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The lady is back : Joanne Colan….

Long suffering hearts, minds and followers of the former Rocketboom presenter Joanne Colan will be glad to know – she’s back…..
As of October 22 the intrepid presenter with the sharp wit and good looks will be presenting 8 shows ‘Dean of Invention’ on the Discovery Planet Green channel…
Joanne, a lost Brit to the shores of the US cut her teeth not only with popular internet news site Rocketboom but as VJ to MTV Europe for many years. Infact a ‘jetsetting globetrotter’ is a bit of understatement for her! (albeit she’s trying to cut back on that flying business)
She’s spent months working with Radical Media on this show working along side Dean Kamen who is not only the name sake of the show, the inventor of the Segway, but a globally recognised inventor with over 400 patents to his name. (this is frustrating as I sit and stare at the paperwork for my first patent and never filling it in!!).
So from incredible developments in A.I. nano medical Micro-bots and robotics that astound, this show sounds pretty fantastic!!
Pre-production and talks started way back in winter 09 and filming started back in March of this year taking Joanne and Dean across the USA, Canada as well as Ireland, England, Austria and Italy. (kinda jealous of the Austria bit as I used to live in Kitzbuhel).
Joanne has been kind enough over the months to keep me reasonably in the loop, but while a force of nature in her own right, she does do some pretty cool stuff!!
While she lives and works across the pond Joanne openly admits to getting homesick for Old Blighty and obviously misses friends and family etc, but this never takes away her professional edge or her humour…That said, she is fluent in Fr**ch…. :( lol

This show sounds great and starts tomorrow on the 22nd – it’s on Discovery Planet Green Channel, go watch it and please – someone tell me how good it is as I cant get it myself :-(

h/t Joanne for the upgate :)

Today might be interesting….

Once again this intrepid blogger will be raiding the pubs of Honiton tonight, not something I get to do much really, but tonight I need a few beers me thinks :)

Had a really odd thing happen the other day… it was dusk and I went out my car on the High St as I’d forgotten my mobile phone and I swear I recognised an old friend from a year ago. It was dusk, and we were only 8 feet from each other and I could have sworn it was them…. But the car was wrong. Weird!!
So I went on my way… I doubt it was them, or I hope not as it would have been very rude to ignore them – note how I mention this in the blog to cover my ass just in case ;)

Yes, events rather than wishes are starting to take over regarding living here in sunny Devon.
The last few days have had a bit of an impact to say the very least and patience of sorts is changing.
With a great friend and awesome commenter not very well, a mother who had an entire lung removed two days ago and work being less than more rewarding or financially beneficial… times now have to change.
Good friends beckon, yet work does not… so I think it’s time to step back into my old field (as a none owner of arable land) or do something entirely new…
I think a trip to The Mind Gym website is in order, because I think I’m ready for getting me a bit of help… I maybe many things to many people, but to me – I’m not! lol

Honiton Carnival is on next weekend…. Oh joy!! Well the kids love it anyway…

In the news we’re having huge defence cuts – yet still buying crazy expensive aircraft carriers…. We have 3 already..  so the continuation of the destruction of the UK’s national defence is all but done, yet still have some ability to attack the odd small island…
So, if anyone wishes to take over the UK, well – who’s to stop you now?! Go for it!!! lol

Contemplating a new Laptop…. Possibly an Adamo by Dell…

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Some commenters do cool stuff……

Ed Note : It can’t have escaped anyones notice when you read this this blog that one or two of the commenters do some cool stuff for a living. From law, trucking, TV work, farming, builders , tech heads or even working in the field of entertainment and comedy… you are or  – we are, an interesting crowd to say the least… One of these is our man on the ground Charlie who after years at my boarding school, years trying to be a soldier – is now a serving Police officer here in the UK and keeping us safe…. Here, is a little about his work…

TWBit asked me to make an entry on the stuff I do.
Sadly this is kinda difficult for me to leave full details for the kinda stuff I get up to.
Our town this last few weeks has seen a murder, a death of a drug user having not died of an overdose but as a result of anthrax!!! It’s sort of complicated but the heroin is contaminated by horse/mule hide in the method it is transported, you can’t kill Anthrax, in turn the Anthrax spores get into the drugs and these are later often inhaled into the lung at some point when the drug is taken – which in turn is the perfect breeding ground for it.   Besides this there has been a whole host of other crime we’ve been dealing with.
Personally, I’ve been watching drug dealing covertly the last few weeks with several warrants executed successfully, one with a one legged user who needed to have all her orifices checked by a female officer.  This is called plugging, usually wraps of drugs are held in kinder eggs which then are pushed deep inside the anatomy to avoid detection.
I have also executed warrants on the homes of paedophiles  recently and seized articles I can’t disclose.
I have today heard of another death of one of our locals killed driving in a car in Cheshire, he had no license but is the brother of the murdered chap mentioned earlier.
The run of the mill stuff I could mention but the list would go on for ages.
Dont think a coppers lot is a happy one , it aint all blues and twos with adrenalin rushes but getting the baddies is a big plus and for that I’ll stay in the job

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I dont get Gaga , but these do….

I nicked this from Fenny’s page because it was so funny!!

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Bouncing about the Isles

So I kinda got screwed about at the weekend regarding work. But after zero sleep, I started at 1am on a two man run to the Isle of Wight….
In fact we had to pretty much kick the life out of it to make the ferry time ,but thankfully my right foot not once let me down and we arrived 20mins before departure.
It’s only a 30 minute crossing from Lymington, but still felt like I was heading off to Fr**ce for some reason.
I’d never been to the Isle of Wight before and while no different to the mainland, the roads are shockingly bad!!
With 11 shops to hit and get back to the ferry by a fixed time, we weren’t hanging about.
Did sit outside Osbourne House a while but other than that I have to say that for the cost of the ferry crossing….. whats the point?
One odd thing that myself and the other driver noticed, some of the girls seemed to walk funny first thing in the morning…. Odd!!

A trip back on the Ferry was taken up with Iron man himself Ray Willis on the phone for the first time in years and the numbers of guys signing up with one of the several law firms dealing with the school stuff is growing by the day.

Also had some not quite unexpected bad news on the run back with an avid commenter of this blog being taken ill. I wont mention this again, but nothing has made me pray harder in my life!!

The best part of the run back was the drive over the hill tops back into ever sunny Devon. This is once of the great drives around the area and certaily made up for the crappy day lol.

Big Dog aka Dave over in Sioux Falls and I caught up this evening with much guy talk about Christina Aguilera, property, Wisconsin, property and so much more.

Gabby completed her 3rd century cycle race in a row last Sunday and boy did she suffer for her cause :) personally, I don’t get it, hell for fun…? But then I grew up doing too many near death antics until I finally decided I should take it easy with rock climbing and abseiling, oh and of course angel walking.
Still, she makes me feel ultra flabby when I read her exploits.

Had several Skype chats now with Hammy and Dean and we just seem to not stop taking the piss and laughing!!
Charlie has been doing some terrifying work with his local force, and at some point it’d be great hear of the kind of thing he does. Obviously, it’d be a loose conversation etc.

But all in all a tough old week, yet little in the way of results…

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