Twitter Hacking

This is a subject that is becoming  definitely more and  more annoying!!
Apparenlty the twitter virus forces there way into your account and then either loads up your timeline with “ try this” type links to porn and med websites.
Or they put out and tirade of verbal porn.
I have seen this happen now to a great many friends and twitter friends and the following treatment or anxiety is extremely profound!!
But then there is also the fact that twitter are amazing at dealing with these things!!
Read below this article from MSNBC:

Twitter virus among shortest on record

Social networking site does not believe user information was compromised

A new way to cause mischief quickly spread through short-messaging service Twitter on Tuesday morning before the site could fix the problem, as mysterious “tweets” of blocked-out text propagated themselves and caused popup windows to open.
Shortly before 10 a.m. Eastern ET Tuesday Twitter said on its “safety” feed on the site that the attack had b
een shut down. It also said it does not believe that any user information was compromised, rather, the “vast majority” of the breaches were pranks or promotions.
The hack had been extra nefarious because the tweets activated without being clicked on — it was enough for Web surfers to move their mouse cursors over them. But it only affected visitors to Various third-party programs used to send and read tweets, such as Tweetdeck, were unaffected.
The popups could, though didn’t necessarily, contain malicious code that could take over poorly protectedcomputers. The White House’s official Twitter feed — followed by 1.8 million users — was among those affected, though the offending message was quickly taken down.
Fittingly for Twitter, which limits messages to just 140 characters, the virus may have been among the shortest on record. According to security software maker F-Secure Corp., the shortest virus so far was just 22 characters long.
Twitter said in
a blog post it was notified of the security breach at 5:54 a.m. Eastern time. The problem was caused by something called “cross-site scripting.” This allowed users to run JavaScript programs on others’ computers, turning tweets different colors or causing the pop-up boxes to appear. Some users, Twitter added, took things a step further and included code that got people’s accounts to re-tweet the messages without their knowledge.
“It was like a massive snowball fight that got out of control,” said Ray Dickenson, chief technology officer at computer security firm SafeCentral.
But while the effects of Tuesday’s mischief were very visible — such as the pop-ups — and playful, Dickenson said that he was worried because JavaScript can quietly do
more malicious things, like sending people to sites that can infect computers.
Security breaches had been common in Twitter’s early days, but the company has since worked to beef up its vigilance and the problems have become less common. Tuesday’s hack coincided with Twitter’s ongoing rollout of a redesign of its website, which tries to streamline users’ Twitter feeds and make it easier to see photos and videos directly on the site, without having to click on a link to YouTube or Flickr.
Twitter said it discovered and fixed this problem last month, and that a recent site update unrelated to the redesign was responsible for its

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So the week started out with a run down to Davidstowe, a large cheese factory built on the edge of a WW2 anti submarine bomber base to pick up a load to rejected milk bound for Westbury… The only thing wrong with the milk was high protein levels…
No biggy, so I get directed to the right trailer, I go and hook up, look in the back and no paperwork…. It took an hour to find some of it and then only half… It was just a weird day really

I was pottering around Gabby’s (gabsatrucker) online photo’s the other day when I came across a pic of a wrecked truck in the yard she works…
So anyway, last Friday I had to do a run up to London and back and while strolling up our own yard – something caught my eye…
These pics are of a truck called a DAF XF95 which should look like this;

As you can see, it really has had better days…

There’s even an almost unscathed pack of B&H there…

Anyway, time has totally got away from me this last week or so, but I did catch up with Gabby the other day and I swear, what that girl does fitness wise scares the hell out of me!!
Now on Saturday Gabby did a 70 odd mile local cycle ride… Ok I thought, I could even do that in my lardy state and while reading her BLOG I noticed the Garmin elevation chart…

Ok, maybe I couldn’t have done that in the time she did :( 
Also, and at the very least someone yet again tried to run out Gabby over and kill her… But apparently Gabby cannot be killed by conventional methods and she lived to ride and ANOTHER day…
Yes! After the hellish day Saturday – she got and went and did it all again Sunday!!!  Thankfully on a flatter route… Oddly the moment they take a rest the cameras come out and Gabby’s team mates all appear for the most part to be men… this is the other thing – she’s competing directly with the guys and that is impressive!!
Not bad for our truck driving, marathon running American cousin!!
So, lets do another week eh?

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Incredible Sand Fountain

Sand Fountain in Eastern Region of Saudi

h/t bigdog


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Back to it…

Well over the last two weeks of all this stuff, I feel like I’ve shunted for England, spent a whole day soaked to the skin. Worked some very weird hours and found that this blogs very own WKD took a step away from ex-farm work and came out on the road to see what proper drivers do..
Oddly, after only a single trip to Westbury – she said we could keep it..
The other odd thing these days is when I haul a milk tanker, I appear to given a role in mission impossible… apparently they give me these things because I like to get a job done!!
There’s nowt better than a day with a result at the end of it.
But keeping on the driving theme…

Apparently tanks of Milk Shake are on facebook these days!! Yep, while waiting to leave Severnside the other day, people with too much time and money have have started up some weird named shake facebook page… go figure!

You know, when I’m driving about it sometimes makes me wonder what is in the mind of other drivers.
 Only a week ago I was travelling down the M5 and there were three different incidents in a 25 miles stretch… Sh*t does happen and when it does, you enter the milliseconds accelerating towards a knife edge of life and death.
Earlier this year I was driving around the A406 North Circular in London, it was dark and the traffic was heavy… Now for a good percentage of the Nth Circ, we stick in the middle lane and for very good reason… it keeps the car drivers alive, as in places the lanes get tight and the odd bend too sharp.
So I’m sitting in stationary traffic and this gentleman is ‘screamin’ at me about one wheel or other being over a white line and in ‘his’ bit… He’s out of his landcrusier and pointing at the while line and talking to me as though I’m an idiot (so, whats new!)
For those who may know it, I was coming from the direction of Hanger Lane and on the left hand bend before the lights at Ikea/Wembley..
So eventually I just asked this guy how he thought that white line saved him from using his own commonsense and maybe his life… He didn’t understand what I meant and thought I was threatening him… He went nuts!!
I told him that my wheel was over that line to save his life and the three cars of people on the other side of the truck towards the rear – otherwise my trailer would be on the kerb mowing down children!
In all jobs and walks of life there are morons – it really doesn’t matter what professional career you find, they’re out there. However in the world of driving there is a difference between pro and amateur – we still have morons (your reading stuff by one) but like the difference between you knowing how to put on a band-aid and getting treatment from a Doctor – we’ve studied, trained and drive in six months more miles and roads than most people do in a lifetime. However we do still screw up –  a lot :)

And with that, a h/t to Scotty (Hammy) for this :)

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Does a T.V. show imagery become so totally apt – for something completely different :lol:

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What can I possibly add to this…..

Except the gratitude to Bert and his cohorts in an unprecedented achievement!!

To all those who took part, Thank you


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