twitter and her power to flex a little muscle here and there. I also offered her chocolate too :)

,The work front has turned into a complete and utter joke, no surprise really and I seem to be fixing everyone’s laptops at the moment.
I am of course doing this for free with friends etc and have no plans to turn it into an income, but was surprised to find what people charge for the simplest of work.
I’m presently awaiting a new power socket for a friends laptop, he was quoted in excess of £150 for this work. I bought the power socket the huge amount of £1.99… yes, that One Pound 99 pence.

A trip up to Oakthorpe on last Saturday night was welcome, albeit once I go there and tried to get an hour shut-eye, I happened to miss a group of vital text messages and then the place erupted in police sirens, 12 police vehicles and a helicopter!!
No rest for the wicked then….

Oh, the week before last was the Honiton Carnival…. yeah, this sleepy little market has it’s own festival and it aint quiet… nope, it’s damn right loud and the kids love it, hell every one loves it.
SO in between talking to Hammy in New Zealand, The US and Dean in Australia, I managed to nip out and take some snaps and a spot of video.

Other than that, I meet with lawyers this next week, I’m in the process of legging it out of the door for a 12hr shift running around north Devon.
If anything these days, there is a deep feeling of frustration and melancholy.
But hey, the sun will be up tomorrow, and that my friends means a new day where anything can happen :)

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This thing is so much fun, useful and also a stalkers delight…
Basically (data plan allowing), like Google Latitude it uses your phones GPS to track you – but in actual Real-Time…
But just to add the cherry to the top of the cake…it’s totally free.
You only run it for as long as you want, and you can send links to that present track to friends etc.
Heck watch their vid or go to

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